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Okay, this might sound like a bit of a cheesy question...'cuz it is.

There are a myriad traits out there spread amongst lots of books. If I wanted to build a character and find a trait that boosts a particular ability or give the character some flavor in another aspect, like a skill, how could I easily find such a trait without reading through every trait in every book I have access to?

By any chance, has anyone created a spreadsheet or online table that lists out the benefits that any/all traits give and then list out the particular trait that somehow contributes to this benefit (and, yes, I realize that different traits might split their benefits in different ways to different areas).

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I search on keywords in HeroLab. I don't know of an easy way to do it outside of that.

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Exocrat wrote:
I search on keywords in HeroLab. I don't know of an easy way to do it outside of that.

That's not a terrible idea. But, I don't have all my resources connected with Hero Lab. Plus, Heck, I might even find that I really need to buy a new/different resource.

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I use Archives of Nethys search function, it's easy enough to look for a specific benefit if you have an idea what you want made better.

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There is always: A Guide to Traits

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I too use Nethys. Use the Search function, only select Traits, then try various keywords. I generally try these:

- abilities I want to boost ("perception")
- my race/class/god/interesting regions I might come from, just to see if there's some weird but cool thing I hadn't even thought of
- ability I'm trying to replace with something else (like using another stat instead of Charisma for a social skill).

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Kodger beat me to it.

Some real premium traits are:

Transmuter- for the right classes/builds this is better than many feats.
Fates Favored- anyone who accesses any luck bonuses on a regular.
Reactionary- Increase to initiatives is always welcome.
Glory of Old- every dwarf wants this...its like getting half iron will, improved fortitude, and lightning reflex.
Quan martial artist- anyone who does unarmed damage wants a static +1 damage.
Wayang spell hunter/magical lineage- anyone who likes meta magics these are the best.

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:
Quan martial artist- anyone who does unarmed damage wants a static +1 damage.

I don't know, the +1 on Unarmed AoOs with Bullied is pretty good...

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Why would you take +1 on AoO over +1 to all unarmed damage? That INCLUDES AoO

Check out Pupsocket's Guide to the Very Best Traits. Most of the best traits are there with a few exceptions. Some cool traits that haven't been mentioned:

Clever Wordplay: Int replaces Cha for one skill.
Student of Philosophy: Int replaces Cha for some applications of Bluff and Diplomacy.
Shoanti Tattoo: Earth Breaker (2d6 x3) proficiency.
Affable: Diplomacy and Knowledge (Local) as class skills
Mother's Rage: +1 level to all summoning spells
Opportune Slayer: +2 Damage on AoO.

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El_Jefe wrote:
Shoanti Tattoo: Earth Breaker (2d6 x3) proficiency.


You are the best, El Jefe.

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