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Checking for those interested in test driving a new world. You will be table 2, table 1 is ran on roll20.net sundays. I'm looking for Mature players willing to handle a test drive of my material.

I don't have a map yet, but I could write a whole primer. The only problem is finding artists to do the graphic design/Heraldry.

The world is available here. The rules to be playtested are the race rules.

Oh, I added kitsune as a race a while ago, so you can play kitsune. This is just a test drive, to see where I can improve the race rules.

I'm mainly looking for inspiration for a Kitsune kingdom in a European setting. The setting is Crusades technology, so basically high middle ages (circa 1100 A.D./C.E.). I've been looking up other names for Fox in different languages and so far no inspiration.

So, be creative.

This is the world of Keyva as it is forming up. I don't have a map ready, but I do have Races available. Check them out. Naga are one of the races.

The final race will be the felines. As soon as I decide what kind of felines they are going to be.

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Hi everyone!

I got the world building bug again and so I'm building another world. I have three hooks so far:

1. Orcs are not irredeemable monsters.

2. The human empire is unsure whether or not it has toppled.

3. Current technology is Crusades era.

I haven't a map yet. But so far I have the following cultures:

1. Orcs belong to a barbarian culture that has invaded the Human Empire at least three times. They are Shamanistic clans to the most part, but some clans have adopted Christianity. (Yes, Christianity is a part of this world). Most of the orcs believe in the Spirit World and in Totems. Orcs will be designed after the World of Warcraft RPG orcs. Low Middle Ages era technology.

2. Elves are the wisest and beautiful of all beings. They are divided into three different cultures. The Noldor, also known as High Elves, live in a secluded valley forest away from Men. They are still considered pagan by the Church, but mostly they are Atheistic. Renaissance technology.

3. The Psiar, also known as Psionic Elves, live in a virgin forest away from most men. They adopted Christianity, but practice outside of the Church. Thus they are considered Heretics. To this day, no one fanatic has dared to venture into the forest to force the Church on the Psiar. Renaissance technology.

4. The Sindar, the most primitive of the elves. They are wood elves of the Black Forest. They are pagan and believe in a myriad of elf gods. None have adopted Christianity. Dark Ages technology.

5. The human empire. Vast lands have been conquered. But they never conquered the forests of the Elves. It has ruled for 700 years, but now it's in troubling decline, almost collapsed. Two emperors claim control. One is a pagan heretic, the other is a Christian. However, Crusades fever has gripped control of the Populace and they attack the other human Empire, which is also in decline. Crusades era technology.

6. The Other Human Empire is based on Fate worship. This empire is also in decline, but has weathered three orc invasions. It believes that the Orcs are irredeemable, and have called Jihad against the Orcs, but they never expected fellow humans to come into their lands trying to reconquer the human city of Sion for Christians. Crusades era technology.

That's what I have so far.

One of my players had died in his sleep last night. I learned this from a friend, who took it pretty seriously. I was raised LDS, so death is pretty much not as heavy for me (although I'll grieve when my parents are gone, it's part of life here on Earth.)

I've decided to put my games on hold so everyone can grieve for the loss of a friend. I figured off-topic is as best a place as any.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Oy, gameplay thread here!

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Discuss the game out of character here.

Okay, so this thread is about making up names for your starship. The goal is One Thousand and One starship names. Rule: Each name must be unique. Yeah, I know, you are all dying to name your ship the Serenity, but go for something original. I'll start off.

1. Serenity
2. Night Wolf
3. Shadow Night
4. The Jenny

Recruitment Open
Looking for five players to play in a homebrew Campaign that is based off of Ptolus, but is set during the Greek Hellenistic Age of Europe and Asia. You can be anything you want to be, but adventures are usually tied to Phaeselis, the city of Psionics.

Adventure during the time of the Greek Empire. Fight hydras, chimaeras, and other mythological beasties. Discover the riches of the Greek Empire. Adventure in Phaeselis, the City of Psionics and go delving in the deeps of the city to uncover new treasures.

