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I'm checking for interest in an Intrigue style game set in Karrnath (my Eberron games are so cool!). Initially one of the PCs is a vigilante. Fighting injustice in Karrnath. This is the last game I'm recruiting for, although I'm gauging interest right now.

Think of Zorro, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, or the Scarlet Pimpernel. Or even Batman! Just remember, your character may be living a double life. You won't be fighting King Kaius the Third (the vampire king is hard to get to). But you will be facing down the corrupt Karrn aristocracy. Maybe even the Order of the Emerald Claw. Nope, definitely the Order of the Emerald Claw.

Fun will be had. This is only an interest check. Oh, this particular campaign will use:
* Advanced d20 Magic
* Inner Sea Intrigue
* Familiar Folio

I'd like some advice on turning a real world martial art, Ringen, into a martial art for monks (basically). The "full" description of this martial art can be found on this Wikipedia page. As you can see, it's all about grappling your opponent.

I have the Martial Arts Handbook, the Advanced Player's Guide, and Ultimate Combat, but I wanted a European Martial Art for my Eberron Campaign. I already have the martial art converted for my Rolemaster version of the campaign, but I'd like to do it for my Pathfinder game. Any help is appreciated.

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Recruiting for an original Eberron Campaign using PF1e, Spell Points from Unearthed Arcana, and Advanced d20 Magic. Looking for 5 recruits!

Some say that the combined might of armies is power. Some say, the will to dominate another is power. Others say that physical strength is power. Well, they are all wrong. Knowledge is power. In the Secrets of Magic campaign, Scientia est Potentia is taken to the storied halls of Arcanix.

In this campaign, you are playing recent graduates from the Arcane Congress. You have yet to be invited to the floating castles of Arcanix. But you have aspirations to be. You are on your Journeys to become great, to learn magic for yourselves -- and to be invited into the halls of Arcanix's legendary libraries and learn the secrets there.

Campaign Dynamics
This campaign is centered around Arcane magic casters. Wizards, Sorcerers, Summoners, Arcanists, and Magi (singular Magus). Adventurers start in Aundair, but your Journeys as Journeymen might take you far and wide. This campaign has you started with the goal to join the Arcane Congress, but you may have other goals. We will use:

* PATHFINDER Roleplaying Game, Core Rulebook: The bulwark of the campaign.
* Advanced Player's Guide: Summoner class, other class options, and new spells.
* Advanced d20 Magic: Contains the magic system we will be using.
* Unearthed Arcana Specifically, the Spell points optional rule. On page 156. After reading the rules on drain, it should be easy to understand why we are using spell points.
* Ultimate Magic: Magus class and new spells.
* Advanced Class Guide: Arcanist class.
* Eberron Campaign Setting: This contains the basics of the world we are using for this campaign.
* Races of Eberron: Talks about the four new races introduced in the ECS.
* Five Nations, especially the chapter on Aundair.

Classes Allowed: Wizard, Sorcerer, Arcanist, Summoner, and Magus. Multi-classing into other classes is possible. Just not the Gunslinger. Gunpowder doesn't exist on Eberron. Just remember that the Arcanist, Summoner, and Magi has to be converted to Advanced d20 Magic. Should be easy, after looking at how the other spell using classes work. I'll be willing to work with you. NO CUSTOM CLASSES!

Races: Any race in the Eberron Campaign Setting book and Races of Eberron book works out fine. Kalashtar also work as a choice, just remember this game is centered on spellcasters. Just remember, some Warforged feats work best as Alternate traits.

Character Creation Dynamics
* Purchase method; 20 ability points.
* Two traits.
* Average starting gp.
* 1st Level
* Starting spells from Advanced D20 Magic and the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. You will discover more powerful magic on your journey. Try to choose starting spells with 1 slot to learn.
* You start off knowing each other as friends and/or colleagues. Your friendship between each other should grow as the campaign progresses.
* Alignments: Any of the alignments are possible -- but try to stay away from evil alignments, I'd like to play all the bad guys.
* Character backgrounds: You can use Ultimate Campaign to generate your background. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can get a copy of Central Casting: Heroes of Legend by Paul Jacquays and generate your background using that.

Okay, that should cover everything. You start on your journeys as Journeymen. You won't be acknowledged as a Master until you reach 10th or 15th level. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

I was wondering if anyone did a conversion of the Forsaken to Pathfinder first. If so, I'd like to take a look at it before I do my own.

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Cheliax is an empire in Decline. After being conquered by the Thrice Damned House of Thrune after a bloody civil war, the nation has certainly changed in the last hundred years. It's generally known as the nation where people consort with devils and demons. In the Secrets of Magic campaign, player characters play in a campaign where they seek after magical secrets.

I really want to run a campaign using Advanced d20 Magic or Dynamic Spellcasting. I also wanted to run a campaign set in Cheliax. It's about as close to Gor as someone's going to get.

Campaign Dynamics
* This campaign is Mature. Slaves, demonic pacts, and other things normally taboo happens in Cheliax. If you can't handle slavery or consorting with devils or demons, I suggest you pass on this campaign.

* This Campaign uses the Dynamic Spellcasting system from Advanced d20 Magic. Unfortunately, this book is rare and not available to buy from Drivethru. So you have to download it second hand. The book is so rare that it costs $100.00 to buy from Noble Knight or Amazon.com. This is not the only third party book we will be using.

* This campaign uses More Magic and Mayhem from the World of Warcraft roleplaying game. Some of the spells from More Magic and Mayhem have been converted for use for this campaign. Like firebolt and shadowbolt.

