Interest Check- Paths of Radiance (Stormlight Archives Campaign)


Been reading/listening to a lot of Stormlight Archive lately and we loves it, precious.

I'm considering using Pathfinder as a chassis to run a game set on Roshar. There'd be a lot of homebrew elements. Most magic using classes would not be allowed; instead, classes without magic would be allowed. Those that were interested in becoming Radiants would get a power set that would essentially function as a "free" Sorcerer-type Bloodline.

I'm not quite sure what the plotline for the game would be; it would take place concurrently with the books, though.

As this is not a module but a created campaign the pacing would be slower than some other games.

If enough interest is expressed I'll put up a recruitment.

Oh heck yes! I am so in! Love the Stormlight Archive very much.

So now... to play a nice political girl, or a big macho mans man...

Would be very keen, I think that the Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might systems by Drop Dead Studios would make modelling the world a lot easier if you are familiar with them?

I am only passingly familiar with those systems but don’t know that they would be a good fit. My understanding is that they add a lot of versatility; however, among the orders of Knights Radiant, they’re not really different in their powers (all Windrunners access the same Lashings, etc)

I'm a play-by-post noob, but I'm also an avid Sanderson fan, so I'm very interested.

I kid.

DM Rag is pretty rad so if he puts something up jump in on it. I'm in a ton of games already so one more is probably not reasonable but +1 vote for peeps to apply to this if he runs.

I would be interested. I am looking for a homebrew game.

Super interested!

I'm interested. I love Sanderson's work, but I am a complete noob to the pathfinder ruleset. Like, I'm just reading through the core rules for the first time right now, so trying to wrap my head around the spheres of power and might could be a bit much for me. If it was in 5e or Genesys, I'd be more comfortable. But, honestly, if you start recruiting for a Cosmere game, I'll send you an app for any system.

I'm extremely interested.

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I don't play Pathfinder much any more, but I love the setting. Not entirely sure how it would work in Pathfinder (or 5e for that matter), but I'd give it a shot if there's space.

I would also be very interested in this!

I don't know if PF is the best idea but I don't know what other system would best emulate it.

I suppose you could make the orders of Knights Radiant like free Bloodlines added onto existing classes? Have powers take X "Charges" of Stormlight? It would be hard to make it so that it was accurate to the books I think.

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I'd be interested. Reading Book 3 now and having to fight between reading slowly so I can enjoy it for longer and racing through it.

Would the Genesys system work? (I've never played with it, but I believe it's supposed to be very adaptable; I really need to read it, though, as I'm playing in a game with it in like 10 days...)

@mott- I drive about an hour each way twice a week to visit girlfriend/friends, so I listened to the Oathbringer audiobook, and it was spectacular. 10/10, would recommend.

I think I would also recommend using a different system. Perhaps Fate? Not sure, but I think reskinning a Pathfinder game with Stormlight Archives won't really feel like you're playing Stormlight Archives. IMHO

Captain Coffee wrote:
But, honestly, if you start recruiting for a Cosmere game, I'll send you an app for any system.

Ditto. I would jump on this even if I had to buy a new rulebook. I guess you could say I'm interested.

I think the hardest part would be figuring out what to do if someone wanted to play a Radiant who's surges haven't been revealed yet.

Is this a thing that is still happening?

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