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I am putting this in General Discussion because we do not have a Starfinder Campaign Setting area, but I will understand if the mods move this to advice instead. Having got that out of the way, on to the actual post!

I am trying to come up with a name for my character in a Starfinder Campaign our group is running. I have an overall idea for what I want to do as a character, but I am REALLY stuck on coming up with an actual name. I am putting together a Vesk soldier with the Sharpshooter style. I know that I am going with "<First Name> Long-gunner" as the name, because it fits with the overall theme, but I have no clue what to do for the first name. I have plenty of references for coming up with names for most fantasy races, but how the heck do I approach this for someone from the scaly proud-warrior-race people?

Do I just suck it up and pick one of the sample names from the CRB, or can anyone help me?

I don't really have a specific name to give, but I can provide two methods I usually use.

1: Find a word in another language that means something relevant to the character. Pick the right language, and it could be nigh-indistinguishable from the feel of the sample names. Latin is a personal favorite of mine, but for Vesk specifically, some of the names given seem to give off a vaguely Arabic or Indian vibe. (I'm not a language expert though, so take that with a grain of salt. Heck, I just type in things into Google Translate most the time. XD)

Or 2: Throw naming conventions straight out the window and pick something that sounds cool. If nothing comes to mind, then try saying random syllables or names out loud until something sticks. Go wild. XD

Hope this helps!

Boreal Typhon, Daughter of Zerukesh "Hornbreaker" Typhon, Daughter of Tarsonis "Jaeger" Typhon

I used Latin and Greek mythology to cobble together something that sounded cool.
The long strung out bit comes down to where they talk about tradition and such, and it fit.
You might notice that she has no epithet yet as I hope to gain one during the campaign. She has not yet done anything worth an epithet yet.

Thank you for the suggestions! Just spent some time googling, and I've hit on one or two options from Greek mythology that sound verbally appealing for him.

There are also 'deed' names that can be used.

If one is good, two is better?

Grand Lodge

I will typically listen to random languages for inspiration, take some interesting words or syllables and mash em together to come up with something that sounds unique. Typically starting from a character point, either from their backstory or mechanics & working forward, for instance,

For example my newest AP Vesk is a Soldier/Solarion, She is a resilient and determined fighter despite being the runt of her clutch(?) and has typical dark Vesk scales with splotches of brighter colors. So I decided to look at Gila Monsters, went up above them to the Family classification Varanoidea which has Gila monsters as well as other big tough lizards like Monitor lizards and Komodo dragons. I thought it sounded tough & in keeping with the predatory lizard thing the Vesk have going so i threw it in the blender. Then Brave-heart playing the background gave me an idea. Alba gu bràth translates to Scotland until judgement, or Scotland Forever, which is pretty tough; but the pronunciation is difficult so I bastardized it a bit & threw it in the blender. Run the blender on puree for a bit and we run into Varnobrath. I thought it sounded cool, and in keeping with Vesk characters presented elsewhere like Obozaya and Radaszam it is pronounced with 3 Sylables with the focus on the second syllable.

That's just the madness to my method though, mostly it's just coming up with something that fits the character that you wont mind saying a whole bunch...

My usual default for names.

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