Season Six: Whatcha Playing?

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Shadow Lodge 4/5

As Season Six gets going, what characters are you playing?

For low/mid-tier games, my early entry Mystic Theurge (Wizard 2/Cleric 1/MT X) will bring ALL THE MAGIC in the name of Asmodeus.

For mid/high-tier games, my Heavens Shaman (Animist) will be providing party support.

For seeker play, I'm hoping a certain beautiful and handsome tetori will get a few more adventures in at L15+ between teaching gym classes at the Acadamae.


I've been rollin' along with my Fated Champion Skald, which has been well received. Mind you, this is despite being set at caster-heavy tables. The last game I played had only 2 allies interested in receiving my Inspired Rage out of 5.

Grand Lodge 2/5 RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Let's see...

Having just retired Thomas the Tiefling Hero, my highest-level PC is now Arlyn, my 7.2 human sorceress. She's pretty Knowledge-light (has a little bit of Arcana and Planes, but not much), so shouldn't hurt too bad lacking Technologist this season. Also, her bloodline focuses on electrical damage...

Next up is Rixis, my 5th-level kitsune Arcane Duelist bard, whom I only play alongside his twin sister, my wife's kitsune magus. He's also not very Knowledge-y, having traded out Bardic Knowledge.

Sitting at 3.0 (3.1?) is Ulam, undine cleric of Sivanah. He is a Knowledge guy (a couple of Knowledges trained—with a 14 INT, no less—and the ability to let himself or others reroll Knowledge checks with his WIS mod on top), so I'll probably just avoid tech scenarios with him.

And at 2.2 is my freshly-made-at-GenCon human bloodrager, Jenter. He's my first completely Knowledge-free PC (which feels a little weird) and was already planning to eventually get an adamantine sword, so Technologist shouldn't be an issue there.

And that's my Season 6 roster. :)


Thinking of making my first character since Garble. (yes, it's been a while).

Debating samsaran conjuration specialist with early summon monster access via mystic past life and the summoner spell list.

4/5 5/55/55/55/5 *** Venture-Captain, United Kingdom—England—Coventry

I have a 2nd level Numerian Liberator as well as a 3rd level Spellscar Drifter :-)

Shadow Lodge 4/5

My Crypt-Breaker Alchemist just finished breaking The Silver Mount Collection open, although I made a critical error when I forgot to put a rank in Know: Engineering and couldn't ID anything even with Technologist. Going to hold on to that feat for The Technic Siege and then retrain it away.

For low levels I have my Silver Crusade protege Inquisitor of Keltheald tripping and power-attacking evil with his halberd. Probably need to get him something adamantine soon. My Invulnerable Rager should hopefully not have as much trouble as some others. Meanwhile Kane and Able, the Noble Ifrit Brothers continue to amass power in their quest to emulate their Noble Efreeti Ancestors.

My Life Oracle and halfling Rogue are both about to retire, but I still have my kitsune Bard available for the higher level offerings. My aasimar Paladin is waiting to hit up Bonekeep III and IV when the time is right. Here's to hoping the Risen Guard vanity is still available should he need it!

Lantern Lodge 5/5

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Minor Rats of Round Mountain Spoilers:

Three years ago, we led a diplomatic mission to Round Mountain. Now, three years later, having gone through field training, we'll be seeing a small influx of ratfolk. Mine seeks to harness his latent draconic blood in an effort to emulate the greatest terror of the Sundered Path.

Ratfolk Sorcerer 2 (going Dragon Disciple)

For mid-level scenarios, <<REDACTED>> (Cleric of Sivanah 5/Veiled Illusionist 2) is always there to be <<REDACTED>> and do anything- -certainly not going to let silly things like reality hold anyone back. Her ability to <<REDACTED>> and <<REDACTED>> <<REDACTED>> has come in handy in missions from <<REDACTED>> to <<REDACTED>>. Was last seen leading an army of <<REDACTED>> in the Society's push to defeat <<REDACTED>> on the outskirts of the Worldwound.

And towards the top end, Avan Chanzel (Tiefling Bard 2/Paladin 7) will keep the pressure on scenario writers who's primary mode of "evening the battlefield" is turning off the lights. She and the other two members of the Tactical Tiefling Deeper Darkness Murderhobo Squad Incorporated, Mzulft the duelist and the enigmatic spellcaster known only as "-5" are uniquely qualified to deal with the darkness.