* Advanced d20 Magic and More Magic and Mayhem are the only third party books we will be using.

* First Party Materials. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Inner Sea Magic, Advanced Player's Guide (note that the magic using classes will have to be converted to Advanced d20 Magic), Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, and other hardbacks and splatbooks can be used. Remember, magic using classes will have to be converted to Advanced d20 Magic's magic system before approval.


Other Considerations for Secrets of Magic
* No elephant in the room -- no the world is square. I'd rather keep this close to the core rules as possible. (except for Dynamic Spellcasting, which is a major change in and of itself).

* Races: Core races -- yes. Tieflings and Aasimar -- yes. Drow -- no. Skinwalkers -- no. Changelings -- no. Orcs -- yes. Goblins -- no. Beast races (Tengu, Vanara, Catfolk, Kitsune, etc.) -- yes. Other races -- no. See the Advanced Race Guide and the various splatbooks (aka. Blood of the Beast) for information.

Character Background
One can use Ultimate Campaign to figure out your background. Although, if you are feeling adventurous, you can use Central Casting: Heroes of Legend by Paul Jacquays to round out your character. Heroes of Legend also has to be downloaded second hand. It's also dated, but the results are amazing.

Contact Information
If you need to contact me and chat outside of the boards, here is my email.
:: elton[dot]atlantean8[at]gmail[dot]com

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I'd better playtest Advanced d20 Magic, lol!

I'd like to run a game playtesting Advanced d20 Magic or the Dynamic Spellcasting system. It's simple enough, all you do is addition. Also, you can't get Advanced d20 magic on drivethru, don't know why White Wolf won't release it. So you have to download it second hand (sorry, Paizo for breaking the rules, but Advanced d20 Magic isn't available any other way). Oh, you can purchase a hard copy of Advanced d20 Magic for the grand total of over $100.00! Fun for your wallet, right?

The system is revolutionary. It works like the Shadowrun spell system, although you are making fortitude saves to cast magic. Metamagic increases the DC of the spell you cast, though there are ways you can increase your bonus to the roll. :) Like incantation or invocation (both grants a +5 to the fortitude roll, and they stack!). By ritual (adds a variable bonus based on how long you perform the ritual). By using a focus (like a Divine Focus or material reagents [bat guano, anyone?]), through an investment of body (burning hit points to cast spells), or an investment of mind (burning XP to cast spells). Yes, there is some math involved. But you can roleplay your invocation ("Abra-kadabra!").

This system will allow you to cast magic by pure will alone, of course. But that will eventually take a toll on you (psionics anyone?).

The system is balanced by the DCs to the spellcasting check each spell has. For instance, a 0-level spell only has a DC of 15, while a 3rd level spell like Fireball has a DC of 30. Wish (yes, your favorite spell) has a DC of 91. But you can learn any spell you want, regardless of level. (First level wizard dusting off fireballs, woohoo!)

So, who is interested?

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Just checking if anyone would like to play in Greyhawk on Mondays (5:30 pm MST (7:30 pm EST) to 8:30 pm MST (10:30 pm EST) using Roll20. I don't have a full story planned. But you may find Greyhawk: the Adventure Begins or the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer useful. I'd like to review the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer on my blog. So, I want to playtest it.

The game is not play-by-post. It's a weekly live game played over roll20. I know some races in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer will need some adjustment.

Allowable Races
* Human, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Gnome, and Orc. As always, see the Advanced Race Guide. Orcs are interfertile with humans, so Half-orcs are possible.

Allowable Classes
All the classes in the Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Intrigue. I will also be allowing the Warlock from Complete Arcane, and the Shaman class from the World of Warcraft RPG. No prestige classes. Yes, I think the Shaman class from the WoW RPG is better than the Shaman in the Advanced class Guide.

Gods and Clerics
All of the Gods in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer are viable as patrons. Those players wishing to use the subdomains from the APG (or other sources) should work with me to get their domains selected.

Yes, I am a big fan of psionics. No, we won't be using either source for psionics. I'm, or we are, playtesting the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, not Ultimate Psionics.

Character Creation details
Generating stats. You may roll 4d6 dice six times, dropping the lowest die and taking the total of the three highest dice for your scores. Normally I would do point buy, but not for this campaign.
Traits. You may choose two traits per campaign guidelines. You may select traits from the APG, the ARG, and Ultimate Campaign.
starting Level. The campaign will start at first level. Don't worry, you will start with full hit points.
Alignment. Try not to choose evil alignments. I want to play all the bad guys.

So, who would like to play in Greyhawk?

On your commlinks come the familiar icon of your fixer. "Hoi, I have a job for you, in the sprawl of Seattle," he says. "Looks like a sweet job, nothing hard -- but maybe a little dangerous."

Recruiting for Two Shadowrunners
Hello, I have a game that I'm running that has only three players. One is a dwarf Technomancer named magpie, another is pulling double duty as a conjuror and a face -- named Anise and Darby. Finally a cybered up doctor named Icarus forms the muscle.

We need a mage (combat mage or occult investigator) and a Covert Ops specialist. We also could use a rigger (I actually have a rigger under consideration, but we could be shifting the game over the weekends so she could join us).

The trio is currently in Seattle, but they've been all over the world.

Game System
Shadowrun: Twentieth Anniversary Edition (SR4A). I got those rules memorized.

When and Where
Currently Tuesdays each week, on roll20 -- 6:30 pm MST (8:30 pm EST) to 8:00 pm MST (10:00 pm EST). Thinking of Shifting to Sundays.

