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Metaphysician wrote:

Also, since I haven't said it already: uplifted crows. Because if we don't uplift them first, they will uplift themselves. And they will remember the slight.

*caw!* :)

Wouldn't be better to insert Tengu into the setting than to uplift crows?

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Excellent work.

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I like starfinder the way it is.

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VerBeeker wrote:

I want me some Elephant Folk.

To be sure, Ganeshafolk wouldn't be half bad.

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Perhaps there will be rules for A.I. soon.

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Black Dow wrote:

Sorry chief I'm not going to have as much time to pitch as planned - some ongoing campaigns have kicked up a notch/been reskinned so my card is fuller than expected.

Will lurk with interest :)


Feel free to lurk! It's so far interesting.

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

Spehs Kobolds!

Kobolds inhabiting the asteroid belt would be way awesome.

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Tyrnis wrote:
If they don't come out before then: playable undead. Skeletons and ghouls as race options at the minimum.

No thank you. I don't want to play a skeleton in space.

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Hi everyone!

I got the world building bug again and so I'm building another world. I have three hooks so far:

1. Orcs are not irredeemable monsters.

2. The human empire is unsure whether or not it has toppled.

3. Current technology is Crusades era.

I haven't a map yet. But so far I have the following cultures:

1. Orcs belong to a barbarian culture that has invaded the Human Empire at least three times. They are Shamanistic clans to the most part, but some clans have adopted Christianity. (Yes, Christianity is a part of this world). Most of the orcs believe in the Spirit World and in Totems. Orcs will be designed after the World of Warcraft RPG orcs. Low Middle Ages era technology.

2. Elves are the wisest and beautiful of all beings. They are divided into three different cultures. The Noldor, also known as High Elves, live in a secluded valley forest away from Men. They are still considered pagan by the Church, but mostly they are Atheistic. Renaissance technology.

3. The Psiar, also known as Psionic Elves, live in a virgin forest away from most men. They adopted Christianity, but practice outside of the Church. Thus they are considered Heretics. To this day, no one fanatic has dared to venture into the forest to force the Church on the Psiar. Renaissance technology.

4. The Sindar, the most primitive of the elves. They are wood elves of the Black Forest. They are pagan and believe in a myriad of elf gods. None have adopted Christianity. Dark Ages technology.

5. The human empire. Vast lands have been conquered. But they never conquered the forests of the Elves. It has ruled for 700 years, but now it's in troubling decline, almost collapsed. Two emperors claim control. One is a pagan heretic, the other is a Christian. However, Crusades fever has gripped control of the Populace and they attack the other human Empire, which is also in decline. Crusades era technology.

6. The Other Human Empire is based on Fate worship. This empire is also in decline, but has weathered three orc invasions. It believes that the Orcs are irredeemable, and have called Jihad against the Orcs, but they never expected fellow humans to come into their lands trying to reconquer the human city of Sion for Christians. Crusades era technology.

That's what I have so far.

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Thank you everyone for the kind condolences. Everything will be alright after the week has passed.

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Can you do a video on Starship combat?

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Good review, Endzeitgeist. Thilo, are you planning more reviews on third party products?

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Garretmander wrote:
]Well, now I feel like I have to ask. Are they getting new toys in the Character operations manual? And are those new toys higher level combat applicable options?

Might as well second the request. Is the Envoy class getting new options for high level applications, besides combat?

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Ascalaphus wrote:

Ixal's got a good point. There may be a few niches still unfilled in weapons - I'd like for the common melee weapons that now jump from item level 1 to 8 or 9 to get some intermediate results - but on the whole we have enough to work with.

What I'd like to see is more augmentations. There are already several abilities to fit more augments into a single body slot (verthani, geneture connection) but there aren't that many desirable augmentations yet.

A whole book for more augmentations would be nice.

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Although a Veskarium book would be cool.

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Yep, a lot of people asked for a Veskarium book. They're not saying a word.