The Exchange 5/5


goodness... I have a lot of active PCs. Each with their own quirks and I might be playing any of them, depending on the rest of the team. I like to think the VC assigns the "best available" of my PCs when he gets ready to send us out.

But I haven't played any season 6 scenarios yet... I plan to play "Prof. Wat Sun" in the first few, he's a Tiefling Investigator (4th level) with the feat Technologist... think of him as Serlock Holms, but with scales and claws.

Otherwise I have:
Elven Trapsmith (10)
Dwarven Cleric (14)of Love (Cayden, yeah, domain love)
Human (Cheliaxian) Street Performer (11)
Elven Alchemist (11)
Human (Ulfen) Rogue/Knift Master (9)
Tiefling Arcane Trickster (10)
Dwarven Cleric (9), claims to be a Gnome
Halfling "Dog Delivery system" (7)
Halfling Detective Bard (7)
Tiefling Crypt Braker (5)
Human Witch (4) "Auntie Baltwin"
Tiefling Mind Chemist (5)
Aasimar Street Performer (2)
Tiefling GunTank (3)

5/5 5/55/55/5

Seasons 1-4 .... :)

High tier: Flutter, wild empathy focused druid and Non humanoid pathfinders union head. Taking the slow path from 7-11 she should last a while. Wild empathy focused druid that usually loads up on party buffs and "counter the effect" spells. She's looking forward to cuddling the rare and exotic creatures of the mawangi expanse.

Mid Tier: Reynard de Bonaire. Kitsune saranite swashbuckler, bard, and in all likelyhood soon to be paladin. Having seen the ineffectiveness of an "everyone for yourself" approach and taldors selfish decadence in fighting demons in the world wound, He may take the sovereign courts nobless oblige philosophy to and try to play by the rules.

Low Tier: Hmmm.. No idea. Or rather too many. Poor Pyrite hasn't seen a game in forever. He's a tanky druid and tables are always swarming with melee. My cheesey early entry mystic theurge and Hermean travel agent Argentum may be moving up the ranks. The investigatory druid archtype would be a perfect match for Flutter but the PP to take it is absurd, So i may clone her.

I may want to load up on kitsune.. just in case. I suppose thats what DM credit is for. Perhaps Reynard was part of a litter..

5/5 *** Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East

Buckwheat Rainbow - Hippy tiefling (mindchemist) - 9

Chun Hei - Nagaji Paladin of Yaezhing - 9

Kuraishimo - Half Bearded Devil, bound to Olystra - 7

Benevolence - Abadaran Wealth Mage, rescued from Krune's lair - 6

Sue - Gnomish Monk - 8

Tavarius Desimire - Dhampir cleric of Dispater - 7 (Not sure about his motivation now that he's done tracking down his cousin)

Peran - Vudrani Ratfolk Arcanist - 4 (Spell specialist with a weird set of spells, going to be playing up his exotic casting)

Garrus - Taldan failed duelist - 6 (Shield Slam slayer)

Hassam al-Rashid - Rhadoumi archaeologist - 6

Eshshah - Ifrit Crusader (fighter/time oracle) - 4

Sparkle-Weave - Gnomish first-world summoner - 1

Oread Warpriest - 1 (still need a name for this guy)

Retired Characters:

Zapa - Siege Engineer Shadowdancer - 15
Devin, the Mortician (Cleric of Sarenrae) - 15
Soryan - Osirian Sand Merchant (Druid) - 12
Griff - Ranger/Barbarian/Living Monolith - 13
Mr. K - Haughty Elven Wizard - 11
Farak, the Most Powerful Mage in all Absalom - 17

Sovereign Court 4/5 5/5 *** Venture-Lieutenant, Conventions—Gen Con

High tier - I think I'm going to focus on Iacobus Higgenstrom, my Taldan Sound Striker 8. The Sound Striker was not the most important part of his abilities, so I don't mind playing him despite the unresolved hubbub about how he actually works, and he keeps Bardic Knowledge so he can make technology knowledge checks (he only has a rank or two in knowledge (engineering) anyway, so it's not like he loses a lot). Also giving everyone +6/+5 tends to be really good.