Reply in character please.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Okay, you can introduce your character in an RP. Laheo will get you eventually. I post the extraction tomorrow morning (hopefully before I go to Topps, but we'll see).

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Discuss the Doom of Cormanthyr campaign here. This is also a good place to discuss backgrounds and try to tie them together. Laheo will try to get you all and gather you at Elminster's tower once I have the gameplay thread up tomorrow.

It is 652 DR. Cormanthor, the old kingdom of the Elves, is in decline. It was once the most powerful elven realm in Faerun. However, it is in decline. The elves have gotten used to their army being the most powerful. They have grown complacent.

Little do they know that evil is stirring. An army of Darkness, made up of orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, and worse is forming. Led by powerful personages, the army of darkness threatens Cormanthor. Worse still than the human Dalesman settlers, this army hails from the Moonsea.

Back in the Present (1367 DR), Elminster the Sage is learned of this time but so much was lost. He asks for some adventurers to go back in time to the decline of Cormanthor and find a way to stop the Army of Darkness before it causes the fall of Cormanthor and Myth Drannor. He will send you back by a spell he got from Raistlin the Black of Krynn -- Timereaver. (See Dragonlance Adventures page 38 for details).

The primary mission -- Grab some precious artifacts of that time before they are lost. The secondary mission -- stop or slow down the Army of Darkness.

Welcome to the Ancient Ages of Faerun!

In this campaign, you will slow down the decline of Cormanthor and Myth Drannor. All empires fall, unfortunately. But five adventurers are needed to go back in time to stall the fall of Myth Drannor. Just enough to either stop the army of darkness or to grab some artifacts before it is lost.

System Used
Pathfinder 1st Edition. simple enough. Books used include: The Pathfinder Core Rulebook, the Advanced Race Guide, and the Advanced Player's Guide. We will also use the following player companions: Blood of Fiends and Blood of Angels. You will also need the Forgotten Realms campaign set for AD&D 1st edition. We will not use 3rd party materials.

Character Creation Summary
You all get 25 points to buy your characters' stats. You may choose any race from the Core Rules nominally. However, I will consider races outside the Core Rules if the concept is interesting enough. Also, no evil Alignments. Ideally you will all be elves. However that's not possible, so Elminster will have some cloaks ready for you to take on an elven facade.

Character Level
You will create characters of fifth level. You are crack commando adventurers, willing to go back in time to stop an evil menace that threatens elven civilization.

A note about elves
As you know, there are about five subraces of elves in Faerun. Sun elves, Moon elves, Wood elves, Grugach (Wild Elves), and Drow. The Core Rule elf represent the Moon elf subrace. The others (excluding Drow) will have to be built using the ARG. Also, try to use Quenya or Sindarin names for your elves -- the names of the NPCs in Fall of Myth Drannor are confusing at first glance.

Why the Forgotten Realms?
It's one of D&D's best settings. The others being Dragonlance and Eberron. Developed first by Ed Greenwood, and then developed by many others, the Forgotten Realms is a shared world that has potential for many different kinds games. Although Golorion is motley enough as a world setting (I wanted to do a game set in Cheliax), the Forgotten Realms is richer in content and tradition. There has been many computer games set in the Forgotten Realms. And not to mention, many gaming products from the 1990s and 2000s. The world system is also well known to many who game.

About Me
After having some false starts, I currently run three games here as play-by-post. One set in Rifts using Savage Worlds; one set in Eberron, and one set in Legend of the Five Rings. I also run many games online. Rifts, Shadowrun, and Warhammer FRP (which is happening tonight of the time of this writing). I game because it's fun.

I chose the Arcane Age supplement (Fall of Myth Drannor) because you might be able to change history. And there is a chance for heroics.

Ideally, everyone post at least once everyday and once on weekends. I'll try to do the same. :) The campaign is projected to last at least a year of Play-by-Post.

I will select the players on the 10th of November. That should be enough time for you to create interesting backgrounds for your characters.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you on the flip side.

Just checking to see if anyone will be interested in a Forgotten Realms game. Set using the 1st edition Campaign Setting (Available at Drivethru). The campaign will happen in the history of the Realms. During the time of Magrathea the Mad. About a 1,000 years before the Time of Troubles.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

This is the gameplay thread for the Mercenaries game.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

This is the discussion for the Atlantis Mercenaries campaign.

You are a slave to the splugorth. It's all you know, how to bow, how to work, and how to please your master. On the day you were to be sold, you escaped. Now you are in the wilderness, finding your own way. Of course, they are chasing you.

The Game
This is a game using Savage Worlds RIFTS. You were once a slave, but you escaped! Now the conservators are hunting you. But you are well equipped to fight for your freedom. While you were trained as a slave, you had to escape to find a better life.

What you will need: was renumnerated in this thread. Yes, I'm asking you to buy books and invest in a new game. But the Savage Worlds: Pathfinder game asks you to do the same thing. So it's not a hard thing. I need you to be familiar with the Rifts: Version of Atlantis so you can make good characters. The Savage Worlds system is easier to grasp than the Palladium system. Plus its more balanced.

I am asking for at least 4 characters, though I can run a game with just one. If you don't like the escaped slave premise, then you can move on. No harm, no foul. But slaves are a thing in Rifts: Atlantis. Just so you know.

This is a recruitment thread for one of my Atlantis games. Hope you will join in!


I'm still interested in running a campaign based on Atlantis. Only this one will be based on Plato's Atlantis. I've got a science fiction version in mind, but that will require BESM d20, d20 Mecha, and Advanced d20 Magic. As I said, I'm an Atlanteologist. Someone who specializes in science on Atlantis.

