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No item from my order #4015528 from August 12, 2016 reached my home as of today, 12/27/2016.

I really love the Ultimate Relationships rules and i plan on using it with every adventure path, but Kingmaker has a really large cast of NPCs. I am making that in my campaing, NPC must have a rank 4 relationship with someone in the party before accepting a Leadership position. Someone else is using these rules ?


Hello Paizo´s Customer Service,

My Order #3832278 just got here, but my Pathfinder Pawns Bestiary 2 box has a press error, i got two from the same page (the one that starts with Shield Archon), and is missing a entire page (the one that contain Serpent Folk, Sinsspawn etc... ). This is very unfortunate as huge boxes like that are really taxed by brazillian laws. So how i can proceed to return it to you ?
The only problem with my order was this box, everything else is ok.

4/5 Venture-Captain, South America aka Draco Bahamut

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I allways wandered why Pathfinder Society does not have a Master of Secrets, someone must teach subtly.

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There are 31 iconics today and there will be 37 iconics by the end of the year. If there were a comic book line for all of them and they wanted to keep divided by six-persons parties, then there would be 6 comics lines for parties and a solo adventurer comic line. What would be your choice of parties compositions ?

We already have Seoni (Sorcerer), Valeros (Fighter), Kyra (Cleric), Meisiel (Rogue), Harsk (Ranger), and Ezren (Wizard) in the core party.

We could name Sajan (Monk), Amiri (Barbarian), Lini (Druid), Setyel (Magus), Lem (Bard), and Seelah(Paladin) for the alternative party (they lack a trap-springer and a full arcane caster, but the first party was power hungry and got both). Seelah mighty have trouble adventuring with Setyel, but would be interesting story-wise.

Then we have the APG party: Alain (Cavalier), Damiel (Alchemist), Feiya (Witch), Alahazra (Oracle), Balazar (Summoner), and Imrijka (Inquisitor). They only would need help with traps.

Now the trouble comes. Between the Ultimates Iconics, the Advanced Class Iconics and the Occult iconics, we have to make three parties that lack a lot of essencial roles.

I would make the Hybrid Party with: Kess (Brawler), Shardra (Shaman), Enora (Arcanist), Quinn (Investigator), Hakon (Skald) Adowyn (Hunter), and have all bases covered.

The the hardcore outcasts party: Hayato (Samurai), Oloch (Warpriest), Crowe (Bloodrager), Zadim (Slayer), Reiko (Ninja), and Lirianne (Gunslinger).

Name Jirelle for a solo comics.

But a party made of the Occultist, Medium, Kineticist, Spiritualist, Psychic, and Mesmerist seems to lack a true melee type, or a dedicated healer. Can they survive ?

4/5 Venture-Captain, South America aka Draco Bahamut

When i try to report a scenario, i am getting a error message:



One or more characters cannot play this scenario due to being the wrong character/scenario type.

What i am doing wrong ?

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New use for the Survival Skill:

Make Camp: It´s a DC 10 to make a usable camp for 8 hours for four medium creatures (a large creature counts as 2 mediums, and two small creatures counts as one medium). After 10 minutes of work, all people helping mount camp roll a survival check, the better one is the prime result and each other roll is considered a aid another attempt. Each time a check beats the DC 10 by 5, gives the Camp a resource point, the participants of the camp can use this points to buy camp vantages for the duration of the camp.
Unnatural enviroments or underground, gives a -5 penalty on this check, indoors or barren desert, gives a -10 penalty on this check.

Camp vantages:

- Bigger camp (cost 1, can be bought any number of times): Raises the number of creatures allowed in camp by 2.
- Protected Camp (cost , max 3 times): Gives +2 on fortitudes savings to overcome enviremental hazards by the campers.
- Safety Zone (cost 1, max 2 times): Gives +2 on percetion checks made by campers to perceive creatures approaching camp or to avoid being surprised inside camp.
- Tactical Camp (cost 1, max 1 time): Gives +2 to campers initiative to combats inside camp perimeter.
- Feeding Resources (cost 2, max 1 time): Campers don´t need to spend rations while camping and can refill waterskins.
- Camoflage Camp (cost 2, max 1 time): Gives +2 to all stealth checks of campers while in camp. All campers can take 10 on stealth checks while sleeping.
- Improvised Infirmary (cost 3, max one time): Doubles natural healing rate of all campers after a full-s night rest, gives +2 to healing checks made inside camp.