Mid tiers - Rutlius Polmaco or Prig Lil, depending on what faction the mission is for. Rutlius Polmaco is a Grand Lodge sloth specialist bloatmage wannabe who summons all the things and gets himself down to an effective 1 Dex. Pril Lil is a Grippli cavalier who rides a giant frog. I'll probably be playing Rutlius more often since more tables need the arcane support as opposed to the front-line, but both are fun to play.

Low tiers - I'm looking to level Doritian Higgenstrom, my Investigator, up to high enough that the GM chronicles for Tears at Bitter Manor trigger. After that I have Qari Coldtongue, an ifrit snowball arcanist and Shiradaz Gaunt, an undine fire cleric I'll be looking to play.

5/5 5/55/55/5

Oread Warpriest Names?:



Josiah Ragathiel Hallowburn - level 11 Tiefling Conversion Inquisitor of Shelyn
preparing for the EotT retirement arc

Ulrik the Long Eye - level 9 Ulfen Invulnerable Rager/Urban Barbarian Archer
cameo appearances

Hadrian Calthiss - level 8 Chelaxian Witch
cameo appearances

Brother Holden Holywood - level 5 Ulfen Tetori Monk
playing when I feel like it

So...probably gonna start one or two new characters for Season Six.


High Tier- My Bloatmage wizard Mardak likes to blow stuff up. Alternatively I may play the last game with my mystic theurge of Chaldira (who has a total of 6 played XP) as it looks like a new seeker arc may not be coming (I guess those luck prayers failed after all). Or I may just wait for my mid-tier PC to get in range (he is in striking distance now, level 6)

Mid Tier- My counterattacking martial artist styled, Mal, is probably the PC who will see the most play this session. I was building as a Toragian and the fact that war priest has an archetype which will synergies really well with him is going to be fun when he gets to take it (either next level or in two levels) He is fun to play, although GMs usually stop trying to attack him when a) they realize he is really hard to hit and b) he uses snake fang to counterattack every miss.

Low Tier- I have a half-elf life oracle who found Milani to be an acceptable goddess (who wouldn't turn to the god of outcasts and protection when cursed with black hands!). Kyras generally tries to resolve situations non-violently, but will defend his comrades steadfastly. Alternatively I may play Ograk, my Ulfen barbarian. Playing him in Frozen Fingers of Midnight was probably the most fun I've had at a PFS game.

Silver Crusade 5/5

My recently retired PC Winnifred Hailey, Human Rogue 10/Lore Warden 2/Sleepless Detective 1, took a fateful trip through the Hao Jin Tapestry on a trip to Round Mountain, there she encountered an orphaned Ratfolk, and having nothing better to do, took him under her wing and started trainng him to be as sneaky as she was, since then she has taken advantage of her Venture Captaincy to make his career more successful. A few years later, Fred Hailey is ready for action, but under advisement from his mentor, is going to get some more experience shadowing some other groups (GM credit), but should hit the field soon. Ratfolk Rogue (Counterfeit Mage) 1

Mzulft of the Tactical Tiefling Deeper Darkness Murder Death Squad Force Brigade, stands ready to join comrades-in-arms Avan Chanzel and "-5" in using the tactics of their enemies against them. Tiefling Fighter(Lore Warden) 7 / Duelist 2

Nevakali of the Sczarni isn't letting her feathers get ruffled over the recent merger with al'Hakam's pathfinders. She still has plenty of other things to get angry about, so she is still feelng large and in charge! Tengu Barbarian 5 / Living Monolith 2

The twins Desmarais are still looking to stir up trouble in the Inner Sea for the Sovereign court. Separated when their "unique" heritages surfaced, they are back together again and ready for action. Sophie was sent to the Taldan colony of Amanandar, where she learned the ways of the ninja. Chloe learned the ways of Rondelero dueling and helped kill a dragon, earning fame and a field commission in the society. When news of her sister's exploits reached her, Sophie left to join Amara Li's Pathfinders, so she might be rejoined with her twin. Sophie is a Tiefling Ninja 5, while Chloe is an Aasimar Fighter (Rondelero Duelist) 8.

Early reports are also surfacing of a promising young Dwarf Barbarian getting ready to wrap up his training, with more to come!