Atlantis is calling you. The Ancient City of Atlantis, the lost land, the place of secrets, and the inventor of Sorcery.

You will be playing either a noble Atlantean (a descendant of Poseidon and Clieto), or a common Atlantean (base human). Though Divine byblows from the other Olympian Gods are also possible. (They would be Aasimar)

This game uses the Core PF1 rules only. Player characters will be based in the City of Atlantis, and they can explore the other nine cities as well. Atlantis is a city of pyramids, a great temple to Poseidon, a temple to Apollo, Aphrodite, and Artemis. Classes available are:
* Bard (a follower of Apollo)
* Barbarian (a visitor from lands outside of the Continent of Atlantis)
* Cleric (devotee to the Olympian Gods)
* Druid (a devotee to either Pan, or Demeter)
* Fighter (a follower of Ares).
* Athlete (Monk, a follower of Hercules/Heracles)
* Paladin (A follower of either Athena or Ares)
* Ranger (A follower of Artemis [may be male or female, female rangers are known as Amazons])
* Rogue (a follower of Hermes)
* Sorcerer (a follower of Hecate, Hera, or Zeus)
* Wizard (either a devotee to Science or a follower of Hermes)

You will need:
* the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, 1st Edition
* GURPS Atlantis (don't worry, it's cheap!)

I'm just checking who will be interested.

Alright, since the Savage Worlds Pathfinder recruitment is going on and is quite popular, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. I'd like to do a Savage Worlds: Rifts game. Set in Atlantis, of course. :) I'm not ready to do it, but I'll make a campaign bible and introduce you to Atlantis -- RIFTS style.

Hi, I'm a good GM. I'm also an Atlanteologist, so I know all the theories related to Atlantis. Kevin Siembieda's Atlantis is one where aliens and supernatural intelligences have taken over the once proud continent. I'm not ready to run the game yet, so you don't have to create a character yet. One of my games could be stopping (which is too bad because it's space opera in the Eberron solar system).

Atlantis in RIFTS is different than you can imagine. It is a continent (small continent), that spans the Atlantic Ocean. to the west are the Bahamas, to the East are the Azores. Atlantis stretches from North America to Europe. It is ruled by Splynncrith, a young Splugorth. The city of Splynn is the capital of Atlantis and is mostly populated with monsters and demons. Humans are (mostly) slaves. But since Atlantis is a continent, there could be human settlements there.

As a player, you will need:
* Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
* Savage Rifts: The Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide
* Rifts for Savage Worlds: Atlantis and the Demon Seas Sourcebook and maybe . . .
* RIFTS World Book 2: Atlantis

The campaign will be one of High Adventure and presumably roleplay. Using the Savage Rifts system. Adventurers will be of the Tomorrow Legion. And the Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide offers you with enough concepts to play. RIFTS World Book 2: Atlantis provides better background than what was in the SWADE version. I'm looking for 5 players willing to play in a long campaign.


Just checking if anyone is up to a Rifts game. I'll be testing the Lone Star Worldbook in a campaign where everyone is playing a canine. The reason so I can review it on my blog.

Sell text:
Long ago, the legend of Fenris was that of a giant wolf that swallowed the sun. In Rifts Earth, the legend is reborn into a Mercenary company of dog boys, kankorans, wolfen, and coyles. This mercenary company travels through the New West as "dogs" for hire. Not affiliated with the Coalition, but a company of adventurers, men of magic, men of arms, and dog boys that were created at the Lone Star complex. They banded together under the banner of Fenris. They are close knit, as brothers or sisters in arms.

Game System:
RIFTS (1990/30th Anniversary Edition), Lone Star, New West, and Spirit West. I might allow Ninjas and Superspies if you want to do a martial art. If too many balk at using original Rifts system, I do have Savage Worlds Rifts we can use.

Game Platform:

Game time: Mondays 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm MDT/MST (5:30 pm to 9:00 pm CDT/CST)

Races allowed: Dog Pack R.C.C. (Rifts page 107-111), Wolfen, Coyle, and Kankoran (see Conversion Rulebook (revised)).

O.C.C.s allowed: Any from the RIFTS rulebook, Gunslinger from New West, any Shaman O.C.C. from Spirit West.

Stat Generation: roll 4d6 eight times, drop the lowest die, and total up the remaining. Arrange to taste. If you come up with a 16, 17, or 18, roll an additional die and add that to your total.

This is not a Play-by-Post campaign.

Now that's out of the way. I wanted to recruit for a game on Roll20. The game happens weekly -- on Thursdays starting at 6:30 pm Mountain Daylight Time (that's 8:30 EDT, and 7:30 CDT, folks). It will go until 9:30 pm MDT. This will give me a chance to shakedown the rules of Warhammer Fantasy before I review them on my blog.

The campaign will be accorded T.V. structure thanks to Robin D. Laws and his article in Dragon #293. The Campaign will be a little like Indiana Jones, "The Librarians", with the costumes and sets of The Taming of the Shrew and "Upstart Crowe".

Formula: The heroes are artifact hunters looking for artifacts of antiquity. Not everyone is an academic, and not everyone is a warrior.

Theme: Artifacts belong in a museum, and not in the hands of private collectors.

Tone: High adventure in the Riekland.

One should watch Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the Librarian (on iTunes). You should also watch the Taming of the Shrew with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor (available on iTunes) and hopefully a few episodes of "Upstart Crowe" (also on iTunes).

Obiviously, you should look through Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition) and look at the art. The Empire is currently in the Renaissance. The .pdf is cheap, and I can provide a link on DriveThru if you need it.