So go here to the Phaeselis Player's Guide on the Phaeselis Wiki. And make up a character. You can be anything really.

This game uses the PF 1 Rules set. Also, it's a more mature game. Slavery was used by the ancients, and slavery exists in game. The slave market is an open thing in Phaeselis, so you can purchase a slave and nobody will look down on you.

I'm not a big fan of Mass Effect except for it's aliens. However, some advice on building Commander Shepherd will be welcome. I'm pretty sure there is a thread already on the topic. I'm pretty sure the races are already homebrewed for Starfinder. But I would like some Advice on building Commander Shepherd.

So, with a cherry on top?

Lets have a conversation about Solarians. Now in the pact worlds, most Solarians follow the Cycle philosophy, correct? So what are the different Solarian "builds" that are most effective in the game? Can you have a pure Wisdom Solarian? A pure Strength one? What about a Dexterity build?

Are they martial artists first? Thus the question of a pure Wisdom Solarian. Can you build a martial artist/doctor Solarian?

How about we talk about future books? Starting with a wishlist of what we want to see. I'll start off.

1. Guide to Mecha and Starships -- might as well put them together, huh?

2. Alien Archive 3 -- there is a thread for the 3rd Alien Archive already in generals, so might as well put it in a wish list.

3. A book like GURPS Space. Yeah, I have two editions of GURPS SPACE, and they are wonderful books for setting up a campaign. I'd like to see Starfinder coming out with a book like it. Although, one can get GURPS SPACE and use it for Starfinder.

4. A second Armory. There is a thread about this already, so I thought to list it here.

5. A Veskarium book. Often requested, this book would be like Pact Worlds. Except it's around the Veskarium.

So, what would you add to the list?

Does one have to gain root access before gaining access to enivronmental systems? I'd say yes. It seems that I have been making mistakes on how players should crack computer systems.

What do you all have to say?

What are you expecting to see out of the Character Operations Manual? Besides the new classes, what are your expectations for the new book?

I know there is an example of biological ships in Pact Worlds, but I'm wondering about animalistic ships. Can you grow one using Build Points? I know GURPS Space (4th Edition) talks about biological, animal ships.

A ship like Moya from Farscape. Can you build one with build points?

I've been running a bounty hunter campaign. Basically the group is traveling all over the Bahamut sector looking for bounties. The Bahamut Sector is a homebrewed campaign so far.

Anyhow, the group is level three, and in our last scene, the engineer managed to hack the environmental controls of a bunker on top of a glacier. He made it so that it would be too hot and oxygen reduced. The people of Stampede surrendered without a shot fired. Should I award full xp to the group for such inventiveness?

Djezet is a liquid found in asteroids right? You can use it for fusion seals, correct?

The Cycle: Introduced to the Pact Worlds by the kasathas, the
philosophy of the solarians teaches that existence is an endless
cycle. Stars are born, die, and are born again, alternately bringing
life to the universe and destroying it. The balance of the cosmos
rests on the Cycle, and it connects everything in the universe.


One of my players wanted to play a Kasatha vanguard. And he wanted to choose the cycle as a faith. Would the cycle include entropy in it's belief system? Inquiring mind wants to know.

Set in the (homebrewed) Bahamut Sector setting, I'm going to build a seventh level technomancer and I'd like some advice. The other two in the party are an operative and a soldier. The soldier has the priest theme.

I was thinking of going the thamaturge route taking the researcher theme. I can't say if the game is going to be combat heavy or not. But we are eschewing dice and starship combat. I'm going to play a human.

I'm going to make my own character sheet in InDesign (because I know how to use Adobe InDesign).

I was discussing this with one of my players. He says that some weapons in the Armory should be classed as operative weapons. He says that the ribbon weapons should not be classed as operative weapons and some should be.

