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Inspire Courage is a level 1 ability, yet somehow grants +5 at level 20 to more than just one PC.

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My GM is saying we can't figure out the abilities of summoned entropic dire tigers because they just look like normal dire tigers. Is this a thing? I thought knowledge checks just worked.

Also he says we can't tell they're using smite law, we just know we're taking horrible amounts of damage.

We're level 10 tier 4 with huge knowledge bonuses to everything. I feel like we wouldn't be that dumb.

Are there any rules anywhere one way or the other on this?

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After further review, I'm going to play it like this:

1) Enhance weapons works on all weapons, natural weapons, unarmed strikes. Can't find anything that says it wouldn't.

2) The skald can choose which abilities to grant each individual weapon. I feel like if the same bonus had to be granted to everything the ability would specify that.

3) The enhancement bonuses don't stack. This makes my position in #2 a little more reasonable.

Doubtless I'll encounter some GM variation on this but oh well. It's a cool ability.

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Enhance Weapons (Su):

At 1st level, the spell warrior can grant a +1 enhancement bonus to the weapons (including ammunition) of allies within 60 feet. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, this enhancement bonus increases by 1. The maximum bonus gained is based upon the number of weapons affected: +5 to one weapon, +4 to two weapons, +3 to three weapons, or +2 to four or more weapons. Fifty pieces of ammunition count as one weapon for this purpose.

These bonuses can also be used to add any of the following weapon special abilities to the weapons enhanced by this ability: dancing, defending, distance, flaming, frost, ghost touch, keen, mighty cleaving, returning, shock, seeking, or speed. Adding these weapon special abilities consumes an amount of bonus equal to the special ability's cost (see Table: Melee Weapon Special Abilities). These enhancement bonuses and special abilities overlap with any enhancements or special abilities the weapon already has, though duplicate special abilities do not stack. If an affected weapon is not magical, at least a +1 enhancement bonus must be added before any other special abilities can be.

The bonus and special abilities granted by this raging song are determined when the song begins, and cannot be changed until the raging song ends and another is begun. These bonuses apply to only one end of a double weapon.

This ability replaces the inspired rage raging song.

Been playing a spell warrior in PFS and some questions/irregularities have come up.

1) Does Enhance Weapons affect natural weapons/unarmed strikes? The ability doesn't have a clause saying otherwise like magic weapon does.

2) Can the skald choose different abilities to grant each target or must they all be the same? Say I'm a level 1 Spell Warrior buffing a fighter with a +1 katana and a rogue with two masterwork short swords. Can I give the katana frost and give the short swords +1 enhancement, or must I give them all +1 enhancement (which might be useless for the katana?) or give them all frost which would be useless for the short swords?

3) How do the terms "overlap" and "stack" apply to giving enhancement bonuses here? It's clear that I can't, for example, give a shock weapon another shock property, but if I give a +1 weapon another +1, does it become +2 or just have redundant +1s? Redundancy would only help in the edge case of dispel suppression I think.

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Could really use some more community perspective on this.

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What would be an appropriate spell level for a wizard spell that closes and locks 1 door per 4 levels within close range? This spell would use existing locks on the door and not use a mechanic like that in arcane lock.

Any input would be helpful.

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Rogue Eidolon wrote:
(she has lots of ghost salt for incorporeals, which is even better than magic)

Note that ghost salts are a weapon blanch, which take 1 full round to apply over a "hot flame." I, personally, have experienced table variation over what constitutes a hot flame (GM thought that it had to be like a campfire or blacksmith's forge, making these out-of-combat only). Regardless of what you think of that GM's interpretation, I think that pregens should be built to have next to no chance of being subject to TV.

Even if the GM lets this happen in combat, it's two rounds of blanching your weapon (move action to retrieve blanch, standard action to pour it on your weapon, full round over flame) - during which time you could be hitting with your magic weapon for 50%. It takes 4 full rounds (starting from beginning of combat) for blanch damage to catch up with magic weapon damage, on average. The only way blanch is better is if you just apply it at the beginning of the scenario to some arrows, just in case. But the average pregen player probably isn't going to do that.

