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I made, with the help of a kind friend, a videolog of moriko's last will and testament from the first book, you are free to use it in your own campaigns

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Wow this is great! Thanks!

And my group finds her body tonight.


Who used this so far? share your players their reactions :)

Awesome, my players are about to hit this next week, just in time! Thanks so much for making this.

Very nice!

Thank you, consider it borrowed.

Game on!

Dotting for when I run the AP. This is great.

Thank you.

This is awesome :) my home group are just on the Acreon now, so this is now well and truly bookmarked for when they find the bolthole.

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We bit this part in the mission tonite - I'll be sure to use it.
Thanks for posting this!

Very very nice and athmosperic...

Great timing! Thank you.

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Very nice. Look forward to using it.

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Used this in my session the other day, it went down very well, players loved it.

I played Elysium from The Gladiator soundtrack lowly in the background to accompany it, worked really well to enhance the emotional impact.

Very, very cool. Thanks for sharing this :)

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This is wonderful. Thank you.

Good to have some free "vidcorded" last will stuff for the first Starfinder AP (probably could also be used system neutrally too). ;)

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This is great.

(I must make a German version somehow, once I'm finally getting to play this...)

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If you didn't catch it, they used this video in the latest episode of Roll For Combat and really seemed to enjoy it.

noticed it just now, loved their reactions!

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My group just got to this point in the first book, and it was awesome as a GM to watch them crowd around a tablet to view the video. Being able to see the NPC give her last will and testament to them made it all the more real for them.

Thank you and your friend for making this video - it was brilliant, and I highly recommend any GM that runs the AP use this video when they get to this point.

I found this too late, but it's great anyways

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