Like the ice needle:
Ice Needle
This handheld melee weapon appears to be nothing more than a handle with a slot in one end. Once a vial of an injectable substance is inserted into this slot, the ice needle forms a slender spike of ice around that liquid core, allowing you to inject the substance into a foe with a virtually untraceable weapon. Undercover and furtive ice needles are often used primarily for their injecting capabilities, while artifice, espionage, and subterfuge ice needles deal significant damage along with the injection.

He says that the ice needle should be classed as an operative weapon.

The battle ribbon should not be because it's unwieldy. What do you guys think?

I got out my Ptolus book I have on my hard drive. I should move it over to one of my thumb drives, but there it is. I'd like to play in a game set in Ptolus. Either as gamemaster or as a player. As I write this, I have Game of Thrones music playing.

So What do you need?
A copy of Ptolus, or a copy of Ptolus' player's guide. You can still download the later for free.

Game System?
I'm looking for Pathfinder 1e.

Rules for Characters
Simple. 20 point buy, 2 traits, and starting gold for 1st level characters.

If you were playing?
I'm looking for a gamemaster which will allow me to do my own thing. Like buy a slave from the Undercity market. (Yeah, I'm weird).

If you were gamemastering?
I'd allow the players to do their own thing. Of course, the new races will have to be converted over using the Advanced Race Guide. Some cohesion would be nice though, even though I'll allow you to purchase a slave in the city or whatever. Adventures will be fifty percent city based and fifty percent dungeon based. But I'm primarily looking for someone to GM me in a game.

You Gamemaster so well, why look for another gamemaster?
I need a break, I gamemaster six games already, three of which are here on the boards. I need to get in touch with my inner player again.

Like what the title said. Can you use UPBs to fix a faulty drift engine? The rules say you can make anything with enough universal polymer bases. Can you use them to fix equipment that is faulty or broken down?

In my game, the party stopped off on a planet covered with snow and ice. A lot like the planet Hoth in Star Wars, this planet is where the indigenous humanoid ocelots sent most of their population into space on Generation ships, bound for star systems unknown to the party.

I hope I have my science right for a planet under an ice age. I do know that over time, the oceans recede because of all the water locked up in glaciers. The ocelot population that is left is living in an Ice Age that was experienced during the early Neolithic. I'm not talking about the Younger Dryas, though.

The party's bounties are locked up in a bunker built on a glacier. Every year it moves like three inches from it's last position. The ocelot felines still have their high technology, and recently made the move to use the Lumineferous AEther (also called dark energy) as a source of light and heat and had given up on atomic power.

So any other ideas to make this place a cold, dark, dreary place?

This comes from the World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game, so I have to add the OGL section 15 notice at the end.

WoW Forsaken are an undead race that are actually undead. So they can work for Citzens of Eox until which time that Paizo decides to actually come out with citizens of Eox.

-- +2 strength, +2 wisdom, -2 dexterity.
-- 4 HP.
-- Size and Type: As Medium creatures, Forsaken have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. They have the Undead subtype.
-- Darkvision: Forsaken can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight. Forsaken can function just fine with no light at all.
-- No Constitution Score. Forsaken do not possess Stamina scores and gain no bonus hit points per Hit Die.
-- Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns and morale effects).
— Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease and death effects.
— Not subject to critical hits, nonlethal damage, ability drain or energy drain. Immune to damage to their physical ability scores (Strength and Agility), as well as to fatigue and exhaustion effects.
— Negative energy (such as from a death coil spell) heals Forsaken, while positive energy hurts them.
— Forsaken do not heal naturally.
-- Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless).
-- Uses her Charisma modifi er for Concentration
— Not at risk of death from massive damage. Unlike other undead, a Forsaken is not destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points or less. Instead, at 0 hit points a Forsaken is disabled. She can perform only one move action or standard action each round but does not risk further damage from strenuous activity. Between –1 and –9 hit points, the Forsaken is down. She is unconscious and cannot act, but she does not risk further damage (unless her enemies attack her or some other unfortunate event
befalls her). At –10 hit points, the Forsaken is destroyed.
— Not affected by raise dead and reincarnate spells or abilities. Resurrection and true resurrection can affect Forsaken. These spells return a destroyed Forsaken to
her undead life; the Scourge’s curse makes it virtually impossible to bring a Forsaken back to life as the creature she was before she died. Only wish or miracle can accomplish that.
— Forsaken do not breathe, eat or sleep. Forsaken spellcasters still need 8 hours uninterrupted rest before preparing their spells (see Chapter 15: Spellcasting).