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So there should be a ship board device that breaks down items into 10% UPBs. I second the motion.

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I think Cisco Ramon from the Flash is actually a witchwarper. He can open dimensional breaches to other Earths and travel in them. I think this class is beginning to grow on me, although we are playtesting the Vanguard this week. But I might be able to put together an NPC with a Witchwarper graft later on.

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The puns are un-bearable.

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FormerFiend wrote:

I mean, it doesn't affect me because I'm disregarding the living heck out of that statistic, but it does strike me as curious.

Someone standing in the mid five foot range & weighing 200lbs is going to be fairly bulky, but at six feet that shifts over to them being on the leaner side, and by the time you get to 7ft(the max height listed), weighing 200lbs is going to look down right emaciated.

Was there a conscious design decision to shift half-orcs into a leaner, scrappier mold rather than the bulky bruisers they've historically been?

Half-orcs should be beefier, working out to build those muscles. I say 200 lbs is too less.

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Can we get back to the aliens? In other words, shouldn't most of this conversation belong in another thread?

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Ravingdork wrote:
Was there a question you meant to ask, or something else you needed help with, or were you just sharing?

Just sharing.

So are Eberron and Greyhawk planets in your campaign, or did you not intend to raise this question for Starfinder?

They are planets in my campaign. Star systems really. You know how there are certain constellations in Eberron's skies? One of these is Bahamut and I have a whole idea built around that constellation.

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I haven't been checking the forums because of website glitches. That and I don't have much to say.

I'm running one game online that has dwindled down to one player. He's rich enough to buy his own ship and start traveling the spaceways.

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Still, what he is saying that it will be a disaster if they made Starfinder 2.0 right now.

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Vexies wrote:
They have a gem on their hands but only so long as they support it properly.

Gems need to be cut and polished properly so that their fire and brilliance can shine through.

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I think it's too early to think about Starfinder 2nd ed. Paizo said themselves that it would be putting the cart before the horse at this stage.

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Wow, frustrated, huh? You think with all the attention he's been getting, he won't go emo on everyone, but it seems like he does. He could make a good anti-hero.

You can arrange the stats to taste. I thought that was clear, oh well. Naga can be a viable player race but I didn't stat them up for the Horde. They're in Phaeselis.

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Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
AmbassadoroftheDominion wrote:
Soooo............ Space Linnorms?

Someone likes Linnorms. I forgot that Rysky loves them.

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Isaac Zephyr wrote:

I know it's a bit lame. I'd love to see a Lost Golarian. A chapter with all the PF classes converted to work with SF Archtypes. Possibly some of the cooler Archtypes made as SF Archtypes. I really liked the Vigilante's Wildsoul. Giving mutant alien powers to any class for spice? Then maybe some old magic, or other things.

Other than though, I wanna see how things go. For now.

Please, no legacy classes as archetypes.

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pithica42 wrote:

All the classes are getting new class features (related to gear) the only ones we know for sure (from twitch streams) are...

** spoiler omitted **

Mystics are getting a new connection regarding biotech? Bring out the bioware enhancements. And Solarians are getting a new revelation. That's good.

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How many want to see the Birthright conversion I was working on as a .pdf? The conversion can be found here on the Conversion forum.

I can finish it, and start work on it tomorrow. Oh, who wants to play a birthright campaign on Roll20?

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The copyright terms are too long for businesses. 90 years? Really? I'd like to see Metroids too, but Nintendo has Metroid locked under copyright for 90+ years.

And thanks to the Mouse, they may extend copyright to 100 years. IF they already haven't done so. But then this is Alien Archive 3 wishlist, so you can wish for any alien and alien monster, just know you might get something else.

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psionics guide kickstarter update:

  • Expanded Bestiary option unlocked.
  • 500 backers stretch goal unlocked: voting for an additional monster in the bestiary.

    only 43 hours left to go!

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    Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

    Tomorrow. We are starting tomorrow.