Along those same lines: unique arrows. I haven't seen the character sheet, but if these are single units of ammunition with special materials or magic properties, I think it's a bit misleading to new players who will then think they can buy these arrows in singles, rather than in batches.

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I was in a similar situation. Without my prompting, they actually sent an email to the address I kickstarted with and said that a goblinworks account had been created for me. All I had to do was click and verify and I was in. This was a few weeks ago.

You may want to double-check your email just in case they did this for you.

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Think of it as Singapore.

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What is the "gusher" system?

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Gee, I wonder how much of this will be sanctioned for PFS...

Looks cool for big bads, though.

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I search on keywords in HeroLab. I don't know of an easy way to do it outside of that.

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Turner and Hooch - dog
Cujo - dog
Ace Ventura 1&2 - various
Free Willy - orca
Tom-Yum-Goong - elephant
Life of Pi - tiger
Avatar - Alien bird thing

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Yeebin wrote:
I know there was some brief discussion about power attack but I cant imagine that the author expects the constructs in encounter 1 to use their spears 2 handed and power attacking. At high tier that literally +10 1d8+19 + 1d6. min damage 21 max damage 33. times 4 constructs? Even if your average party of about 3 melee pcs has adamantine weps, its still going to take several rounds to kill all 4 of these and enough time for them to easily kill a pc or 2 doing that much damage....especially if they are intelligent and go for flanks and charges. Whew.

Yeah, I figure you just use the attack stats as printed in the stat block. So no power attack or 2-handing. Makes these things slightly less deadly, but a crit with one of those spears will still hurt.

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Just ran this at 3-4. Took them 5 tries to get the cyber slime out of the kid with the cure disease wand. If the archer hadn't 1-shotted the gearsman there would have been some pain. Technically they didn't identify the wands but I figured the museum employees they rescues who knew the secret location of the cache would know what was in it.

Had there not been a level 5 PC shooting adamantine arrows like a cannon this thing would have gone south fast.

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Tacticslion wrote:

((This is, of course, presuming squatting and dead-lifting being roughly analogous to carrying capacity... I'm not sure that it is.))

I'd go with:

Lifting and Dragging wrote:
A character can lift as much as double his maximum load off the ground, but he or she can only stagger around with it.

Sounds like a deadlift to me. Going with your livestrong link, the average untrained male can DL 155 lbs, which would make his max load 77.5 lbs. That puts him between 7 and 8 strength.

Or, you could use clean & jerk to represent lifting max load overhead, but that's a much less common lift and you're not likely to find average numbers for it.

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On the internet, everything is flamable.

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Popupjoe wrote:
Cackle can be counter songed as well right?

No, countersong only works on things that require saves.

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Zolanoteph wrote:
The problem with this is that it lends itself to situations where characters in game give empowering speeches even though the player is inarticulate and unimaginative.

Following this logic, I'm going to require my players to show me they can clean & jerk 300 lbs. if they want to make a character with 18 strength.

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Popupjoe wrote:
Player's Witch gave a party member fortune he cackled to keep it going. Does it last indefinitely as long as Which keeps cackleing? Player who benefited was rolling 2 dice most of the night. Is this right? Never had a witch in a party.

Yes, it can be annoying. Some important notes:

- Cackle takes a move action, so that will slow things down, especially out of combat.
- The witch has to stay within 30 feet of the party member.
- Fortune only works once per round. So if the party member rolls twice for an attack roll, he doesn't get to roll his save twice against confusion later that round.

