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Cindra follows Phaedra outside, laughing as she enjoys Phaedra's enthusiasm for play.

As Phaedra explains the rules to Lang, Cindra changes into her bird form, perching on a nearby statue.

Lang Fei wrote:
Phaedra Svarog wrote:
Lang Fei wrote:
Phaedra Svarog wrote:

Lang acted as though he was oblivious to the "correction" in fact he merely addresses Phadedra's latest request.

you have nothing to apologize for. part of being friends is looking past our differences and finding the things that we have in common.

I would love to go with you guys. I really had nothing planned. anything you had in mind? he asks.

"Do you know how to play firekeeper*?" she asked eagerly...and then frowned. "Oh, wait, that would be hard to play without wings...well, maybe we can try playing it on the ground?"

Lang first has a confused look, not initially recognizing the game. but after a moment he recalls something, Its been a long time, I think I remember that game. I never was really good at that game. but I would love to play.

Oh and yes I can fly, maybe not as good as you guys but I can manage.

Cindra smiles warmly, "It has been a long time since I played firekeeper. This should be fun!"

Phaedra Svarog wrote:
Cindra Svarog wrote:
Phaedra Svarog wrote:

Phaedra's facial expressions clearly displayed her internal conflict as she tried to accept this way of thinking, but wasn't really quite getting there yet. But she didn't argue with her cousin. Which was a step in the right direction.

"Do you have any plans for today?" Phaedra asked, changing the subject. "I was trying to figure out what to do. I don't want to just sit around. It's a nice day. Maybe we can play outside?" she asked hopefully. A week of mostly being cooped up inside was definitely wearing on her.
Cindra smiles at the younger girl, real affection showing, "Sure, we can play outside. As long as we stay on school grounds."
"Can Lang come too? I mean, if he wants to. You did say you wanted to be friends, and I'm fairly certain that requires spending time sharing activities," she said primly, addressing Lang.

Cindra nods in agreement, "Of course Lang can come if he wishes to do so. But perhaps you should also ask if he has any activities planned today that you might share with him. Sharing must go both ways." She winks at Phaedra to take the pedantic sting out of what she said.

Phaedra Svarog wrote:

Phaedra's facial expressions clearly displayed her internal conflict as she tried to accept this way of thinking, but wasn't really quite getting there yet. But she didn't argue with her cousin. Which was a step in the right direction.

"Do you have any plans for today?" Phaedra asked, changing the subject. "I was trying to figure out what to do. I don't want to just sit around. It's a nice day. Maybe we can play outside?" she asked hopefully. A week of mostly being cooped up inside was definitely wearing on her.

Cindra smiles at the younger girl, real affection showing, "Sure, we can play outside. As long as we stay on school grounds."

Phaedra Svarog wrote:
Phaedra giggled. "He's not really a people person. I asked him once why he didn't like to go to parties and he said that people were too loud and he preferred books because they were always quiet."

Cindra giggles quietly and nods in agreement.

Phaedra Svarog wrote:
Lang Fei wrote:
Lang sat a bit as the two girls talked. looking to Phaedra, ya know what, Sun taught me that having special powers does not make anyone special. I didn't ask you to be friends because of any powers. in fact I had another friend that really had no abilities at all, and I would trust her with my life.

She gave him an odd look. This idea went very contrary to what she'd experienced in her life so far. "Well, er, that's good?" she said, uncertain how exactly to respond, and totally floundering.

Awkward girl is awkward....

Cindra smiles at Lang and Sun, "What makes a person special is not what they can do, but who they are. It took a long time for me to understand that, my family being how they are."

Phaedra Svarog wrote:

Not intentionally. He's just very introverted. He has to be pushed to socialize at all, let alone with people outside his family. After he arrived at Avalon, he discovered the library, and hasn't really interacted with anyone since. :P

"Don't worry about it," Phaedra said, airily. "It's not your fault. And it looks like your bubbles are getting more interesting. That's pretty good, Cindra. I bet they'll end up being sorry they ever made fun of them." She was trying really, really hard not to be jealous, while at the same time she basically idolized her older cousin and resented anyone who ever criticized her.

