Upgrading Things vs. Buying a new version of the next version

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I know weapons and armor have to be purchased and cannot be upgraded to the next version at the price difference between them.

I know Personal Upgrades can be upgraded to the next version by paying the price difference between them.

I know fusions can be moved from weapon to weapon at a discounted rate based on level you already have and the level you are applying them to at least when going to a higher level weapon.

What other things can you upgrade vs. buying the next level up?

I.E. can you do that with augmentations, armor upgrades (going from mk1 to mk2), hybrid tech items like the null space chamber, magic (ring of resistance), etc.

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Your list is about it. Nothing else upgrades.

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The vast majority of augmentations cannot be upgraded or even sold (with a couple exceptions, including one Chronicle item), but most gear can be "scavenged for parts" worth 10% of the item's value that can then go towards the purchase of an upgraded version.

So say you have a Mk1 Thing-Bopper worth 1000 credits, and you want to upgrade it to a Mk2 Thing-Bopper worth 5000 credits. You break apart the original Thing-Bopper and salvage 100 credits worth of materials, and effectively purchase the Mk2 for 4900 credits.

It's mechanically the same price you'd pay if you sold the original item, but it allows characters to flavor their upgrades as always having been the same item, just better.

I believe the Guide has some silly restriction that this can't be done during a scenario, but you can do it between adventures.

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Power Armor can be upgraded using rules in Adventurer’s Armory.

It’s not at all a “good deal” from a wealth-by-level viewpoint, but it can be done if you really like the characteristics of your current power armor and want a little more AC.

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