I purchased Crowdforger Guild in the KS, but was unable to fill out pledge manager

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Long story short version: due to a family tragedy in addition to me being in an extremely severe accident that took months to rehab, I was unable to complete the survey when it was instituted.

The Goblinworks website won't let me register and can't post there either it says to come here.

Below is what I purchased, but it seems I am stuck. Who do I need to contact? Or can someone contact me at coachlarue@gmail.com?

Amount pledged: $665.00 to Pathfinder Online: A Fantasy Sandbox MMO by Goblinworks Inc.

Reward: Crowdforger Guild - Patrons at this level get six copies of all the Loremaster rewards, including six digital downloadable copies of the Pathfinder Online MMO and an invite for six to play once the game hits Early Enrollment, six three-month game subscriptions, six New Player Packs of consumables, and six Pathfinder Alliance Packs. Patrons at this level will be invited to join Early Enrollment as a guild of six in the order that they pledged this level. The first 200 guilds will be invited into month number one of Early Enrollment. Once we have reached 200 guilds at this level, the next 200 guilds will get invites to month two, with the next 200 guilds getting invites for month three and so on through the ninth month of Early Enrollment. Patron guilds will receive a Guild Starter Pack, as well as having the right to reserve their guild name (subject to name approval).

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customer.support@goblinworks.com should be your next stop.

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thx T7V

contacted that address but no response

i figured it was because it was the weekend, but also that's strange to not answer emails 7 days a week considering they are making a 24/7 MMO

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Goblinworks is still a very small team, its hardly surprising at all really.

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I was in a similar situation. Without my prompting, they actually sent an email to the address I kickstarted with and said that a goblinworks account had been created for me. All I had to do was click and verify and I was in. This was a few weeks ago.

You may want to double-check your email just in case they did this for you.

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i guess it was the weekend issue, because they fixed me right up today

so i give a shout out to them and to the posters here helping me

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Glad to hear it!

CEO, Goblinworks

We are not operating 24x7. Our CS team will not be 24x7 for quite some time even after we have server ops 24x7.

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Might I say that, given the circumstances, it looks to me like GW/Paizo customer service is stellar?

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@coach Please accept our sympathy for your family tragedy. I hope your recovery continues and that health is yours.

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