Berric "The Ladie's Knight" Thorne has retired, but is continuing on in an effort to get out from under the thumb of Baba Yaga. Aasimar Paladin 12

This last Sunday was my very first Pathfinder Society game, so nothing terribly exciting or high-level, but I enjoyed playing him:

Brother Eagelric, 1st level Cleric of Sarenrae, late of the Angcrist noble family line of Cheliax and, it is rumored by some members of the Pathfinder Society in Absolom, a onetime worshiper of Asmodeus. As for himself, he has said nothing of his origins before taking his pilgrimage to Katheer in Qadira to climb the steps of the Zenith temple spire, but he does seem rather familiar with the ways of infernals for a recently-ordained priest...

Sczarni 5/5 5/55/5 ***

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I made two Season 6 characters.

Elay Silverhair, my Elven Cavalier (Order of the Tome), has had a dire crush on Kreighton Shaine ever since #6-00. I gave him my GM Star Boon for the Master of Scrolls. Elay will be taking Monstrous Mount and Monstrous Mount Mastery to acquire a Griffon. I plan on playing him through all the non-tech scenarios, and giving him the GM credit for all the high-tech scenarios.

Bartholomäus (aka "Barf"), my Obese Kitsune Savage Technologist, will be playing through all the high-tech scenarios. I gave him the Technologist feat, and I'd love to score him a Numerian Weapon Training boon. When he rages, he does it by raising his Signet Ring (with a stylized "S", of course) and invoking the power of the Swartz. I'll give him the GM credit for all the non-tech scenarios.


Bardy McBarderson (H. bard), Hoopla the torturer( A. War priest), Lysalla (h. Fighter), Sir Earl Thane Viscount Griswold (G. Sorcerer), Jerimiah ( A. Paladin) and for maybe one high level adventure Ibnatus Rogue extraordinaire.


Val-Kalan the Technomancer - an eccentric human with wondrous Numerian weapons that shoot out pulses of light similar to what a wizard could do.

Kalindrius and Allandalae - Husband and Wife team exploring Golarion by way of the Celestial Realms.

Grand Lodge

I'm seeing a lot of avoidance/metagaming of the tech scenarios and technologist feat. I think that's unfortunate, especially for what it says about the potential game experience of players who are not system or forum savvy.

My characters are:

Quacker: 8.0 halfling bodyguard bard
Stranger: 3.2 half-orc Inquisitor [spellbreaker] 1, Fighter [lore warden] 1, Barbarian [urban barbarian] 1 - switch hitting maniac
Inga 1.2 tiefling Alchemist [mindchemist]
Xaglo 1.2 angel-blooded aasimar Skald [spell warrior]

I'll play any of these in any tech scenario as it comes up and let the dice fall as they may. I won't take technologist on any of these characters.

Scarab Sages 2/5

I still want to play alongside pirate robs desimire character, especially now that mine and his are in tier...what scenario is Tancred in?

On topic, I have a retinue of various characters, the latest of which is a druid. My lore warden, who has an adamantine weapon, might be suited for the season.

Shadow Lodge 4/5

Let's see...

For 1-5 and 3-7, I've got

Lucy Schwartz - Human Witch (Dimensional Occultist) 4: The fact everything is immune to her hexes kinda sucks, but +14 knowledge(engineering) is gonna come in handy.

"Okay, so, I've examined everything, and there's a pretty good chance that probably most, if not all, of you will die. Because I don't know about anyone else, but I can fly." - Lucy, while facing down an angry mob.

Chad McCreery - Aasimar Brawler 1/Paladin of Kurgess 1: Don't know if this character is ever gonna get played again. He's been hilarious so far, but the joke is starting to wear thin.

"NO, don't kill it! I like this Minotaur's spirit!" - Chad, after getting dropped to 2 HP by a crit.

Ron Silaf - Tiefling Magus (Bladebound/Kensai) 3: Playing him as close to LE as I can get away with, and playing his sword as close to LG as I can, which leads to some interesting conflicts. He speaks with a very soft southern drawl, and is generally just a creepy guy.

"Yah know, now that I see it, I really do admire this piece." - Ron, while stealing the painting from The Disappeared. (It's currently hanging in his study.)

Roderick Valencian - Human Arcanist (White Mage) 1: I swore to never make an Arcanist, but then I read the White Mage archetype. As someone who grew up playing Final Fantasy, finally having an excuse to put on the white robes was just too tempting to pass up.

"You do know that every spell I waste keeping all of you alive, is a spell I can't spend doing something useful, right?" - Roderick, after healing the same Fighter for the 3rd time.