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The APG is really close, and most people already have a good idea how the new class will be. But maybe some of you also have some character ideas that none of the current or imminent classes can bring to life. Só let's share it with the world.

Psionic monk: I am still waiting for psionic support, but what i miss more is a monk/caster hybrid. I would like more a psionic monk. But a divine monk would be cool.

Philosopher: I started with OD&D and i still miss a cleric of law, neutrality or chaos. But many people ask for a godless clerical, it could be a philosopher who worship philosophies. It could be a archetype, but i really miss it.

Rogue/Illusionist Hybrid: I know we have the arcane trickster, but people who could remember the Bluehand from Ad&d miss what the ninja really should be.

Magic item crafter: An alchemist is not an artificer. I still miss it.

Capoeirist (brawler/bard hybrid): Again it could be an archetype, but the character who mix dance with martial arts (and a bit of witchcraft or shamanism) would be fun.

Arcane NPC class: Now that we have retraining rules, it would be fun to have an apprentice class that could be retrained later for GMs who like to do before we became adventurers campaing.

These were mine, what could be more ?

I know that it can be a bit asking too much, but can there be a easy way of ordering the web fiction by publishing order ? Some of the fiction are continuation of another one and i have unknowing read Bastard Sword by Tim Pratt out of order spoilering the first part A Tomb of Winter Plunder by reading as is ordered in the Web Fiction page.
Yeah, i have OCD.

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In case someone want to do a parallel evil twin version of Golarion, how would that be ?

It would have the Worldheal, the spearhead of heaven to heal the world but there are a unhloy crusade of antipaladins to stop them ?

The House Thrune would be free thinkers revolutionaries that freed Cheliax ?
The 7 runelords of virtues are sleeping until the time they are needed to help the world ?
Irrisen would be the land of eternal summer ?
The evil elf invaders from another world are battling the good empyreal lord Treegrower ?
The peaceful orcs are slaved by the evil humans of Lastjail ?
The level headed people of Galt, have magical sickbeds that keep their nobles from dieing and going in the after life ?
Andoran is a place of republican tyranny and the fake democracy ?
Ustalav is the realm of the classic fairytales ? The civilized people of Numeria are being devolved by a spiritual mountain that raised from the ground ?

How would your evil Golarion be ?

My order for the Flipmat Seedy Tavern still pending, since its in such state for so long time, can i ask if there is something wrong ?

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I was thinking about the differences between brazilian fantasy settings and north hemisphere fantasy settings and what i heard from other cultures. I became curious about what changes do you make to better accomodate the cultural assumptions of the setting and the expectations of your players. Maybe US americans don't need any changes but there is a plenty of people from other cultures on these boards.

This is what i do in my own campaing to better accomodate brazilian (from Bahia) players:

1- The sun rises 06:00 AM and goes down 18:00 PM, even in winter. Nothing changes too much between our seasons (we are too close to equador) so we failed a long time to notice that happen different elsewhere.

2- People go to the beach for fun in the summer, anywhere. Being too cold to take a bath at the sea is strange to us, so people thought was strange that Sandpoint dump was at the beach.

3- People drink cachaça, and eat beans with rice. I don't know what a ale is, or what people eated in medieval times beside meat. So people eat more like brazilians in my campaings.

4- Guards and city folk are a lot more weirded by strangers walking around with weapons. So people expect to have to hide weapons a lot more.

5- Cheliax sound more like Spain, Andoren more Portugal, Taldor more Italy, Nirmathas more Netherlands, etc... because we are closer to that cultures.