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    pithica42 wrote:
    Bantrids can't stop. :P

    They don't have a breaking system and reproduce aesexually.

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    Wish I worked on it. It would be cool to work on a paizo product like this.

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    Good for you, Lou. I hope they are good.

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    Keylan Weyn wrote:
    Hi, GM - interested as I am, I will be starting up a similar adventure (though Pathfinder) as co-GM, and I don't think that I'll be able to play in this one, too. Good luck!

    So be it. The Bahamut Sector is always waiting for you.

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    JJMJester wrote:

    Just wanted to throw in my two cents into this major news…..YES!!!!!!!!!! All of the changes honestly feel like it’s addressing issues I’ve been having with Pathfinder for a while now. I still own my physical Beta Copy and have been running games with Pathfinder since then both in person and on Roll20. I couldn’t even begin to think about how many hours I’ve put into either prepping games, playing games, or researching Pathfinder stuff. I think most people agree that recently Pathfinder has been showing more issues with the newer books.

    All the stuff that’s been hinted at so far just seem like natural improvements on the current system. My hope that 2nd Edition finds itself between Pathfinder 1st Edition and D&D 5th Edition; more options than 5th but smoother all around than Pathfinder 1st Edition.

    Thanks for taking the risk with this Paizo Staff.

    It feels like what 4th ed should have been.

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    Zaister wrote:

    Change is good.

    "Progress is impossible without change,
    and those who cannot change their minds
    cannot change anything."
    —George Bernard Shaw

    As I said, I'm confused by my feelings right now. Confusion, anxiety, all the signs that my mind is changing but wants to stay the same.

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    Yep, I got it and I've seen it.

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    Mystic_Snowfang wrote:

    Something super adorable looking that is pure evil

    Like the vorpal rabbit?

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    DungeonmasterCal wrote:

    Do you allow 3PP material? I would swap the Utahraptor-oids with this race:


    A book I read aeons ago, "West of Eden", was set on an Earth where dinosaurs didn't go extinct, but evolved a complicated society based on bio-engineering dinosaurs for a wide variety of uses, from war machines to laborers. Mankind had evolved, too, but were kept in a very primitive state by the rulers. The only places the Humans were really safe from them was in the higher latitudes where the temperature was too cold for the saurians.

    I know this doesn't really answer your request for a hook, but thought I'd toss it out there as a source from which to mine ideas.

    Thanks. Uh, though, I have to keep the utahraptor-oids as a thing. Though I still need some hooks with which to grab the players. I know everything's better with dinosaurs, but I need something else to work with than just "everything's better with dinosaurs."

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    Sphen wrote:


    Confused if this a recruitment for a new game or something else. But if it is, I want in. I want to travel from Eberron to Krynn. I want to play a warforged so badly.

    We'll see about that. Playing a warforged is like playing an andoid. The only difference is hit points (a warforged starts with 6).

    NeoEvaX wrote:

    Sounds good! I was kinda looking for a more Knowledge/Exploration type diety. Might have to do some Greyhawk diety research to find the right one. Its mostly flavor anyway.

    Thanks for running this. Fingers crossed!

    I really want to run it. I really do.

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    Vrog Skyreaver wrote:

    I realized I had submitted a space goblin to a dead suns game that he wasn't accepted for, so I think I'll reuse him here:

    ** spoiler omitted **

    ** spoiler omitted **

    Frak!'s background is too funny. Also short, but funny.

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    Keylan Weyn wrote:

    I need to edit this one a little bit (and make it an alias?), but here's Keilar, Vesk Bounty Hunter Envoy, and future ship's captain (I'm fairly good with the Starship rules, having played and GMed them a few times now).

    He was originally for another game, and I'll need to re-work the backstory. I'm good with the mechanical layout as-is for now, though I might want to ask a couple clarifying questions for you if he's chosen to make sure they all make sense for the party.

    Alright. Sounds good to me. A Vesk envoy is something I certainly was not expecting.