Open Game License v 1.0a Copyright 2000, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
System Reference Document Copyright 2000, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.; Authors Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, based on
original material by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.
Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game Copyright 2003, Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft Roleplaying Game: Manual of Monsters Copyright 2003, Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft Roleplaying Game: Alliance & Horde Compendium Copyright 2004, Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft Roleplaying Game: Magic & Mayhem Copyright 2004, Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft Roleplaying Game: Lands of Confl ict Copyright 2004, Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft Roleplaying Game: Shadows & Light Copyright 2004, Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game Copyright 2005, Blizzard Entertainment

I got one of our new players to playtest a Vanguard.

In our combat with a crocodile (I was the GM by the way), the Vanguard did more damage than everyone else. Plus he hit a fellow member of the team. They complained a lot about security, as they were at a tropical resort on Planet Raptoria. We weren't playing in the Pact Worlds, but in a homebrew world system.

Some notes:
--- The player enjoyed having entropic strike as an at will ability. We didn't fuel the entropic strike with entropy points.

--- The Vanguard dealt the most damage out of all the players. Dealing an average of 4.5 points of damage every round.

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I think Cisco Ramon from the Flash is actually a witchwarper. He can open dimensional breaches to other Earths and travel in them. I think this class is beginning to grow on me, although we are playtesting the Vanguard this week. But I might be able to put together an NPC with a Witchwarper graft later on.

The encounter I've been discussing with a friend happens to be a Deinosuchus (terrible crocodile) from the Cretaceous. Don't worry, they are on a planet inhabited by humanoid sapient dinosaurs of the Utahraptor variety. Anyhow, it's different from the man meets orcress, and then man gets beat up by 4 orcs in speedos.

A Deinosuchus is a fresh water fifty foot long alligator with the temperament of a nile crocodile. And I'm terrorizing a beach with it, oh joy.

I need a dire salty crocodile for an encounter this Thursday. I was wondering if I should stat up my own Sarosuchus or try for something in the Alien Archives.

For those that don't know:

Sarcosuchus (/ˌsɑːrkoʊˈsuːkəs/; meaning "flesh crocodile") is an extinct genus of crocodyliform and distant relative of living crocodylians that lived 112 million years ago. It dates from the early Cretaceous Period of what is now Africa and South America and is one of the largest crocodile-like reptiles that ever lived. It was almost twice as long as the modern saltwater crocodile and weighed up to 3 tonnes (3.0 long tons; 3.3 short tons).

The first remains were discovered during several expeditions led by the French paleontologist Albert-Félix de Lapparent, spanning from 1946 to 1959, in the Sahara. These remains were fragments of the skull, vertebrae, teeth, and scutes. In 1964, an almost complete skull was found in Niger by the French CEA, but it was not until 1997 and 2000 that most of its anatomy became known to science, when an expedition led by the American paleontologist Paul Sereno discovered six new specimens, including one with about half the skeleton intact and most of the spine.

From wikipedia.

There are a few ways you can spend your entropy points for the Vanguard. We've decided to use them to fuel entropic strikes for now. Anyone else house rule the way they spend Entropic strikes?

Here is a wierd request. Stat up Darth Vader as a vanguard. And try to make it good. After all, he's might be better as a solarian, yeah. But as a vanguard, that might be good for one of the screen's scariest villians. Try to sell me the Vanguard class by making him a vanguard.

Gaining a medical doctor degree is hard work, and a medical student have to put up with a lot. How about a feat to represent getting the degree? Or even better, maybe the training a biohacker receives represents the work he has to do to gain a medical doctor degree.