Those are all hard rules. Outside of those, you may want to metagame or houserule sparingly to discourage overuse of this:

- grant nearby enemies perception checks to hear the cackling and prepare for combat;
- give the witch a small but cumulative arcane spell failure chance as her voice gets raspy from all the cackling. Say, 5% per ten minutes;
- throw in a few ranged or fast enemies to punish the slow move speed;
- target the recipient of the fortune/cackle with lots of stuff that requires saves. This will encourage them to hold back their double-roll;
- break the radius of cackle with combat maneuvers or spells;
- disable the witch. Stun, daze, fear, nonlethal, whatever;
- etc.

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Roughly half my PCs are bards. Most of them use Perform (Comedy) for foul-mouthed trash-talking during battle.

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Hold the PCs to a 15-point buy, max, and to standard wealth by level. Don't allow crafting.

Resist the temptation to give them nice toys outside of mythic stuff.

If they have trouble with the first book or two, put more consumables in the loot or have an NPC ally or two put on a couple levels. By book 3 they should be holding their own just fine.

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blahpers wrote:

Ultimate Magic was well-edited.

Ultimate Combat was mostly well-edited.

Advanced Race Guide was . . . well, edited.

Mythic Adventures has some pretty heavy issues outside of path abilities, particularly in mythic magic items, legendary items, and the various mythic spells and their augmentations. The path abilities were solid, though, and the campaign portions are primo.

I haven't read a copy of the Advanced Class Guide itself, but I've seen more than enough errors pointed out to worry about a worsening trend.

One can find similar sentiments expressed about every major Paizo release. Here's one for Ultimate Magic.

Having been around for the releases of everything after the GMG, my vague impression is that ACG is pretty well in line, error-wise.

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Nefreet wrote:

So, although I'd be inclined to agree that metagaming should be avoided when making characters for a particular season, with this one you pretty much have to.

That's a discouraging truth and I hope people aren't turned off PFS by it.

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I'm seeing a lot of avoidance/metagaming of the tech scenarios and technologist feat. I think that's unfortunate, especially for what it says about the potential game experience of players who are not system or forum savvy.

My characters are:

Quacker: 8.0 halfling bodyguard bard
Stranger: 3.2 half-orc Inquisitor [spellbreaker] 1, Fighter [lore warden] 1, Barbarian [urban barbarian] 1 - switch hitting maniac
Inga 1.2 tiefling Alchemist [mindchemist]
Xaglo 1.2 angel-blooded aasimar Skald [spell warrior]

I'll play any of these in any tech scenario as it comes up and let the dice fall as they may. I won't take technologist on any of these characters.

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This boss is gonna cause some problems.

Did the math. At low tier, pregen Kyra has a 20.6% chance of successfully ejecting the swarm from the kid with the wand of cure disease (touch attack, fort save, 50% chance). And then the party has to hit touch AC 23 with splash weapons.

Or, they can leave the swarm in the kid and nonlethal the crap out of him. But at some point they'll have to heal him to keep the damage not lethal. And I expect table variation on whether heals are split between him and the swarm as damage is. Also expect variation on whether selective channels can select out the swarm. And all that is IF the party figures out what's going on (more variation on knowledge checks on the cyberplasm - Arcana, Engineering, Technologist).

At high tier it should be easier to eject the cyberplasm but harder to go the nonlethal route.

Maybe I'm overthinking it, but this seems way to hard for a 3-4 encounter, and way too dependent on party composition. I'm running this next Tuesday, and I'm trying to figure out a way to foreshadow this so that it isn't a horribly frustrating encounter.

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I run it with initiative as normal. There's no surprise round. Whether it's a normal melee attack or a CDG depends on how the captor has the captive subdued. There are a few options for this:

Grappled: The captive is being grappled by one or more captors. The captive can attempt to escape normally via escape artist or a CMB check. The captors can make normal melee attacks (not CDGs). They will probably have dealt a fair amount of lethal damage to the captive already to ensure that the throat-cutting has the desired effect.

Tied up: The captor has tied up or manacled the captive so that they have the helpless condition. The captive can attempt to escape. The captors can make CDGs against the captive.

