Need advice on a custom spell that closes and locks doors

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What would be an appropriate spell level for a wizard spell that closes and locks 1 door per 4 levels within close range? This spell would use existing locks on the door and not use a mechanic like that in arcane lock.

Any input would be helpful.

Eh. 2nd is a little low for multiple doors, but since it doesn't grow terribly quickly and only uses existing locks it ought to be fine. It might be more fun as an immediate action spell at 3rd or 4th level.

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Could really use some more community perspective on this.

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Comparing with open/close (0th level), hold portal (1st), and wizard lock (2nd) I'd say that closing + (normal) locking a single door would be 1st level, slightly weaker than hold portal -- less versatile overall but a little better in some regards.

So effectively we want a "mass" version of that -- I'd concur with blahpers that it feels like a strong 2nd or weak 3rd. I'd probably be inclined to give it a restriction and make it 2nd -- perhaps only affecting doors the caster can see.

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