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"I guess in magic space future we're not gonna need any maintenance on equipment, then? Not complaining, means I can go take a well-earned vacation. Away from the jock culture of the Veskarium and Starfinder Society."

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...clearly, that's arm-ist talk.

Kasatha already have two extra, so by sheer number of hands they'll have a majority.

We clearly need some disarmament talks.

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" 'Planned obsolescence' was the very worst thing civilization came up with in a misguided effort to keep the economy going. I can't complain, though --it also keeps mechanics employed..."


This is post-Gap. There's no shame in being robo-sexual!

"So, ah, like ya know, um, better to have ah, loved and ah, um, lost than um not um, ever loved at all? Ya did get th' memory backup, right Quig?"

Loving the interaction between the team and Quig's interaction with Buddy 1.0... Or are we going to see a BuddyScout in the future?

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Service = citizenship!

"So, ah, my player is being all 'Human' and citing um, ah, 'heavy involvement already'. I.. I would ah, um, like to er... do more Starfinding!"

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Need to poke at some new recruits from the Scoured Stars!

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But not a fee-fi-fo-fazer?

Are there any plans in the works to trade at PaizoCon this year?

1/5 5/5 there a landborne equivalent for our aquatic friends in Starfinder Society? Can it be purchased for the same price if so?

So I inquired about the storyline at GenCon, but my 9-block GM brain dumped it hardcore.

What are the 'must-haves' before the Scenario (no spoilers) for story impact after 1.05?

Thank you for your patience, trying to get someone up to the level I'm playing this at during SKALCon (3-4) and would like to get the story ones on the right character.

Would sign up for the Special, but currently signed up to sit at a table with one of the Starfinder Creators at SkalCon this year...


There are actually 3 now? Into the Unknown (Quest, MUST be played at L1), The Commencement(1-2), and Ashes of Discovery(1-4 Replayable)

Yeah, I kinda had to give up on it between it not being out for GenCon and then PbP and then a handful of games at local conventions it just wasn't logistically feasible to make it happen.

Arrrghhh... so close to PaizoCon.... arghhhh!

Flush Gurdon, my -701, is a Vesk Exocortex Mechanic Scholar Nerd.
TeeArSeeAich, my -702, is an Android Envoy Icon Fabled SuperVillain
Kiylee Boughdancer, my -704, is a 'Nuar' Tauren Soldier who is going to be shifting to Steward Officer Xenoarchaeologist (based on her roleplay and rolls thus far)

Those are the ones that have credits to them, I have another three that are in 'standby' (one waiting for a Legacy Race Boon or for them to open up eventually)

Some people go for 'depth' on characters.

Others go for 'breadth'.

So while I've had a chance to play a decent amount of Starfinder, I don't have anyone past 2.1.

I suspect a fair number of folks are in the same boat, either due to 'spreading it around' or getting distracted by altitis.

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Happy Rysky Hatching Day!

There are also 'deed' names that can be used.

If one is good, two is better?

"Mannnnn. Recycled ursine, AGAIN?" *sigh*

"So, like, inquirin' minds wanna know, when can we put in for our union cards with the Society an' all? Gonna be a bit hard for the flesh-bod player of mine t' access the site when he's at GenCon."

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Torbyne wrote:
Delightful wrote:

"A handsome young cyborg named Ace,

Wooed women at every base,
But once ladies glanced at
His special enhancement,
They vanished with nary a trace."
"No refunds."

I don't know but I've been told

Deirdre's got a Network Node
Likes to press the on-off switch
Dig that crazy Gaia Witch!

A somewhat beaten-down yet brightly-colored Vesk wanders on in with the casual air of someone who's seen A Lot Of Things. They are adorned with coveralls that have seen their fair share of hard dirty work despite an obvious effort to clean them up.

And does their wrench -- an actual honest-to-goodness mechanical wrench -- have blood on it?

"Heard folks were lookin' for a maintenance tech. What's the malfunction, and is percussive permitted?"

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Mark Moreland wrote:
CKent83 wrote:
TheGoofyGE3K wrote:
...Welcome to Human Prime-I mean, earth.

I think you mean Terran Prime, thank you very much! ;)

Browman wrote:
What kind of melee weapon is that, it appears to only have a small spike as a piercing edge.

Here's another look at her axe/scythe.

Edit: Anyone know what a "swamp lion" is?

That's a doshko.



Sigh. Why did *I* get this forwarded to me? I'm an outside contractor!!

"Have you tried turning it off and back on again, and then turning it off, removing the power, and waiting for it to power cycle before re-inserting the power supply then re-activating the unit? If you've done that, have you attempted percussive adjustment?

If you have, please stand by for an official response from AbadarCorp, transferring you now."


"Yeah. I'm an Abadar-rated service tech calling about a Mark Four-Seven power armor actuator assembly sequence from AbadarCorp's 'Starkton' Series. I've turned the thing off and back on, I've turned it off and removed the power and the restored the power and turned it back on, and the thing keeps falling apart citing 'Improper Occupant'.

Personally, I'd just trash the thing and tell the owner t' get a new one, but he seems to have his heart set in this one.

Don't refer me to IT, I need Tier Two support, please."

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"Hello, Flush Gurdon, Custodial Maintenance Engineer. What? Someone shoved a goblin into a biomaintenance cubicle? How long ago? Where??"

Sigh. Of all the plumbing on this station..

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Navasi mentioned something about Vesk and a job?

Looking even more forwards to this System becoming a reality...