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Hmmm, I expected a more generic term, so we could have diabolic haunts or fey haunts that weren´t undead in nature.

4/5 Venture-Captain, South America aka Draco Bahamut

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How do you play online ?

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Thanks for being there for us, thanks for your courage and example.

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She looks more like a Half-elf like Fola Barun, a Half-elf wildborn that acts like an envoy for the Ekujae.

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I would pay for a book of sample spirits of each type, with basic goals, contact method, background and personal quirks...

There is an error on page 32.

The following spirits are designed for use with the standard medium class found in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures, rather than the legendary kineticist presented in
this book.

I guess it should be Legendary Medium

The banquet was streamed worldwide, there a lot being discussed over announcements in the foruns bellow.

Sad day for Brazilians. No support for us.

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I want to know more about Arcadians and I want Arcadians as an Ancestry in setting books so I can play characters that look like me.

I almost wish it weren´t an amazing coincidence.

So, if my halfling if fighting an Colossal creature with an dagger, and he can only reach the creature feet, he can´t effectivelly sneak attack ?

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

I really like Dead Suns, Against the Aeon Throne & Signal of Screams, but those were almost 100% sci-fi.
This feels like a re-interpretation of "Legacy of Fire" (which i liked), but not really science-fiction nor fantasy - neither fish, nor meat.

I would say that´s quite the contrary. Thus far Dawn of Flame is the most sci-fi AP until now. Exploring the inside of the Sun, is quite a exploration where no one was before.

How do we summon random cards from a type ? Don´t it would take too long to pull it off ?

The name of the giant is Agmundr Jarl ? Or he is a Jarl called Agmundr ? Or he is the Jarl of the Agmundr clan and also called Agmundr ?

Ok, this is a bit of meta metaplot but I will ask anyway.

Die Vecna Die Spoiler:

When D&D 2nd Edition was to end, Vecna invaded Sigil (The City at the Center of the Multiverse) trying to do something and PCs battled him and soon after 3ed Edition happened and he became a god.

Tyrant´s Grasp Spoiler:

Now just before Pathfinder 1E (the heir of D&D 3E) goes into Pathfinder 2E it happens again with the Whispiring Tyrant going to Absalom (The City at the center of the World) and he is trying to became a god.

So, coincidence or reference ?

I am about to run this on my Reign of Winter campaing. I like the choice of maps, but I can´t use them on VTT. Any suggestion ?

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I wanted a medical role on starship combat. I know it´s weird, but I miss it.

Also Mechas and a Starship Melee role.

James Jacobs wrote:
Bruno Mares wrote:

Is Golarion a male or female noun?

And what about the other system's planets?

A friend said that a planet that support life is always a she, but that may not be true for Aucturn...

They're not gendered.

I am the friend he was talking about. Sorry to press on the issue. We are translating some stuff to Portuguese (that doesn´t really have some neutral gendered words) and in Starfinder we can´t really say "Lost Golarion" without assigning a gender to it.

So, in this case, do you personally feel (not the official position) that in languages without a neutral gender, Golarion should be refered as a male name (and "neutral") or a female name ?

Kalindlara wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:
The placeholder art is from whichever volume of Legacy of Fire introduced the leucrotta to Pathfinder - either the first or second, I imagine. ^_^
So who is the warrior pictured there? She does not appear to be one of the iconics.
She doesn't appear in any other art that I know of, so... leucrotta food, presumably.

The art actually is from Second Darkness part 5, A Memory of Darkness, bestiary chapter

4/5 Venture-Captain, South America aka Draco Bahamut

It´s hard to judge the impact of playing outside of your level in P2E. 1st level characters playing with level 5 characters have a entire different experience or importance overcoming challenges.

How do you choose who you cure ? If you cure a beggar´s knee now, maybe you miss the spell later when a dying orphan is brought to you.
Seven Days to the Grave proved us there si simply not enough spellcasters.
My guess is that there are charity healers around, they just don´t heal adventurers that have money to hire mercenary healers, or charge adventurers of compulsory donations to feed the poor.

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Thank you Paizo´s staff for all your hardwork.

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Is there someway to make Healing actually fun ?

I like Healing, but just spamming Cure Wounds spells seems dull. There is a lot of ways of damaging, why can´t be a lot of tactical ways of healing ? MMO has damage mitigation, slow and fast healing, emergency healing, heavy damage healing, etc...

When we got the Healer Handbook, each Healer class got each own way of Healing, but seems forgotten on the Playtest.

Any news about if there will be more comics after Spiral of Bones ?

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I am quite fond of the forewords. Feel to me like extras on a collector edition DVD with the director commentary track.
I know I can ask you on the forum, but the foreword was a window at the time. A register of your thoughts and hopes at the time.

But things change, you can write on the blog too, be interviewed on the twitch. Could even do a Collector edition with commentaries of the AP developer and all the adventure authors.

Be criative, we love you all.

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I am so proud to be one of the 34 people that decided to drink from the polluted fountain. I wonder if someone that wasn´t a goblin with Eat Anything Ancestry Feat did it.