Although Biohackers could be nurses, paramedics, or any number of medical scientists.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Post here to start the game.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Discuss the game here. Out of character stuff.

Is it possible to make a sword cane and add a line for a garrote? Well, is it possible or not? The actual question is this:

"Query, would it be possible to take a sword cane and make the scabbard section break down into a garrote?"


Putting feelers out for a World of Greyhawk campaign. The year is 590 C.Y. You are coming from a family of villeins (serfs, basically) or a knight family (if, you know, paladins). You are initially just getting started. The campaign is a fun adventure type, focusing on Adventure Fantasy rather than High Fantasy. The Game Engine is Pathfinder 1.0.

I'm looking for FOUR or FIVE player characters for this campaign based in the Flannaess.

Race: Get out your copy of the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer if you have one and pick a race. If not, any of the core races from the ARG will do. Although I sense some of you will want to play a more exotic race. I will allow only one of the more exotic races in the campaign from the ARG. They are uncommon and rare. Remember the rarest exotics do not come from the Flannaess, but are rather outside it. Nagaji and Wayangs are from Zindia, while Tengu and Kitsune can come from Shaofeng or the island nation of Nippon.

Class: Most of all of the classes will suffice. Please note that Gunpowder is rare in the Flannaess and comes from the Celestial Kingdom of Shaofeng far to the West and outside of the Flannaess. The people of the Flannaess are trying to produce gunpowder, but so far it's rarity is enough to limit a gunslinger's potential.

I don't have Occult Adventures, so I can't support Occult Classes. I do have Ultimate Psionics and will support psionics. After all, I am a psionics DM.

Background: You are typically Freeborn, and not serf. Although I won't turn away good characters built around the villein and serf backgrounds, you have to explain how you came into adventuring.

How to Apply

I'm thinking like GM Tarondar's way of handling Applications will suffice. So give me a statement of interest and a character idea. Since you are forming a party all of the party roles are open, so to speak.

PLEASE do not submit full characters at this time.

Who I am
I have been GMing for a long time. Since 1986, when I got the Basic D&D Set. typically I've been running PbP games for three years, but I prefer real time. My favorite world is Greyhawk, and it's been a while since I ran a campaign in Greyhawk. Choose wisely your character and class and we will have a good time.

Interesting cat race. I can do a 3D representation of them, no problem. Cat-folks from Renderosity fit the bill.

Looks like I've been doing Pahtra for a long time. So, who wants to see more Pahtra renders? Come on, at least you can speak up for more catfolk renders of the Pahtra.

In my campaign I'm running now, the heroes are tracking down the source of black lotus extract in Eberron. I'm running the extract as a drug in small doses. And I'm taking the effects from HP Lovecraft's universe. So far the group is on Eberron right now, and I'm thinking of a good reason to bring them to Oerth(Greyhawk).

So I am the DM of a group of say, four characters. There has been some people leaving because I put my group together without working on Lore. Anyhow:

We have 2 operatives. One is chaotic neutral and is a dwarf. The other is Su-Resh and he is lawful neutral. Ewash is from a community of dwarves without a home planet. Su-Resh is from Athas and believes that the gods are dead. Ewash, the dwarven operative, is unthemed. While Su-Resh is a bounty hunter.

We have a character who is an icon, I think, that uses sound to fight. The last character is an ace-pilot with the solarian class.

The group is on Eberron, but so far they need a ship to take them places. The ace pilot has the ship, and I'm going to allow the group to build their own ship for flight purposes. Places they can go: well there is fifty stars in the Bahamut sector. Besides Eberron, they can go to Ravenloft, Athas, and Greyhawk.

Here is the information I put up on roll20 for an Eberron campaign:

Hello everyone, I'm going to be running an Eberron game on Sundays 6:30 pm Mountain Daylight to 10:00 Mountain Daylight. That's 8:30 pm Eastern to 12:00 am Eastern.

Premise: A kalashtar has been imprisoned by the Inspired back in Reidra. It's up to the party members to retrieve him.