Helpless: The captive has been rendered unconscious or paralyzed or otherwise helpless and unable to act. The captive cannot attempt to escape. The captor can make a CDG.

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RumpinRufus wrote:
I feel like this is a stupid question, but... when you use Following Step, that movement does not provoke, correct?

It doesn't say that movement is treated as equivalent of a 5-foot step or that it does not provoke.

So it provokes.

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Bonny Paz wrote:

2. If you thought you purchased or were not able to complete the pledge manager or any other issue with the Print pack add-on. I have a meeting with Paizo this week to get a solution finalized. We really appreciate everyone being so gracious on the issue. We want you to get what you paid for as much as you want to receive it!

Any update on this?

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Caderyn wrote:

I dont have the ACG but I am pretty sure it uses normal recharging rules, which requires 1 slot of the HIGHEST level spell in the staff, not the lowest per charge to a maximum of 1 charge per day (which considering it most likely uses 3 charges for that spell would not even give you enough charges to do it a 4th time in a 1 day scenario).

Monstrification Staff explicitly calls out that you can use 1 extract of enlarge person to restore a charge or 1 extract of monstrous physique I to restore 3 charges.

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How does monk's robe work with a brawler/monk?

Monks get untyped bonus to AC and brawlers get dodge bonus. So would the robe advance both of those since they're on seperate tracks?

E.g. Monk 5/Brawler 5 has +1 dodge +1 untyped.

With monk's robe would that be +2 and +2?

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Alex Cunningham wrote:

You know who saw that two of the best RPG companies going were working on a project, and then thought, "Gawsh, I hope they're working on a tablet-based adaptation of a card game that's already out, and not an RPG!"?

No one. No one thought that.

What a damn let-down.

They could make a Pathfinder branded version of Candy Crush for all I care. It's the start of a relationship between two amazing game companies, the possibilities are endless.

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"Punch" is being used metaphorically. You're combining alcohol and fruit juice (attacks) into a potent beverage (the punch). So it's all weapon attacks.

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Pan wrote:

The AP objections make sense. How about parts of Golarion or plot ideas using Golarion?

Go 3D.

An underwater exploration of Azlanti ruins and such would be great. I don't think you see a lot of underwater content in APs just because of the wonky tabletop mechanics. Likewise for aerial content. Not sure off the top of my head which parts of Golarion like to go airborne but I'm sure there's some.

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Pan wrote:

So there may not be CRPG info this very second, but it sounds hopefull to get some in the near future. Can we stop dumping on Obsidian, e-card games, and kickstarter and maybe start talking about what we would like in a CRPG?

Do y'all think using an AP would be a good way to go?

If not what would your favored approach be?

I'd rather they not do an AP. One of Obsidian's great strengths is storytelling (Planescape: Torment, KOTOR II, Mask of the Betrayer), and I'd love to see what they can do with a free hand in Golarion.

Also, APs necessarily exclude cool things that you could do with a single player focus. I'm betting we'll see the test of the Starstone in one of these CRPGs someday.

My big question is about the mechanics. From what I understand they won't be able to adapt PFRPG rules because the OGL doesn't cover that. So they'll have to come up with a new set of RPG rules for these games. I hope they can keep the crunchy feeling of Pathfinder.

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Two of my favorite gaming companies joining forces, very cool news.

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Barachiel Shina wrote:
Strange the Swashbuckler only gets Reflex while its counterpart, the Gunslinger, has good Fort and Ref. I would expect Swashbucklers to have good Fort and Ref too

Presumably their training isn't spent putting up with booming gunfire, powder burns, and misfires.

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Zhayne wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:

** spoiler omitted **


So you can use your shield and weapon while fighting a gaze-attack creature while still trying to reflect its gaze, rather than having to hold a mirror in one hand?

