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I have a few players in my area that were curious about the "Legacy Heritage" Boon that were acquired around Gen Con 2017, right when Starfinder and SFS launched. They hadn't used the boon yet and expressed some concerns in regards to using the boon post Society Guide 1.1 update which allows the Pathfinder Legacy races to be playable without the need of a boon. Are there any changes or errata to those Legacy boons or are they more of a collectors item?

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It was known (or perhaps more accurately, "rumored") early on that the Legacy Races would eventually be opened up as always available.

The Boon simply gave earlier access to them.

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There were some changes by Thursty in another thread - the legacy boon can be used to give a character with a legacy race a +2 to a stat that is 14 or less without taking up your personal boon slot.

Not near a computer to look that ruling up.


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Here you go.

EDIT: OK. That kind of messed up. Just scroll all the way to the top for the official ruling.

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Awesome, thanks for helping me out, all!

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Blog itself: link


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