The Twist: In a land governed by the Dreaming Dark, can the Dreaming Light prevail?

Tone: Pulp action and Noir (it's Eberron after all).


Q. What system are you using?

A. Pathfinder 1st edition.

Q. Why aren't you using 5th Edition?

A. Because I don't have D&D 5th edition. I just have the Player's Handbook, that's it for 5th.

Q. What are the Character Creation details?

A. 25 point buy, you may pick any Pathfinder class from the following sources: Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Pathfinder APG, Pathfinder Ultimate Magic, Pathfinder Advanced Class Guide; Ultimate Psionics with some exceptions: Only Psion, Psychic Warrior, Soulknife, and Wilder. Races have to be selected from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, the Advanced Race Guide, and the races from Tzizimine's Eberron conversion guide. You get 2 traits. 1st level.

Q. May we use 3rd party materials, Dragon magazine, or homebrew materials?

A. No, with exception given to Ultimate Psionics.

Q. Can we use material from Forgotten Realms?

A. Only material from the Eberron 3.5 books will be accepted.

Q. What is the theme?

A. Pulp Action and Noir. Go over the top, swing from balconies, use improvised weapons, get the girl.

Q. Level of Roleplay, is there going be hack and slash, strong roleplaying, what?

A. an even mix of Roleplay, Hack and Slash, and Puzzle solving.

Q. Where is the party starting?

A. In the Lhazaar Principalities. Regalport.

Q. Can I play a Blood of Vol cultist?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I play someone on the Path of Inspiration?

A. Yes, although you may find your beliefs challenged through the campaign.

Q. May I use the Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron to make my character?

A. So long as you understand that we are using Pathfinder 1st Edition to make characters, I have no qualms against the Wayfinder's Guide to use as an inspiration point. I just haven't read it myself.

Q. Are you going to do this campaign for the DM's guild?

A. No, not really. Maybe, someday, but not right now.

Where do Solarians train in your game? In enclaves away from the masses, through deep personal meditation? Just one question of creaminess for your game.

Like Dark Energy? Perhaps you like String theory as well? What if they are incompatible with one another?

Sorry to bust your hopes, but Dark Energy may be incompatible with string theory. This article tells it all. I was going to post it on Facebook, but I have to stay quiet there. Like a quiet riot.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Discuss the game here.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Shout out and say your here.

Time: Thursdays, 6:30 pm/8:30 pm Mountain/Eastern.
Where: Roll20.net
Slots: 4-6

A Special Report of the Bahamut Sector for the Ashtar Command
Where: Scutum Centaurus arm of the Milky Way Galaxy
Sector Size: 50 star systems
Notable Star Systems: Liga (Greyhawk), The Dark Sun (Dark Sun), and Dol Arrah (Eberron)
FTL: Time Travel/Folding Space and Warp
Sublight: Fusion (re: the Expanse t.v. show)
Relative time: 2,590 CY (Oerth), 1,498 YK (Eberron)

THE BAHAMUT SECTOR is a sector of fifty stars that all congregate around the Constellation of Bahamut as seen from Eberron (page 94 of the ECS). The center of which is the star Liga, containing the world of Oerth (Greyhawk). Also contained within the constellation is the Dark Sun. There is an Alliance between these three star systems: Liga, the Dark Sun, and Dol Arrah. Since all three contain humans, it is recommended for first Contact. The alliance presumably exists because they have contact with each other and have some common enemies.

The Androids are produced by Oerthian industry and Athasian industry. They are used for deep space exploration and other jobs. The androids are sentient machines which may contain souls. The humans have spread through out their planets, and could be ripe for First Contact. Also of note are the Kasathas which are from their own star in the sector. The Lashuntas are wandering the sector, looking for a place to call their own. The Shirrens and the Vesk are from different sectors entirely.

Other races of note includes the Ocelot felines who have left their planet because it's in the grip of an ice age. They left in fifteen seeder ships. All of them had made it to their chosen destination. While some felines have colonized their planets, others stay on board their seeder ships (like the Idari).


