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Organized Play Characters

Elvish Fighter
Liberty's Edge My PFS Lavode De'Morcaine

1/2E Sorc 12, HP:74 of 74, AC:15, Touch:15, Flat Footed:14, with mage armor 12hrs F:+11, R:+10, W:+15, Init:+1, Perc:+18 (1,270 posts)
Scarab Sages Jorin

1/2orc Magus Kensai 10, HP:63/63, AC:18, Touch:16, Flat Footed:12, F:+13, R:+10, W:+12, Init:+10, Perc:+14 (546 posts)
Silver Crusade Morrolan de'Morcaine

Dwarf Ftr1/Inq 6, HP:61/61, AC:24, Touch:11, Flat Footed:23, F:+12, R:+5, W:+9, Init:+3, Perc:+12 (329 posts)
The Exchange Selter Sago de'Morcaine PFS

Nagaji, Naga Aspirant 8, HP 67, AC:22, FF:21, Th:11, F+12/R+7/W+12(+2mind-affecting&poison), Perc +15, Init +1 (876 posts)
Holy Vindicator
Sovereign Court Malaika de'Morcaine

Aasimar Oracle of Shaelyn AC:13, FF:13, Th:10, HP 27/27, F3/R2/W5, Perc +0, Init +0 (200 posts)
Sian Daemodus
Dark Archive Herr Magt Jaeger

Bloodrager 7, HP:67/67, AC:21, Touch:12, Flat Footed:19 F:+11, R:+8, W:+6, Init:+2, Perc:+13 (159 posts)
Grand Lodge PFS CORE - Hádanka

1/2 Orc barb 3, HP:32 of 32, AC:19, Touch:13, Flat Footed:16 F:+5, R:+4, W:+3, Init:+2, Perc:+7 (293 posts)
Lizardfolk Sorcerer
Grand Lodge Voices in My Head

Nagaji Barb 1/Sum 2, HP:30 of 30, AC:17, Touch:12, Flat Footed:15 F:+4, R:+2, W:+4, Init:+2, Perc:+4 (104 posts)
The Exchange Ehm Sven Nien

gunslinger (pistolero) 1/alchemist (sabatour) 3, HP:37, AC:17, Touch:13, Flat Footed: 15 F:+9, R:+8, W:+3, Init:+2, Perc:+10 (233 posts)
Liberty's Edge MyBigBird
(0 posts)
Kabran Bloodeye
Silver Crusade Nevedno de'Morcaine

1/2 Orc Medium 2.0, HP:17, AC:16, Touch:12, Flat Footed:14 F:+4, R:+4, W:+5, Init:+2, Perc:+4 (64 posts)
Grand Lodge PFS CORE - Vie Vsetko

Elf, Wizard (Diviner) 3, HP 17, AC:17, FF:14, Th:13, F+2/R+6/W+3(+1 vs fear +2 vs ench), Perc +11, Init +4 (66 posts)
The Clockwork General
The Concordance Goe Lem
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Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo) Elter Ago
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Sacred Killer
Beswaur Blue Bottle

1/2orc Warpriest (Champion of the Faith) of Desna 3, HP:24/24, AC:20, Touch:12, Flat Footed:18 F:+5, R:+3, W:+7(extra +2 vs charm compulsion), Init:+2, Perc:+3 (95 posts)
(1,484 posts)
(4 posts)
Frizell Foulis Farquharson
(17 posts)
Gronk de'Morcaine

Half-Orc Cleric 6 of Groteus AC 21/ f f20/ t11, HP 38/38, F8/R4/W11 (455 posts)
Infernal Champion
Gruingar de'Morcaine
(438 posts)
Jakaw Razorbeak
Grand Lodge Jastheriga

Tengu Inquisitor, HP:33of33, AC:17, Touch:13, Flat Footed:14 F:+6, R:+6 W:+8, Init:+7, Perc:+13 (49 posts)
Chuffy Lickwound
Kydeem's Pregen

Chuffy Lickwound, HP:11, AC:17, T:15, FF:13 F:+2, R:+6, W:+1, Init:+1, Perc:+5 (33 posts)
Lavode de'Morcaine
(178 posts)

small serpentine eidolon HP 6/6; AC:17, Touch:15 FF:13, Per:-1; Int:+4; F:+0;R:+6,W:+2 (19 posts)
Jask Derindi
Nebdel Melfcane

Teifling Inquisitor for Asmodeus 5, HP:47/47, AC:16, Touch:12, Flat Footed:14 F:+7, R:+3, W:+7, Init:+5, Perc:+10 (492 posts)
Activation Cube
Revolving Door Alternate
(882 posts)

female Animal Companion, stegosaurus, AC:33, FF:29, Th:13, HP 45/45, F7/R9/W3(+4vsEnch), Perc +7, Init +3 (evasion) (94 posts)
Skutene Marid

pitborn sorc 7, HP:46/46, AC:12, Touch:11, Flat Footed:11 F:+6, R:+5, W:+8, Init:+1, Perc:+17 (34 posts)
Golden Orb
Summoned Creature
(57 posts)
Wilfort Spindlethwaite

Gnome Lorewarden 1 / Witch 1 AC:13, FF:13, Th:11, HP 19/19, F4/R2/W1, Perc +2, Init +10 (85 posts)