6- There are fewer religious conflicts and people are more accepting of any religions and temples of multiple interpretations of the same god are more commmon. Like Sandpoint Cathedral.

7- Not oriental Martial Arts are common among peasants (the mwangi brought capoeira to Avistan) .

8- People are expected to bath everyday.

9- There is a lot of mwangi immigrants everywhere and they broght their gods to be worshiped in Avistan.

Evangelization ability says that it has DC 24 and each consecutive round listening to the particular Deimavigga, the DC to resist gain +1. But in the end it says that after a character saves against a particular Deimavigga Evangelization, he get immunity to this ability for 24 hours.
So, the Apostate Devil have to talk as long as he can and then uses his ability for maximum effectiveness (if he talks for an entire hour he gets +360 to the DC ? Imagive if one makes a filibuster !), or the immunity aspect is only about the others effects of the evagelization and everyone saves everyround against the apostate devil ? He can choose to not affect everyone at the same time with his ability ? (only the peasants first, the guards after 1 minute and adventurers after 2 minutes).

Diminutive sized pixies create diminutive potions or regular potions ? As there is nothing about potion resizing, i believe not. So must the pixie the entire potion to be affected ? How long would take for thd diminutive thing drink a ounce of liquid ? And if it is uncouncious ? Can a pixie hold a wand one handed ? Can a pixie hold open a scroll ? I guess diminutive wizards dont have it that easy.

Dear Customer Service,

My order was wrongly charged by Brazilian taxes (they were charging taxes for the entire package value including shipment and books can't be tax charged under brazilian law) and i was really busy that week and lost the complaints term and my package was reclaimed. It was my fault and i ll deal with it, proabily the brazilian post-office will destroy it, but if by remote chance they send it back to Paizo, i would like to know and i would be interested in paying new shipment. Thank you in advance.

Content only for reference. Later this year i ll try again.

1 x No Quarter Magazine #44
1 x Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary (OGL) Hardcover
1 x Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide (PFRPG) Hardcover
1 x GameMastery Flip-Mat: Basic
1 x GameMastery Flip-Mat: Deep Forest

Many casters can cast cantrips and orisons at will, but at certain levels they aren't that versatile or utilitary. How about special feats that improve the cantrips without raising the power level, so when the spells run out, the caster can have a bit of usability left ?

High Cantrip: Ray of Frost
Prequesite: Cantrip class feature, Arcane caster level 5
Benefits: When casting ray of frost, the ray gains a bonus of +2 to hit and the base damage of the ray is raised to 1d4 frost damage. Alternatively, the caster can hit a ground square within the range of the spell and turn it into dificult terrain until the start of his next turn. He also could hit a vertical square and give a penalty to the climb check of -5 to anyone crossing the affected square until the start of the next turn.

High Orison: Guidance
Prequesite: Orison class feature, Divine caster level 5
Benefits: When casting Guidance, the target of the spell can also also ignore any circuntances that causes a -1 penalty to his roll. And he can retry a skill test that he has failed one time that day and he couldn't normally retry, even a knowledge test.

High Orison: Know Direction
Prequesite: Orison class feature, Divine caster level 5
Benefits: When casting Know Direction, the caster can know which way is the north and which way is the closest border of a forest, desert, mountain or large body of water.

Dear Paizo Customer Support

Since October 14, my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box (OGL) Boxed Set (preorder) that was shipped alone is missing. I waited a long time for it. Soon will be a local convention that i hoped i could use the box to hook some new players.

Thanks for any help.

Hebert R. Magno

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I will post the idea here, because i really don´t have the time now to develop it. So if someone like it, maybe he can.

1- Considering that HP mechanics don´t really cover bodily harm, if in your game you need a way to describe dramatic wounds you could create traumas using the disease mechanics. Like punctured lung, broken leg or burned skin, pick a DC, put a Frequency time and cure methods.

2- You could do it a soft way and let it be healed by Cure Disease or a Hardcore way and require the Regeneration spell (in this case, calling the status "trauma" to make it different from disease would be better.