For 5-9/7-8, I've got

Marak Dawnblade, the Blade of Dawn - Ifrit Swashbuckler/Bard (Dawnflower Dervish) 7:
Wisdom of 5. Really good at the whole "purging evil with flame and sword," thing. Needs improvement on the "redeem evil-doers" part.

"Okay, so, clearly we both can't be the chosen champion of Sarenrae. So, let's sit down, talk this out, and figure out where you went wrong." - Marak, moments before having his ass kicked by a 14th level Cleric.

The Grand Viscount Jacob Von Semaphore III, of the Cassomier Semaphores, formerly of the Blades, currently of the Society, Brother of the Snowmask clan - Human Barbarian (Urban)/Bard (Arcane Duelist) 8:
My original goal with this character was to create a lightly armored, rapier and buckler duelist-type, while still providing the party with some utility. I love playing Bards, but being reduced to whiping n'tripping sucks. The role of boastful bastard/light armor DPS has since been overtaken by Marak, so he's kinda in flux at the moment.

"Sorry for being late, I met some lovely ladies (at least I think they were ladies), from the local temple of Zon Kuthon, so my brain, and uh, other places, are filled with... things." - Jacob, after wandering into the briefing 20 minutes late, hungover.

and for 10-11

Knight-Captain Mariah Turner - Human Gunslinger (Musket Master)/Inquisitor (Cayden Cailean and Travel) 11:
After seeing what Season 5's high tier scenarios had to offer, I plan on bringing my A-game for Season 6. Between good saves, self-buffing, and Gunslinger DPS, she tears combats apart, and is a pain to lock down or knock out. Which probably means she'll only die two or three times this season.

"Okay, so I've had to spend the last six hours sucking up to a bunch of fascist devil-worshiping slavers, so that I can rescue a different fascist devil-worshiping slaver. So don't take this the wrong way, but I'm going to shoot you until you're nothing but red-mist, and I'm going to enjoy it." - Mariah, upon finally getting to the combat portion of Fortress of the Nail.

5/5 *** Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East

Malbraxis wrote:

I still want to play alongside pirate robs desimire character, especially now that mine and his are in tier...what scenario is Tancred in?

On topic, I have a retinue of various characters, the latest of which is a druid. My lore warden, who has an adamantine weapon, might be suited for the season.

It was spoiled in a blog, and is hinted at in the scenario description. I have spoilered it to be extra safe though.


I'll let you know next time I plan on coming up to Sacramento and we can try and make something work.

Shadow Lodge

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

High-tier: Human Monk/Magus 7

Mid-tier: Aasimar Celestial Sorcerer 5 (Soon to add Mystery Cultist levels)

Low-tier: Half-orc Cleric of Naderi 3 and Tiefling Lunar Oracle 2

Sczarni 5/5 5/55/5 ***

Exocrat wrote:
I'm seeing a lot of avoidance/metagaming of the tech scenarios and technologist feat. I think that's unfortunate, especially for what it says about the potential game experience of players who are not system or forum savvy.

I think, more than any other season, this one requires a bit of metagaming.

In order to participate and enjoy everything these scenarios have to offer, you're going to need the Technologist feat. There are 6 skills that are (as I just learned recently) completely useless without it. Otherwise nobody will be able to understand the writings on the wall, identify monsters, or use technology. And it's not a feat you can thematically toss onto any character. You're going to want to build someone who it works for.

So, although I'd be inclined to agree that metagaming should be avoided when making characters for a particular season, with this one you pretty much have to.

Grand Lodge

Nefreet wrote:

So, although I'd be inclined to agree that metagaming should be avoided when making characters for a particular season, with this one you pretty much have to.

That's a discouraging truth and I hope people aren't turned off PFS by it.

Liberty's Edge 5/5

Pathfinder Companion, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Newish for the tail end of 5 and the beginning of Season 6:

Vexer PeeveHalfling Inspired Blade / Sleuth.
Afflatus CourierGnome Barbarian / Warpriest of Brigh

Grand Lodge 2/5

Naina Brisingr- Ifrit Trapped Ranger 1/Archaeologist Bard 5/Easily Distracted By Shiny Objects

I got incredibly lucky with this character. I just happened to have a perfect build for dealing with constructs. She will end her career with Ranger 1/Bard 6/Pathfinder Delver 5.