James Jacobs wrote:
Draco Bahamut wrote:
Hey, if we already changing things. What about new backgrounds for each phase of the Doomsday Dawn Playtest ?

Two reasons we won't be doing something like this:

1) We want folks to playtest the backgrounds in the playtest rules themselves as well.

2) This is new content, akin to adding more encounters or more story, not fixing rules, and as such is not in the scope of an errata or clarification.

Thank you sir, you are very kind.

I just thought this would be interesting for focusing purposes on the timeframe of the playtests surveys, not only that but a advertizing stunt for the Playtest as whole. One or two new backgrounds couldn´t hurt that much heh ? But I understand and appreciate your answer.

Hey, if we already changing things. What about new backgrounds for each phase of the Doomsday Dawn Playtest ?

graystone wrote:
Draco Bahamut wrote:
Are you implying that metric-users are a minority ?

Are you implying that metric users aren't a minority of the sales that aren't translated into another language? Or a minority of the people making the game?

I am implying that Metric-users are a minority of buyers that even being a minority are still worth to be respected and remembered.

graystone wrote:
Draco Bahamut wrote:
I don´t even want to every rule with metric numbers, just a text box showing an official conversion at the end of the book would work for me. Half the people consider 5 feets = 1,5 meters and the other half consider 5 feet = 2 meters.

Does the book REALLY need to have a conversion when real life has one that is super easy to use. Type 'feet to meters' into your search engine and it does the work for you.

5'=1.524 meters so round that however you wish. Or you could just check a foreign language book and see how many meters it gets translated to.

Ya, tried that before and didn´t work. There is the easy conversion (5´= 2 meters) and the right conversion (5´= 1.5 meters), half use the former and half use the later. It help if the authors take a stance on that.

Gorbacz wrote:
As I said earlier: 80% of D&D/PF sales is U.S. and the biggest European languages get their translations where measurements are in metric.

Are you implying that metric-users are a minority ?

I don´t even want to every rule with metric numbers, just a text box showing an official conversion at the end of the book would work for me. Half the people consider 5 feets = 1,5 meters and the other half consider 5 feet = 2 meters.

Rodrigo Lasmoreira wrote:
Glenn Elliott wrote:
Rodrigo Lasmoreira wrote:
Will you guys review the book and point corrections?
I don't think that my very limited Portuguese would allow me to correct anything.

Thanks for the answer. Let's wait to see the final quality...

Let's wait... Again! First, it was scheduled to 2018 april, then was delayed to august, and now it's scheduled to release em september...

Glenn Elliott wrote:
But more to the point, the reason that we have translation partners is that we do not have the ability to do the translations ourselves.

Did you already think about having brazilian professionals working for you, selling the PDF online and the physical books by print-on-demand or via some partner to just print it?

That way, you could assure the material released in portuguese at the same time than english, and no more brazilian fans rage upon you hehe.

Thanks again!

I have a team ready to do exactly that. We are proposing to 3rd parties that want to sell a translation of their PDFs in portuguese. The problem is, there wouldn´t be any physical copies.

Even if Paizo were willing to print the books in China and have them delivered to Brazil, they would still need a partner to do the warehousing and distribution of the book. Maybe someday there will be a business model that allow that, but right now Devir Brasil or another publisher have to do their job.

But i really wanted that Paizo allowed us to at least translate the Pathfinder Society material in-house. It is PDF-only anyway, and Pathfinder Society Brasil is stillborn until there is someway to allow the guide or adventures to be shared in Portuguese.

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Voss wrote:
Draco Bahamut wrote:
There is any legendary feat that Batman never performed in a comic book ?

Quite a few, yeah. They're reserved for the real supers.

But the fact that the discussion is coming around to 'which tier of superheroes do these fit' is a pretty good sign of a complete genre mismatch.

This means my Pathfinderball Z campaing is wrong ?

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There is any legendary feat that Batman never performed in a comic book ?

I wonder how it will workout. Urban tiles are a lot more complex than forest or dungeon.

As for your other question, it sounds like your'e asking for a nation that is religious but isn't focused on a single religion. Combined with a desire for politics... I'd say set it in Absalom, I guess.

Yeah, i wanted a religion themed place. Where all religions would garther and have their own agency, but no one have power over others. Like a United Nations for religions. Absalom is the closest i could find, but lacks a bit of oomph. Do you think there could a place like that exist o Golarion ?

Why do you think there's not a lot of theocracies on Golarion in the first place?

Because very few are actually ruled by Theocrats.

We know a lot about the gods, but know very little about religions.

If you need a adventure site (not in Cheliax or Razmiran because they are too churchy) for a political religious thriller, were you would recommend setting it ?
Example Theocracy of Pale in Greyhawk.

Why there are so few Theocracies in Golarion ?

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I feel sad we couldn´t see the Cleric´s reaction. But i am positive about everything else.

There is a lot of space out there, a planet running into another is not so easy.

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There is hope for non-asian martial arts ? Still have hope for a Luchador or a Capoeirist.

Thank you Mr. Butler,

Devir Brasil says they changed their ways an we will be watching closely. Any words about support over Pathfinder Society Organized Play ?