Yeah, seems that way. This seems entirely reasonable for a level 1 spell. Not sure why RD thought it was "just...why???" Hardly anyone will ever prepare this, but it won't hurt to have a scroll of it or spont it up with a class ability.

The odd aspect of this spell is that it implies that a breastplate is 1 square foot.

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There's a critical plot point in book 1 of Wrath of the Righteous that relies on a feather fall SLA being an immediate action.

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I'm a bit surprised Pain Taster was made legal, given its text's explicit mention of torture and connection to the drow.

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Wizard, Witch, Arcanist, Sorcerer, Alchemist, Bloodrager, Magus, and Bard.

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deuxhero wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:

EDIT 3: The Spell Sage wizard archetype can cast bard, cleric, AND druid spells in addition to his normal allotment!
OK, what's the catch? This seems like it would be overpowered even if it traded every class feature the Wizard got AND got Stunted Spellcasting.

It's once per day starting at level 2, plus additional uses at 6, 11, and 16;

it costs 2 prepared spells of the level you want to cast;

casting time for the spell is 1 round per spell level plus normal casting time if 1 round or longer;

replaces arcane school

Example: Level 5 wizard casts good hope - this would take 3 rounds and consume two prepared level 3 wizard spells.

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Ashanderai wrote:

Okay, what the heck is up with this prerequisite?

Advanced Class Guide wrote:
Prerequisites: Dex 15, Acrobatic or slayer† level 1st, Combat Expertise, Acrobatics 1 rank.
That has got to be a typo.

I assume it's referring to the feat Acrobatic, which grants +2 to acrobatics and fly.

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xavier c wrote:
Any new Summoning spells?

No, but there is a series of new magic rings that expand the options in summon monster spells.

For example, ring of summoning affinity (inevitable) costs 8,100 gp and adds arbiters, zelekhuts, kolyaruts, and maruts to the list at levels, 3, 7, 8, and 9, respectively. It also can summon an arbiter 1/day.

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DarthPinkHippo wrote:
Exocrat wrote:
DarthPinkHippo wrote:
Does the slayer get a Teamwork Feat archetype? Im considering switching my Tactician Fighter to Slayer but still want to grant my party Outflank.
The Vanguard archetype gets one teamwork feat that it can grant to allies for 1 minute 1/day. It can also share half its studied target bonus with the party, gets a boost to initiative, and can act in the surprise round.
Are there ways to increase the amount of times it can grant the feat?

Yeah, you can purchase additional uses instead of new slayer talents. One talent slot for one more use/day.

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Cerberus Seven wrote:

Can't coup de grace it, they're immune to anything requiring a Fort save unless it works on items as well. Since you can't CdG a park bench or a tank, I'm pretty sure that means golems and other constructs are immune too.

The auto-crit portion of a CDG works but not the save or die portion.

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DarthPinkHippo wrote:
Does the slayer get a Teamwork Feat archetype? Im considering switching my Tactician Fighter to Slayer but still want to grant my party Outflank.

The Vanguard archetype gets one teamwork feat that it can grant to allies for 1 minute 1/day. It can also share half its studied target bonus with the party, gets a boost to initiative, and can act in the surprise round.

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Justin Sane wrote:
Can we have more info on Barroom Brawler and Reactive Healing, please?

Barroom Brawler: 1/day use a combat feat you don't have for 1 minute. Must meet prereqs for the feat.

Reactive Healing: Channel or lay hands as you're knocked unconscious. Prereqs are Quick Channel or Quicken spell and obviously the ability to either channel or lay hands.

I'm fairly underwhelmed by both of these.

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Zhangar wrote:

Now I want to play a chaos-smiting warpriest of the God-Claw for WotR.

My WOTR paladin has been enjoying the extra daily uses of Smite Evil from Mythic Smite. You won't get that with Champion of the Faith smite, unfortunately. There are some other paladin goodies that you'll look at jealously, too, or hope for GM flexibility.

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