Grand Lodge 5/5

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Society Subscriber

Let's see:

Alma Makvala, tiefling rogue 2/void elementalist 1, going towards arcane trickster. She's the character who's equipped worst for all the tech stuff.

Saphira Ainara Blair, human bloodrager 6, abyssal bloodline. Equipped with a reach weapon, power attack and combat reflexes for maximum area control.

And introducing this weekend:
Shamira and Bili, human hunter 1 and mastodon animal companion, hoping to live to level 10 for Mammoth Rider prestige class.

Sovereign Court 5/5 RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Well, I've Lani, my level 2 half elf slayer I'm taking for a spin.

Samiel and Shankar are levels 7 and 8 respectively, so the archeologists are ready to go.*

Gnoma's level 5, and I'm having fun with her.

And trying to get Ksenia to 12 still.

So I'm set.


I'd rather get Samiel to 12 and play Eot10 than Ksenia though.


Nothing yet - I haven't seen a scenario I'm willing to play yet. Did get to play my Halfling-Jinx Bard/Paladin in Paths We Choose - was fun.


I haven't seen anything from Season 6 that's really enticing me to play. I continue to GM in the meantime, although that might be impacted based on the mixed reviews I've received locally and online.

Dark Archive 4/5 5/55/5 ****

High Tier: Elfira - Gnome Fire Domain Druid 10 (GL),
Sandrel the Risen - Elf Witch 8 (Scarabs)

Mid Tier: Rhot - Human Two-Handed Fighter 6 (GL),
Brie Leruong (unplayed GM credit, but want to play most) - Tiefling Asmodeus Cleric/Infernal Binder/MT 4 (Dark Archive),
Zill Amputatio - Human Knifemaster Scout 4 (only for Exchange faction stuff)

Low Tier: Aericus - Slyph Inspired Blade/Magus ? (building up with GM credit until Rapier's Grace comes out) Sovereign Court
Also a Nagaji Summoner and an Aasimar Divine Hunter (with some GM credit) in the works.

Scarab Sages 1/5

At high level: my bladebound kensai is at 8th level and still happily trudging along at half speed.

Mid-level: I am playing my summoner with her pet dragon and my oracle 4/barbarian 1. Both are looking forward to switching to half speed in another level or two.

At low level: I have a tiefling monk and an aasimar fighter. The fighter will be taking 2nd level as swashbuckler and moving towards two-weapon fighting.

Dark Archive 4/5 5/55/5 *** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Massachusetts—North Shore

I am not sure how much I am going to be playing this season.

High Tier - Cade Deschain Halfling Ranger

Mid Tier - Coormu Djohn Human Wizard

Low Tier - a Brawler which I am teaming up with my Daughter so we can play together.

Silver Crusade 1/5

I'm hoping to get to play my musket master some. I'd also like to get in a few low level scenarios with my kitsune crossblooded serpentine/impossible sorcerer.


Majuba wrote:
I haven't seen a scenario I'm willing to play yet.


Shadow Lodge 4/5

Silver Mount Collection was alright for my Crypt-Breaker.


Majuba wrote:
Nothing yet - I haven't seen a scenario I'm willing to play yet.

I'm in the same boat, Majuba. I'm planning to GM Paths We Choose soon, though, so I can find out what the heck happened to my faction. Meanwhile, I'm play-by-posting Reign of Winter and looking for work to open up so I can launch a Taldor play-by-post campaign.


Grand Lodge 4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Arizona—Phoenix

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Oh yeah, Paths was fun. Like First Steps: Electric Boogaloo.


I had a bit of a character-explosion, recently. The ACG stirred my imagination, so I'll probably be doing a bunch of level 1s to get them anchored. Along with the level 1s I never did play.

-A Tengu conjuror, who's still grousing that his Qadiran faction went all criminal when he wasn't looking.

-A summoner who's a dragonrider in training, with an eye to paladin/cavalier cross class after his eidolon's big enough to ride.

-A martial master fighter, with plans to prestige class into hellknight.

-A ratfolk arcanist-white mage (Since I finally managed to track down the boon.)

-My kitsune swashbuckler, who was amazing amounts of fun to play at gencon!

-A nagaji hunter with a pet alligator and a bad cajun accent

-A nagaji draconic bloodrager.