Yep, I'm recruiting for a roll20 game on Thursdays. Time is 6:30 pm/8:30 pm Mountain/Eastern. I have four slots open initially may have room for six regarding applications.

This game has no space combat, but combat happens on the ground. You may choose any of the core races. Bantrids do not exist, I'm afraid, in this Galaxy. You may choose your weapons from the Armory and from the core rulebook.

You may choose to play any theme from the CRB, and Pact Worlds. Use standard Point Buy for your ability scores as outlined in the CRB. Alternatively, you may roll 2d6+7 six times, arrange to taste. Just be aware that you cannot have above 18, or below 8 after adjustments.

Oh, any legacy race may be chosen as well. Have fun!

I thought I should start a thread on Androids. How are you using them in your setting if its not pact worlds? Do they have their own planet (again, not pact worlds setting)? Do you think they get the short end of the stick (pact worlds)?

This is just my reaction. I have many roleplaying games under my belt and I still have my 2nd edition books, actually. I have also read D&D Fifth Edition and from what I have read of the playtest is that it's like fifth edition in many respects.

I think that the game is good for first time roleplayers and not for experienced players who like to get creative with their characters. I'm puzzled by the game. How can I present this to experienced players who are used to detailing their backgrounds out?

Sure the original, 1st edition of Pathfinder is in a place where it can't compete with 5th edition; but I don't think Pathfinder 1e was meant to be a gateway RPG. Pathfinder 2nd edition is built to be a gateway rpg. It's certainly something I would introduce to my pre-teens (if I had pre-teens).

I think Pathfinder 2.0 is built to compete with 5th edition. This is not something I was expecting. I built a whole world around the Pathfinder 1st edition ruleset and I think I'll run it for the 1st edition ruleset. But when I have pre-teens (11 to 12 year olds), I'll introduce them to gaming with the 2nd edition ruleset. It's certainly better than fifth edition but it went down the path of 5th edition.

Alright, I have an idea to convert the symbiotes and parasites from Rifts: Atlantis and Rifts: Splynn Dimensional Market to Starfinder. Although, sadly, my books are in storage and I can't attempt it.

If I remember correctly, Palladium doesn't allow conversions to be published either, but he (KS) has no bite anymore. Maybe I should wait, but it would be cool to have a living heart.

Alright lets try this again. My last check for the Orcs of Kara'Kar went along swimmingly for an online game. So lets see if gold can be struck yet again.

I am looking for 4-6 players in an orc horde campaign using the Pathfinder 1st edition ruleset, based on World of Warcraft. (We aren't playing in Azeroth). I am expecting first level characters with richness in their building, not whole campaigns, just some spiciness. This means you can:

  • Go to The Orcs of Kara'kar Wiki to build your character. You can choose to be an orc, a jungle troll, a tuaren, or any number of other races.
  • Choose a class. This can be any class, except the gunslinger, in reality. Although the orcs are primarily aboriginal barbarians. Some classes with levels of sophistication have to be explained. (Like for instance, the Swashbuckler class in someways is too sophisticated).
  • Devise a rich history for your character. I want up to three ancestors your character looks up to and may want to emulate. These ancestor stories you've been told are mythic in quality (meaning the real history may not line up to the myth). The orcs revere the ancestors in their Shamanistic rituals.
  • Alternatively, you may devise an orc, jungle troll, or tauren tribe for your character's origins. The tribe must be aboriginal in nature.
  • You get to roll 2d6+7 six times for your stats. No stat may be lower than 8 or higher than 18 after adjustments.
  • The Date is 324 B.C., the name of the planet is Lemurias (an Earth Analog).

  • Okay, I bought this a long time ago (.pdf version, actually), and I'd like to use them in a pathfinder game. Should I recreate the race using the Advanced Race Guide? Best ways to use them? Should I convert them to Starfinder (after all, they are building a nuclear reactor)?

    Thoughts and advice?

    What page in the Starfinder CRB can I find the crafting rules? I seem to can't find it.

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