What You Need
1. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition)

Character Creation
Character creation will happen here, rather than in the Roll20 room. I'm looking for five adventurers. We will have 1 season of 14 episodes. If you rather choose your race (or species) and career, you may do so. Oh, you may choose an actor or actress that you like to be your character's face.

I think that will do it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Just wondering who would be interested in a Savage Rifts campaign. I know I tried to start one before and that didn't go well. Well, it will be set in Park City, Utah -- which is transforming into a elvish city state named Réimse na Sléibhte (Realm of Mountains).

While most of the residential districts where destroyed during the time of Chaos Earth, a rift opened and a large number of elves came through. The place is magic rich, but downtown still looks like historic Park City. And while most technology is lost, the technology is like that of the Tri-Gun series. And most people dress like it was the Old West (see Rifts: New West).

Adventures will be had in and around Park City, Utah. This means mountain adventures. You will need a copy of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition at least. I'm taking cues from the Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide, Empires of Humanity, Arcana and Mysticism, and Blood and Banes. I also have the Savage Rifts Game Master's handbook.

I'm writing a page in my blog on the setting, though.

I've started a blog about my journey into the hobby. It can be accessed here. I'll be doing some reviews of classic games that I own, like Werewolf: the Apocalypse, Pathfinder, and other games. I have one post now, but I'll be adding more. It's not monetized, yet, but it's a good start.

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Well, if someone can have a vampires campaign set in the Wild West, I can do Werewolves in the Wild West. Since I have a few games already running, I wanted to gauge interest in playing a horror game set in the Wild West (1840 A.D. - 1900 A.D.).

You will be playing loupe-garou, beings of savagery and violence. I'm the storyteller, and this is a game of horror fantasy. You will be playing one of twelve tribes of Werewolves, taking a certain auspice of the moon. A Werewolf is a reflection of the Wyld. And each tribe has it's own goals and expectations. The setting is called the Savage West for a reason.

The Setting: Southern Utah, around 1849-1850, somewhere near Capital Reef, National Park. You are at a ranch where cattle are being raised for food and other things. Most of the apes (humans) are Mormon (LDS), but you don't have to be. Werewolf tribes can be any of them, although to stay true to the setting (Utah) -- most Utah pioneer Werewolves are Children of Gaia, Fianna, and Get of Fenris. Although it's not impossible to expect an Iron Rider or two (Glasswalker).

The Game System: Werewolf: the Wild West. It's based on Werewolf: The Apocalypse Revised (I have both). One of the original game designers was Mark Rein*Hagen, so you know you're in for a treat.

This is a campaign of horror, but also set in the Wild West. Try and watch a few classic movies on the Wild West and read some books to get an idea of your character. The book has a few suggestions on what you can watch and read.

Incidentally, I also have Classic Deadlands and the three dime novels that put Werewolf: the Wild West rpg along side the Deadlands RPG. Worth mentioning, and while the Werewolf game is serious, I don't think the original Deadlands took itself seriously enough.

If there is enough interest, I can go for full time recruitment.

Just wondering if anyone is interested in playing the Hell's Rebels AP for PF1. Set in Cheliax, this is your time to discombobulate the rule of the Thrice Damned House of Thrune. My Shadowrun game on Mondays is coming to a close, so I thought I could recruit some Roll20 players here.

This will be a regular game on roll20.

Time: 7:00 to 9:00 pm MST/6:00 - 8:00 PST/8:00-10:00 CST Mondays.
Where: Roll20.


You may play any of the Core Races in the Inner Sea (See the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, or the Advanced Races Guide). You may also play Tieflings too. Just remember, if you play a Tiefling, you might be a slave according to the Inner Sea World Guide entry on Cheliax. Use Blood of Fiends if you want to play a Tiefling.

25 ability points, level 1, 2 traits, average gold, maximized hit points at first level, rolled hit points thereafter. You may use the random generating tables in Ultimate Campaign to generate your character's background. Or if you want to be really detailed, the Task Force Games Central Casting: Heroes of Legend random tables can be used. Those who generate their backgrounds randomly gain a 100xp bonus to their character. You may opt out of randomly generating your character's background, but you won't get the 100 xp bonus.

Classes Allowed

You may Select any class from the following books:
* Pathfinder Core Rulebook
* Advanced Player's Guide
* Ultimate Psionics from Dreamscarred Press. These are rare in Cheliax.

Other Character Options
You may select any archetype for your class.

Special Note:
Since Cheliax has a Mediterranean Climate, it's possible to play a nude character in this game. If you want to be daring, that is.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

First Segment

It's the first day of the Dry Season, and old friends are getting together at an outdoor bar to share fruit bowls and maybe a couple of beers. People have begun panning for gold. The day is clear, and after what seems to be a long Wet Season promises to be some new beginnings.

Checking on who would be interested in a BESM d20 game set in Atlantis. I'll be writing a setting/game book set in Atlantis (ABT. 10,000 BC). Atlantis will be protrayed as advanced (or more advanced in some instances) as our own; so that certain classes would have a place.

We will be playing BESM d20.

While I could write a Pathfinder (PF1e) high fantasy setting for Atlantis (again, ABT 10,000 BC); that would mean using the High Fantasy Setup protrayed in GURPS Atlantis. Also, Atlantis: The Second Age (by Khepera Publishing) would do this better.

I just want to see who will heed the call. The Call of Atlantis.

Yes, the campaign will involve Time Travel.

Checking out who would be interested in playing a campaign using Advanced d20 Magic, or Dynamic Spellcasting, as the magic system!