GM Eazy-Earl wrote:
One thing I've noticed (or inferred) from these class previews is that most of the "cool stuff" requires a feat and it appears feats in PF1 that were available to anyone are now class-specific and some things in PF1 that didn't require a feat at all will require one in PF2. Am I reading this correctly? Will one acquire feats more often in PF2? I'm concerned PCs may actually be able to do less cool things than they can now and in order to do a couple of cool things, one will be forced down a very specific and limited path of feat choices. Please tell me my read on this is wrong and the character building options and choices in PF2 will be just as varied and plentiful as PF1.

I guess they can´t really tell you until August. But i didn´t read as you have read if it makes you don´t worry so much.

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James Jacobs wrote:

The primary heroes of this Adventure Path are the Swashbuckler, the Witch, the Oracle, and the Medium. Some of the following will have cameos: Rogue, Cleric, Fighter, Sorcerer.

(We haven't yet revealed any of the actual final covers for this Adventure Path yet.)

I like when we get a "Charlie´s Angels" formation.

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Now it really got me curious. Human is an Ancestry or Taldan, Ulfen, Varisian etc... are Ancestries ? If Human is an Ancestry and ethnicities are sub-ancestries, there are ancestries feats tied to ethnicities ?

James Jacobs wrote:

I'm absolutely aware of it, and am constantly trying to remain aware of it, and I apologize if I offended you.

Apologies accepted. But you weren´t offensive, just got close.

James Jacobs wrote:

As for dual worshiping—I have NO problems with that at all, but keep in mind that in this game, we have specific rules that apply specifically to clerics who worship singular deities in the form of favored weapons and domains and the like. Clerics are, as the game has evolved, the class who worships a singular deity and gains powers. The role of a class that worships a group of powers or other mystic traditions not represented by a single deity are oracles, who do NOT gain favored weapons or domains in the same way. I have no problem with a group worshiping a "mini pantheon" of deities that includes Desna and Gozreh, or of them calling it anything different, but the idea that this creates a separate conjoined deity that exists apart from Desna and Gozreh being their own thing is what doesn't have a place in the setting.

If you're a cleric,...

I am aware that in game terms it wouldn´t work for clerics and similars. But how would the gods react ?

Let´s say the Cheliax government issued that Halfling slaves don´t have the rights to worship any deities of the hafling pantheon. Chaldira being close friend of Desna could be disguised as a Desna cult. After some generarions of the Desna/Chaldira cult, the mortals see them as one thing. This could happen ? The gods would took issue to keep them separated ? Or the fact that the worshipers in their hearts know the truth is good enough for the gods ?
(Actually just one question with multiple interrogation marks)

James Jacobs wrote:

I'm absolutely aware of it, and you attempting to use a real-world example of shameful, deplorable, historic atrocity to apparently argue me away from my stance on a make-believe religion doesn't really help matters.

Not sure what your point is.

First point: My grandmother parents were slaves. Please, be aware that there are other black cultures that aren´t USA´s Black culture that you might be offending.

Second Point: While deplorable, people were raised in this culture of dual worshiping and keep doing that to this day. I wasn´t trying to argue you away of nothing i can´t see how did you reach this conclusion , i was just asking if you were aware of that.

Actual Question: How do you see this sort of dual worshiping in Golarion ? A people who had to disguise their religious practices as worshiping other gods, and after some generations they got used to pray to two gods in one and grew a entire religion of this.

(This actually happens in the city where i live in real life)

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I have been Venture Captain for Brazil for a long time, tried to contact Devir about support or joint efforts in conventions, but never got any serious answer. Most Brazilians don't speak English, and I need a translation for the guide and scenarios, and even offering to translate myself, they never returned my mails.

Will Themes, like Starfinder, be a thing ?

James Jacobs wrote:

To draw a parallel, it'd be like calling Batman an entirely different name, like "The Mariner", when he fights for justice in the Pacific Ocean islands, and describing him as being a combination of Batman and Aquaman on top of that. It doesn't make sense, and it dilutes what's cool about Batman and Aquaman, and robs everyone of the opportunity to simply make a 3rd character called "The Mariner" who can exist at the same time as Batman and Aquaman without removing them from the scene.

Better to just

Hello Mister Jacobs,

I respect and fully support your choices for Golarion, i am just curious about one point. Are you aware about the religious syncretism in the Americas ?

As the african slaves and native americans couldn´t worship their gods openly, they found a creative way to do that by dual worshiping catholic saints and furtively inserting their rituals on other religions.

Hello Mr. Jacobs,

I hope I find you well in this day.

Is Golarion considered remarkable because Pharasma herself has a widespread religion there (and not a proxy) or Pharasma´s Religion is onipresent and other Death Gods that are exceptions to the rule ?

Question further explanation (optional read): Above the other Inner Sea´s Gods, Pharasma holds a multiversal omnicultural undenialble station (she is the last to die), but there are still other gods of death in other worlds (and cultures) outside of Golarion (or even the Inner Sea Region), that (maybe) work for her. There is a "Earth" in Golarion´s multiverse with the same mythologies and Pharasma don´t have a great presence there.

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