-A kitsune celestial sorceress

-And of course, for mid-high play, my original inquisitor/alchemist. Probably only going to bust him out at conventions, though.


I'm thinking about a dwarven Ranger(dungeon rover) 1/Terra-cotta monk 2/Crypt breaker alchemist X as the supreme trapspotter-radar. Improved stonecunning, high wis and maxed out perception skillranks. Might choose construct as FE. He's not going to take technologist though. Probably none of my characters are.

Grand Lodge 4/5 Venture-Agent, Texas—Houston

Low tier - Yuki Wu, human eldritch scion magus with dragon disciple aspirations.
Mid tier - Nerea, undine swashbuckler and Nadia Giltaxe, dwarven paladin.
High Tier - Ayako Wu, Aasimar mad dog barbarian and Lao Jiu, faithful panda warbeast.
Low Seeker Tier - Sister Bellis, halfling underfoot adept monk.
High Seeker Tier - Venture Captain Marra Furoien, ice sorcerer (if i can find any 16th-level games)

Silver Crusade 1/5

Kitsune Swashbuckler, as well as my other characters I've had already.
But kitsune are playable!
I am happy.

Liberty's Edge 2/5

High Tier: Selen Desaru lvl 8.75 Kitsune Life Oracle of Qi Zhong, the walking life battery and Demon Destroyer. Life Link, Energy Body, 8 Channels per day at 6D6, Healers Gloves, lots of buffs. Shes brought the party to full form negatives in a single round a couple times over her career. Ionwe Ver'Ha lvl 7 Freebooter Ranger.

mid/low tier: Tantibus lvl 3 Thassilonion Pride Specialist. I list him in both as he has the Dragons Demand Chronicle sheets on him, so he will jump several levels once he reaches 3.

Shadow Lodge 4/5

Might as well, having a cat on my lap, sipping redbush and all:

Freki "Captain" Iroblood A fairly nonstandard dwarven templar(stonelord 7) whose primary drive to adventure is to become worthy of his mistress, the Empyreal Lord Falayna. Think medieval chivalric love. The unfulfilled knight, ever searching for his lady's favor.

Solveig "Everpain" Megindottr Having heard that we'd revisit Golarion's north, I dusted off this 3rd season character: The Ulfen negotiator is like a guisarme covered in papier mache, a silver-tongued bruiser. She's seen too many dead colleagues, lost alliances and traitors to put on any airs: If her words won't reach, then draconic strength surely will(human arcane duelist 3/urban barbarian 3/dragon disciple 4).

Vayu Dhatri A misplaced Vudran, Vayu learned to love his little ghetto in Korvosa before taking to the seas. Having served on next to a dozen ships, Vayu's paths crossed with the Andoren Grey Corsair V. Cantige and the humdrum of his boring daily routine just slipped away. Has unexplicaple dreams of flying and tends to present himself as an oaf rather than risk scoring a leadership position(protege sylph slayer 2).

Âsina Eremech Âsina hails from the Pit of Gormuz border regions and swears he leads the River Kingdom of Hyperborea with an iron fist. Lives by the Riddle of Steel, has a laser pistol on his hip and wishes he could transform into a grand python(Half-Orc Brawler 3/Savage Technologist 1).

4/5 Venture-Agent, Tennessee—Chattanooga

Sammy T wrote:
As Season Six gets going, what characters are you playing?

I'm playing .....

NOT Season Six scenarios.

5/5 5/55/55/5

ZenithTN wrote:
Sammy T wrote:
As Season Six gets going, what characters are you playing?

I'm playing .....

NOT Season Six scenarios.

Points up

Sczarni 5/5 5/55/5 ***

ZenithTN wrote:
Sammy T wrote:
As Season Six gets going, what characters are you playing?

I'm playing .....

NOT Season Six scenarios.

Boycotting the entire Season?

Liberty's Edge

I have:

Half-Elf celestial sorcerer 10 - conjuration/summoning specialist
Half-Orc kensai magus 6 - whip & wand disarm/trip specialist
Dwarf inquisitor 4 - heavy armor tank-ish build
Nagagi naga aspirant druid 3 - melee build
Teifling inquisitor 1 - scout/switch hitter build teamed up with a melee summoner to make heavy use of teamwork feats

Then I've got a couple other with 1 or 2 scenarios that I don't know exactly what I'm doing with them yet.

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