Divorce yourself from Vancian Casting, and cast magic as it was meant to be cast in the d20 game! Using Invocations and/or Incantations! The magic system we will be using should remind you of the anime T.V. show The Slayers (Dynamic Spellcasting was originally developed for The Slayers d20). I will be getting a copy of the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition tomorrow. (It's not cheaper on Amazon).

Michelle Lyons (one of the writers) explained this way: "The base classes are given bonuses to spellcasting DCs that increase over levels, for regular D20. For using BESM d20, there are modifiers in the form of how many levels of Dynamic Sorcery you have, etc. Also, using Rituals, Incantations, Investments, etc. reduces the DC of the spell. All the listed DCs are for silent, motionless spells with no material components (foci) that are cast in one standard action. Naturally, this means that the DCs for some high level spells look outrageous. By choosing a longer period of time, though, with an Incantation, a Focus, and throwing some XP in there to boot, you can reduce a spell's DC down to a reasonable level for a higher level caster to get away with."

"But yes, the modifiers enable the caster to make the saves more easily. This system also ensures, though, that you're not going to end up making every one, and you will wear yourself out if you continue casting powerful spells."

Don't worry, the Runelords will be using the same system (although they will be more powerful).

So, who's interested?

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Here's the discussion thread, fellas.

Hello, my name is Elton Robb and I'll be your storyteller this evening. I am not able to bump my last recruitment in this area, so if you posted your interest in this campaign, post again.

I almost picked up Mwangi Expanse for Lost Omens today, but decided to wait on that. So this is what I propose:

* A hypothetical T.V. Show type campaign based on Sub-Saharan Africa.

* Jungle elves, jungle orcs, jungle dwarves, jungle trolls (from WoW RPG), it's limitless.

* Serpent folk would figure in the campaign.

* Places to come from: a city based on Timbuktu, Gao (of the Songhai Empire), etc.

* Have your characters wear colorful clothes based on the cultures of Western Africa (Niger, Gana, etc.)

I hate to say this, but get a copy of the Mwangi Expanse or Heart of the Jungle. Look through them, feel inspired. Look at National Geographic shows on Africa (although that would mean getting on Disney Plus). Take a look at this Fall of Civilizations podcast for ideas.

Character Creation
25 points, 2 traits, average starting gold; 1st level. Any class allowed, except Samurai and Ninja. Unchained Summoner, Monk, Rogue, and Barbarian allowed.

Recruitment to end on March 31st.

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In memory of Wallace William Thornhill (1942-2023).

Recently, the Electric Universe has lost it's greatest supporter in Wallace William Thornhill. He was the one that championed the Electric Universe theory, also called Plasma Cosmology theory. He was the chief Science Advisor to the Thunderbolts Project. He recently died in peace in his home in Canberra, Australia among friends and family.

Strangely enough, he also asked me to continue his work. Plasma Cosmology was first formulated by Hannes Alfvén devised the first Plasma Cosmology theory in the Twentieth Century. But it was Immanuel Velikovsky that drove the point home to many with his book Worlds in Collision and that was what started both Wal Thornhill and David Talbott in exploring the Electric Universe, although in different ways.

So, how am I going to continue the work of Wal Thornhill? Well, I'm a creative as much as I am a scientist. I worked on 3D art in the past, and have somewhat many pieces of 3D artwork on Deviant Art. So I propose a book entitled The Starfinder's Guide to the Electric Universe which will bring the Starfinder RPG into the Electric Universe.

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Here's the Discussion thread, guys and gals. Sign off here and I'll get the episode list up.

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Just seeing if anyone would like to play a game set in the Mwangi Expanse. I've been reading about Jungle races in Unearthed Arcana, and an idea struck. A game based on sub-saharan Africa. I couldn't get Nyambi, but I do have Pathfinder Chronicles: Heart of the Jungle. Not exactly the Songhai Empire but a place to start.

I almost picked up Mwangi Expanse for Lost Omens today, but decided to wait on that. So this is what I propose:

* A hypothetical T.V. Show type campaign based on Sub-Saharan Africa.

* Jungle elves, jungle orcs, jungle dwarves, jungle trolls (from WoW RPG), it's limitless.

* Serpent folk would figure in the campaign.

* Places to come from: a city based on Timbuktu, Gao (of the Songhai Empire), etc.

* Have your characters wear colorful clothes based on the cultures of Western Africa (Niger, Gana, etc.)

I hate to say this, but get a copy of the Mwangi Expanse or Heart of the Jungle. Look through them, feel inspired. Look at National Geographic shows on Africa (although that would mean getting on Disney Plus). Take a look at this Fall of Civilizations podcast for ideas.

Character Creation
25 points, 2 traits, average starting gold; 1st level. Any class allowed, except Samurai and Ninja. Unchained Summoner, Monk, Rogue, and Barbarian allowed.

Recruitment to end on March 31st.

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This is a sequel to my Phaeselis campaign setting. It focuses on the orcs. Instead of doing orcs from Orcs of Golarion, it converts the orcs from the World of Warcraft RPG. It's found here, so I thought I might put it up here for consideration. I'm running a campaign using it, and so far the group likes it. I am also currently writing an adventure for it.

Query: are the unchained classes that much better? What are your experience with both the unchained and "chained" classes?

Sorry if this is in the wrong category. :)

How do you all feel about Advanced d20 Magic by David and Michelle Lyons? Do you think it's too math intensive? Would you rather use the Vancian system of casting magic (fire and forget)? I'm asking because I have Advanced d20 Magic and I want to use it for an adventure I'm creating.

The adventure is set in my Horde campaign. The world is inspired by World of Warcraft, but different in execution.