3- I don´t really think Traumas should be a combat thing, because we already have HP for combat. Maybe some consequence for dropping below 0 hit points and falling a save, critical hits or new rogue feats. But my initial idea was a more DM thing to represent dramatic wounds that a merely cure light wounds couldn´t heal.


Broken rib
Type trauma, ; Save Fortitude DC 14
Cause fall, bludgeoning critical; Frequency 1/week
Effect 1d2 con damage and while target has con damage all critical confirmation checks against him gain +2 to confirm; Cure 2 consecutive saves

Reading the playtest from advanced race guide and looking to the image name from the blog post i have noticed that the Vanara are a monkey race, so is the Charau-ka. Are both races related ? Share a common ancestor at least ?
On the subject, there are neanderthals on Golarion ? Antropithecus ? Cavemen ?

My order had:
1 x GameMastery Condition Cards (PFRPG)
1 x Pathfinder Tales: Plague of Shadows Print Edition
1 x Pathfinder Adventure Path #42: Sanctum of the Serpent God (Serpent's Skull 6 of 6) (PFRPG) Print Edition
1 x Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Poster Map Folio

But inside the package was an extra Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves i didn´t ordered. I guess i wasn´t charged either, so i guess someone is missing his book, if is someone from Brazil i can send it to him. If not, please charge me the extra book, i can give it as a gift to a friend.

Thank you for all your hard work,


Hi Paizo.

My Paizo Order #1426782 arrived with a wrong book. I got 2 Pathfinder Adventure Path #34: Blood for Blood (Kingmaker 4 of 6) (PFRPG) Print Edition, and no Pathfinder Companion: Sargava, the Lost Colony (PFRPG) Print Edition.

That was a sad mistake, as i have no need for a second forth adventure (as normally i had bought any extra item before), so how can i return it ?

Dear Cosmos, it´s me again.

This time i tried to wait long enough (Brazil is having some serious post office problems) but all my shipment after this one had no problems.

The following products were included in this shipment:
1 x GameMastery Face Cards: Friends & Foes Deck
1 x GameMastery Item Cards: Weapons Locker Deck
1 x Pathfinder Adventure Path #28: The Infernal Syndrome (Council of Thieves 4 of 6) (PFRPG) Print Edition
1 x Pathfinder Chronicles: City Map Folio Print Edition
1 x Pathfinder Companion: Dwarves of Golarion (PFRPG) Print Edition

As near all my shipments before appeared by elfin magic one week after i posted about them here, if something shows up, i ll post here.

The entire order is missing,

It was shiped exactly my son´s birthday 22.10 containing :

1 x Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary (OGL) Hardcover
1 x Pathfinder Chronicles: Seekers of Secrets -- A Guide to the Pathfinder Society (PFRPG) Print Edition
1 x Pathfinder Chronicles: Book of the Damned -- Volume 1: Princes of Darkness (PFRPG) Print Edition

Dragon Shaman is a odd class, as it have 3/4 base attack and use d10. What should be better ? Make him d8, full progression or stay as it is ?

Well, i want to send a gift to Paizo as a thanks for all the trouble of mailling my Pathfinder Chronicles Campaing thrice. Should i send it to the same address is in all the mail you sent me or there is other more convenient address ?

Both are reincidents, my players are making jokes about never coming to finish Crimson Throne.

From Order #105593

The following products are included in this shipment:
1 x GameMastery Critical Fumble Deck

From Order #1066116 (the order was divided, bellow is what wasn´t delivered)

The order contains the following items:

1 x Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting (OGL) Hardcover Print Edition @ 0.00 = $0.00
1 x Pathfinder Chronicles: Curse of the Crimson Throne Map Folio Print Edition @ 0.00 = $0.00
1 x Pathfinder #12 -- Curse of the Crimson Throne Chapter 6: "Crown of Fangs" (OGL) Print Edition @ 0.00 = $0.00

Does Seelah ever wear her helm ? No illustration in any book that i own shows her wearing it (a very amusing feat given her backstory).

