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We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge concerns expressed about international fulfillment of our Kingmaker Adventure Path products. Here’s the latest status for our international backers.

Product has arrived in Australia and Aetherworks has begun shipping.

Lion Rampant in Canada has begun shipping and is sending out shipping notifications for Canadian customers.

Spiral Galaxy in the UK expects arrival on September 24th, but a pending strike in the ports may delay that. More information on the potential strike is available here.

Ulisses Spiele will be shipping the Kingmaker products, but the port of Hamburg is currently congested and the unloading at the port has been delayed until October 13th, with arrival at the Ulisses warehouse expected by October 24th.

We understand that this is a disappointment to our European backers, and we apologize for this delay. Coordinating shipping windows with variable delays in transit time, port processing, and fulfillment partner scheduling around other projects made synchronization impossible.

Paizo continues to ship backer products to North American backers, which we expect to be finished by September 23rd. There is currently an issue with getting the correct tracking information for Paizo shipping emails into the account order display, resulting in tracking numbers that don’t work. We are looking into this, but we are unable to provide tracking numbers at this time.

Thanks again for backing the Kingmaker Adventure Path, and we continue working to ensure that you receive your Kingmaker products as soon as possible.

-Team Paizo

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Thanks for the update. Regrettable that it takes so long ….. but indeed shipping is unpredictable - in any case thanks for the transparency.

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Thank you for this new information.

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Thanks for the update, sucks a bit that my physical products will take longer to get here, but this is good information with detail, so I'm not in the slightest bit concerned.

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Thanks for the effort and the info. I appreciate it.

Just realized that, with my luck, I will have moved to a new adress by the time the package arrives :-(

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