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Here's the gameplay thread.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Discuss the game here, fellas. I'll make up an episode list. Ping here with a paragraph or two to describe your character's background. We are playing with an Ensemble cast, so everyone will get a focus episode.

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"A long time ago, on the World of Faerun . . ." Welcome to the Casting of the T.V. Show: "A Realms Odyssey." Set in the Dale lands, specifically Shadowdale; this show chronicles the adventures of five characters through the Realms. The PCs!

Formula: five friends leave the Dalelands to go in search of adventure in other parts of the Realms.
the Twist: War is rumored to happen. This sparks adventure for a group of five unlikely PCs.
Theme: With rumors of war, can the PCs avoid fighting in a war?

One should have a copy of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Set, 1e. You should also have Pathfinder 1e. Also watch Hercules: the Legendary Journeys (just your favorite shows). I'm taking inspiration from that show along with (surprise, surprise) Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. The Dalelands is the start.

Character Creation
You may use the Advanced Race Guide (ARG) for selecting a race. Any race is allowed even Dragonborn. Just be aware that if you do choose to play a drow, I don't want a Drizzt knockoff. I expect you to be more creative in drafting your PC. Also, you may choose just about any class. Just no ninja or samurai (they are found in the Far East).
Ability Scores
Since your starting as a farm boy or close to it, resolve your abilities in this way: 20 points buy, 2 traits. Talk to me about playing a minor, though.

Character Portraits: You may scour the web for a good portrait. Sometimes the best portraits weren't made by paizo. Be creative and selective.

Gods: The Powers of the Realms are varied. You may select a patron from the Campaign Set. Remember, the people are polytheistic. They may pray to different gods under different circumstances. Clerics who choose a patron can check Faiths and Pantheons and the FRCS (3rd edition) for domains. Or we can work out a set of domains (and subdomains) for the power you want to represent.

Alignment: Try not to play evil (unless you can show that you can cooperate with the party!) I want to play all the evil guys.

Just have fun crafting your characters. Oh, and character creation will end on the 20th of January, 11:15 pm MST.

Eberron Crossover

Introducing the T.V. series "The Eberron Expanse" (working title). It's a science fantasy T.V. Show using the popular Eberron world as a backdrop. The series is set in Eberron's Solar System, and you will be playing characters in this T.V. show.

"It's three hundred years after the Last War . . ."
Formula: The player characters are veterans after a war for independence from Eberron (Earth like) and the Planet Okra (Mars like). With the building of HyperGates, mankind can go and explore and colonize the outer planets of the Eberron Solar System.
The Twist: The Player Characters are more concerned with putting food on the table and may be cavalier about the jobs they take.
The Theme: Space Exploration.
The System: Starfinder. Of course we can do this with Stars Without Number or the Expanse. But Starfinder can do this, trust me.

Every series has production design, and this is no different. I'd like you to watch Firefly, the Expanse, Cowboy Bebop, Babylon 5, and maybe Serenity for inspiration. There are some differences. Time Travel is a thing, but House Orien controls Time Travel. Hyperspace is a thing, but the gates are constructed by House Cannith and operated by House Lyrandar. There is little exploration beyond the Solar System. The gates allow for fast travel. Hyperspace works like the drift.

* Races or Species allowed: Human, Android, Ysoki, Kasatha (from another star system), Lashunta, Vesk (from another star system), Shirren (from some other star system), and plus the legacy races. Players who want to create a character with a race from Eberron (Dragonborn, Shifter, Changling, Kalashtar) can work with me privately about a conversion.

* Classes Allowed: Envoy, Mechanic, Mystic, Operative, Solarian, Soldier, and Technomancer. I want to keep the class selection simple. It's a TV series after all.

* Themes allowed: All from Starfinder, Pact Worlds, and Near Space.

* Creating characters: Use 10 point buy. Try not to create evil characters. Keep your backgrounds simple, I don't need a novel. Create Level 3 characters.

Just checking on who wants to play the starways. I don't have all the books, but I'm planning on getting Interstellar Species soon. The adventures happen around Eberron. This means that you will be creating characters based on Eberron.

For instance, Androids are simply evolved Warforged. :)

You will need the Eberron Campaign Setting and Starfinder. I don't have the tech book (I kinda stopped buying Starfinder books, but I'll get back to it with Interstellar Species).

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Here's the official thread for discussing the game.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Hi all, play happens in this thread.

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Looking for anyone interested in playing through the official Eberron campaign (Adventure Path?), starting with the Forgotten Forge in the Eberron book. Just testing the waters, to see who will be interested.

You Will Need
* One copy of the Eberron Campaign Setting (3.5e)
* One copy of the Pathfinder core rulebook (PF1e)
* One copy of Races of Eberron (3.5e)

Additionals, but not needed
* Ultimate Psionics in case you want to play a Kalashtar, or Inspired Empty Vessel.
* Five Nations to help your background.
* Blood of the Moon for PF1e, in case you want to play a shifter.
* Dragonmarked in case you want to play a dragonmarked character, and you want ideas for a wonderful background.
* Secrets of Sarlona in case you want to beef up your background for your Kalashtar, or Inspired empty vessel.
* Races of the Dragon (3.x) in case you want to play a dragonborn or kobold. And admittedly, Dragons of Eberron will be helpful in that case.
* Complete Arcane (3.x), in case you really want to create a warlock for the game.
* Sharn, City of Towers, essential for creating characters who start in Sharn.

Try not to create evil characters, I'm playing all the bad guys.

We'll start in Sharn, City of Towers.

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Gameplay thread here fellas!