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    Character Creation Guidelines
    1. Ability Score Generation -- Use the Ability Buy method located on pages 18-19 in the STARFINDER CRB. It's quick, it's easy, and you can generate good scores with it.

    2. Races -- There are many races out there. Felines, Canines, Reptilians, etc. To play a different race than what is listed in the CRB, you have to check with me first (Such as warforged).

    3. Character Class and Theme -- All character classes and themes are available from the STARFINDER CRB. Remember, themes are designed to replace traits.

    4. Starting Level -- The starting level is one, you start with a thousand credits to pave your way to fame and fortune.

    5. Character Background -- There is a random generator picker called Central Casting: Heroes for Tomorrow. You may use this to generate your character's background.

    6. Starting Ship -- We aren't dealing with starship combat in this game until everyone is ready. Last game no one was ready and we lost one of our players. The FTL is drift/Hyperspace until I can figure out the rules for time travel/folding space between stars.

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    Keylan Weyn wrote:


    Getting a heavy "Wing Commander: Privateer" vibe, and I like it.

    That's the intent, I'm still doing some world building in that vein.

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    Now with better world building!!
    Part I

    Set in the Milky Way Galaxy in a part of the Galaxy we can't normally see (in other words, on the "other side" of the Saggitarius "Super Massive Black Hole" [It's really an electric plasmoid, people]) in a sector we will call the Bahamat Sector, lies four major systems. Liga, Avani, Krynn, and Eberron. Although not originally allied, the four systems nonetheless banded together to repel the Draconic threat from the Tiamat sector.

    The repulsion was unsuccessful the first time, for the worlds of the four major systems were settled by Dragons. However, other draconic invasions were repulsed by the people of these four systems and they began to explore space on their own. As they explored the Bahamat Sector, they created an interstellar nation that expanded into the Bahamat Sector.

    The Bahamat Sector is divided into four quadrants. Aebyrnis, Eberron, Krynn, and Oerth. With New Greyhawk -- an advanced spacestation in the Liga system -- as the capital and cultural center.

    As entrepreneurs and colonists ventured out into space, they managed to build different kinds of bases. These bases evolved from the work of these colonists and entrepreneurs.


    The Aebyrnis quadant is governed from the Avani system. A system that contains the planet Aebyrnis. The planet is considered to be a Agricultural center, though the quadrant itself is full of systems with asteroid fields, and thus it's a mining quadrant.

    The Eberron quadrant is governed from the Dol Arrah system. It's the Triune Alliance's vanguard against the Dragons. Dragon ships, Alpha Draconian ships, and Dragonkin ships are frequently encountered here. Here, the Triune Alliance navy holds the thin blue line against the draconic threat from the Tiamat Sector.

    The Krynn quadrant is governed from the Krynn system (yes, another sun was never named). It's a sparsely populated quadrant. However, the system named Junction is so named because of it's location between major trade routes.

    The center of the Triune Alliance's civilization and culture. The capital, New Greyhawk, is located in the Liga System. So are many other large population centers. The most important of these, New Ahlissa, is renowned for the wealth of work and opportunity to be had there. Not to mention that the alcohol and other drinks are top quality. The Oerth quadrant is the only other quadrant that has more than one Pleasure planet, built entirely on rabid consumerism and providing R&R for the military types. This means reports of Draconic and pirate attacks in Oerth has dropped to the lowest rate of any other quadrant.

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    Azalah is right, it's all about comfort. To see how nudism can work in science fiction, might I suggest you give Isaac Asimov's The Gods Themselves a read?

    Also there is Poul Anderson's The Merman's Children, then there is A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Howard Fast's "Sight of Eden" is also poignant to Azalah's question. Finally, one must also read Hienlien's Stranger in a Strange Land. Although the Puppet Masters also by Hienlien is also very poignant. But I suggest you read The Gods Themselves first, and then Howard Fast's "Sight of Eden" to understand where Azalah is coming from.

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