I tried to wait the most i could, but stilll didn´t show up here. If it appear i ll post here.

The following products would be included in this shipment:
1 x GameMastery Critical Hit Deck
1 x GameMastery Critical Fumble Deck
1 x GameMastery Line of Sight Indicator
2 x GameMastery Flip-Mat: Basic

But i got
2 x GameMastery Critical Hit Deck
1 x GameMastery Line of Sight Indicator
2 x GameMastery Flip-Mat: Basic

Double Critical Hit and no Fumble (that would be nice if i was playong, but not this time).

So, how i should proceed now ?

Sorry if i was not clear in my post about Order #948650, but my #10 Curse of the Crimson Throne Chapter 4: "A History of Ashes" (OGL)reached my home a week after i had posted my complaint, so could you please cancel the shipment, only sending Pathfinder #14 -- Second Darkness Chapter 2: "Children of the Void" (OGL) ?

Shipped 12 June, but Brazilian mail went on a strike last month. I am still waiting for it to reach home, but i posted this only to make a point if my next order (#979151) is delivered and #948650 don´t.

So the beta release is around the corner and the basic is already know. But as mental exercise we can go over the basic and think what we would want of brand "new" rules/material ?
Well, personally i don´t think new monsters as interesting as i am subscriber and receive a good flux of monsters (at least for first book). DM content is not rule system bound so no need to expand from the start.
What i really really want is new classes/mechanics for the new rules. A Pathfinder Swarshbuckler (forgetting the CW one) would be nice, new prestige classes with true PRESTIGE, new uses for skills, psionics, alternate rules and i don´t know, something that blows my head like many things Paizo done before.

Religion war is an old favorite of mine. Conflict born on religious intolerance spawning battles of self-righteous sides, but in a world where all the gods acknowledge each other it´s bit hard to happen. The Iron Kingdoms have it right with the Morrow-menoth conflict, but Golarion have his own Protectorate of Menoth ? A theocracy who see herself as the only true faith ready to make war to save the heathens of others religions ?
I haven´t read the Gazeteer yet, but i am anxious to know.

Many classes have MAD problems, and many classes considered disbalanced have not. So why not give some MAD problems to Druid, Cleric and Wizard ? I remeber reading in the Otto the Bugbear site that he putted two atributes in each, one governing the spell DC and the other extra-spells. Like a cleric needed high Wisdom for spell DCs and high Intelligence for extra spells.
This even turns the fighter tougher, as one the few classes having no MAD problem.

I found the bloodline fluff amazing. I really could envision noble or even royal families with a celestial or draconic bloodline. Were every king can trace his line to a patron Solar of the of the empire, or to a legendary dragon. Hidden clans of indiviuals with direct decendency to giants or demons. A important family of rangers that can trace back to fairies.

Even if there is only real impact if one of them turn to be a sorcerer, it is something interesting fluff-wise. Maybe in the future there could be some feats that lend some love to bloodlined people who don´t is a sorcerer, but i guess is to early for the core.

I know there was something similar before (unearthed arcana i guess), but i liked more of the Pathfinder Mechanic. I have some questions: There is any problem with a dragon sorcerer getting a draconic bloodline ? Or a Tiefling sorcerer with Celestial Bloodline ? Some discrepanses can be confusing.

Hi, i just receive Order #889114 that was shipped near a month after order # 870694, but no signal from it.

Maybe somehow it got back to you. What should i do ?

Hi, i think i made a mistake when i was subscribing to the Pathfinder Chronicles and accidently subscribed twice to the Pathfinder Ongoing Subscription. Sorry, but of course i only want one subscription from each.
Can someone verify this ? If it´s true, what i should do to correct my subscriptions ?

Really grateful, thanks for any help.

Hi, i think i made a mistake when i was subscribing to the Pathfinder Chronicles and accidently subscribed twice to the Pathfinder Ongoing Subscription. Sorry, but of course i only want one subscription from each.
Can someone verify this ? If it´s true, what i should do to correct my subscriptions ?

Really thanks for any help.

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