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Oy, discussion here fellas!

One more try, maybe this is the charm?

Campaign Premise
To seek out new worlds. That is the premise of this campaign. You are members of a exploration company on the way to seek new worlds for colonization within the Milky Way Galaxy. You are expanding the scope of human civilization to other stars. To find strange new worlds.

Why Spacemaster?
Obviously STARFINDER is a more available game. However, SpaceMaster: Privateers provides something I enjoy, more realism. Player Characters may very well die in SpaceMaster, so I would like you to use your wits more than your brawn. (They can die in STARFINDER too, just that there is too much attrition).

What do I need?
A copy of SpaceMaster: Privateers. It only costs $20.00 for a .pdf, digital copy. Like I said, as much fun can be had with Starfinder playing this game, but I would like the campaign to be more hard science and less space fantasy. I could run a GURPS campaign instead and still have hard science, but I don't have the GURPS Basic set. SM:Privateers is easier.

Can we use TECH LAW for SM:P?
Yes you can. I just need to pick them up next week after I've been paid. (I get a monthly paycheck). You can use Robotics Manual, Equipment Manual, and Vehicle Manual. You can also build your own spaceship using the Vehicle Manual.

What about Stars Without Number?
Yes it's possible to play this campaign with Stars Without Number. But I rather use Spacemaster.

The game will be set in the Gemini Sector (essentially the stars contained in the Gemini Constellation). Player characters will nominally be from Earth and other star systems. You may choose any race in SM:Privateers.

This campaign is based off exploration of the final frontier. So, lets have some fun.

If the stone age isn't your fancy, how about a world where dinosaurs reign? Apparently possible, you could play a sentient dinosaur. Loosely based on the Quintaglio Ascension series of three novels by Robert J. Sawyer.

dinosaur species include:
* Tyrannos -- descended from nanotyrannosaurus, this group of sentient dinosaurs sport a tail, and the males and females are sexually dimorphic by color. Males have red scales all over their bodies, and the females are green. They lay eggs and eat meat. They have a humanoid body. Tyrannos are the humans of the setting.

* Allosaurs -- descended from, yep, allosaurs; the person is tailless, and the males and females are sexually dimorphic. Males are red scaled, and the females are green scaled. Both have a humanoid body. Allosaurs are the orcs of the setting. Half-allos don't happen.

* Velociraptors -- beige skinned, except for dark dots of purple, Velociraptors are humanoid in design and have their "belly button" on the lower back. They also lack tails. Females have breasts like humans do, and their heads are covered with feathers. They lay an egg that is made of chalk. Descended from Velociraptor mongoliensis, Velociraptors are the elves of the setting. There are no half-velociraptors.

* Deinoychii -- Actual Deinonychus antirrhopus, they are smart, intelligent, and pack hunters. They are also featherless (I actually talked to one's subconscious and asked if they had feathers. They don't, heh). Worse than orcs.

Just wondering if anyone would be interested in playing in a Prehistoric Fantasy World. Dinosaurs, leopards, Mastodons, Woolly Mammoths, lions, cave bears, and more!

Just wondering if anyone goes that way.

I'll build the world. Arcane magic would be in it's infancy, and since we are playing before writing was invented (supposedly, Adam and Eve had the first writing system), there are more Sorcerers than Wizards or Arcanists.

This is an age of furs. Weaving wasn't discovered yet. This is an age of the Quest for Fire: Making fire was invented. No Iron, no Bronze, just flint, obsidian, and other stone tools. Sounds interesting?

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Phaeselis: City of Psionics

Welcome to the era of Alexander the Great! Inspired by Monte Cook's Ptolus, Phaeselis is a city campaign set during the empire of Alexander the Great. Set in the world of Alexander the Great, you the PCs adventure in a town that has been reserved for the psionically gifted.

You may or may not have the gift. As a city with a multicultural heritage, you will find that they put people from the East in with people from the West. Besides that, the dominate method of teaching psionics is the Will and the Way. As an adventurer, you will find adventure in the most likely of places. Not only in the city itself, but possibly without!


You Will Need:
* One copy of Pathfinder Core Rulebook, 1st Edition.
* One copy of Ultimate Psionics from Dreamscared Press.
* A copy of the Advanced Race Guide in case you want to play an exotic race. Although the Races part of the wiki provides all the races you can use. From Humans to Nagaji and everything in between.

Please read the wiki. It took many days to craft the world you are about to play in.

Character Creation

Standard 25 point characters, two traits, drawback optional, and first level. You are either natives of Phaeselis, or new comers to the city.

Backgrounds should be intricate, so I have something to work with. Please note that your background can contain anything you wish (including being a "victim" of pederasty), please note that I intentionally do not talk about certain subjects on the wiki because they are sensitive (like the aforementioned pederasty.)

Hmm. Okay, this may be my most important Interest Check yet. I wonder who would like to play Rolemaster? On roll20? Based in the Forgotten Realms?

Just seeing who would be interested in playing with the most realistic RPG ever, set in the Forgotten Realms? The game is as deadly or more as the Warhammer Fantasy RPG. I won't lie, the critical tables can be . . . realistic and gory.

But, if you want to play realistic characters in the Forgotten Realms. Where you have many skill choices to customize your character -- where your character will fit his background, then Rolemaster is for you. Because Rolemaster is a skill-based system.

You Will Need
1. A copy of the Forgotten Realms setting, specifically 1e.

2. A copy of Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying.

3. A copy of Character Law.

4. A copy of Spell Law, all three volumes. (costs only 30 dollars for all three).

Just wondering who will be interested.

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