Cindra puts her arm around Phaedra for a moment, giving her a light squeeze. "That is the first time any of them have done anything other than just be a glass bubble. I didn't even do anything differently than usual. It is a little weird..."

She pauses then looks down at Phaedra, "They are right, though. And even if they are wrong and you do not have some in-born talent for something, here at Avalon you can learn to be or do anything you want. It might be rough getting used to being different, speaking from experience, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to be fully and completely yourself, and to love yourself for it."

Cindra looks back up at Lang, slipping her arm down from around Phaedra's shoulders, "Solus really is gifted with firebending. But if you are interested in seeking his help it might be best if I go with you. He can be a little .. um .. reserved around people he doesn't know."

Phaedra Svarog wrote:
"At least you have a power, Cindra," Phaedra said with a grimace. "It may not be one they like, but it's something. The wait and see, you'll have your powers soon pep talk gets sadder every year. It's mostly just pitying looks now." She pulled her salamander off of her plate before it attacked the food Cindra gave her too. "Solus would be more help with learning fire bending that Cindra would. He's pretty good at it. He's Cindra's older brother."

Cindra looks at Phaedra with an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry, Phaedra, I really wasn't thinking." She looks up to Lang, "But she is right, my brother would be much better at helping with the firebending thing, if you can convince him to help you."

Is Solus as xenophobic as most firebirds?

Lang Fei wrote:
Lang listens then has a smile of a great idea. Well I don't have any talent for it either, well at least not yet. maybe we can learn it together. he suggests, with a bit of excitement to have someone to learn with.

Cindra shakes her head sadly, "As much as I would love to suddenly develop a knack for it, my family has, um, quite thoroughly tried to develop the skill in me. I am one of the minority of firebirds that have talents that lie in other directions."

She puts her palms together and, drawing them apart, is suddenly holding a delicate glass orb that grows as she draws it larger. At about 4" in diameter, it suddenly fills with a bright, pure light. Cindra jumps in surprise, dropping the orb which shatters on the edge of the table. The entire tabletop is infused with the light, and the broken bits of glass begin to evaporate. Cindra's voice is shaken and confused, "Well. It has never done that before."

Lang Fei wrote:

Lang had been enjoying his vegetarian breakfast while Cindra was getting her food. He was about to try and find something to talk to Phaedra about, when Cindra asked about Sun.

Well...he kinda teaches me about....ahh...Life I guess.

you see I was raised in a remote monastery, not much contact with others. except for the elder masters, they would meet regularly with the other bending communities. You see we are all air benders.

after a pause, well actually I am an air and water bender, but I will also learn fire like a firebird.

"Well, I can't help you with that one. I am one of the strange firebirds that have no talent for it at all. The black shame and disappointment of it, at least as far as my parents were concerned." Cindra's voice holds none of the bitterness once might expect. In fact, she seems fairly amused by it.

Phaedra Svarog wrote:
"Okay," Phaedra said happily. She's so distracted she doesn't noticed her salamander has climbed onto her plate and is helping itself to her breakfast.

Cindra returns with a plate of charred breakfast breads, and a cup of something that smells pretty toxic, as well as a bit more of what Phaedra had on her plate, since the silly salamander ate a good bit of it. As she sets it down and seats herself, she hands the extra to Phaedra with a wink before turning to Lang and Sun, "So Lang, in what does Sun mentor you?"

Lang Fei wrote:

wow busy weekend here

Lang stands and bows Pleased to meet you.

motioning toward Sun, This is Sun, he is my mentor in this school.

Lang I think you missed a post of Cindra's a little way biggie and we can just move on from here...

Sun is some kind of ape, yes?

Cindra smiles at Sun, with a somewhat bemused expression on her face, "It is nice to meet you, too, Sun." I mean, let's face it, that is not the strangest thing I have seen here at avalon...

Taking Lang's response as tacit agreement for her to stay, Cindra gives Pahedra's shoulder another squeeze, "Let me go and grab some food, and I will be right back, okay?" She heads for the serving line with a smile and a wave.

True to her word, Cindra steps into the elementary cafeteria and spots Phaedra after a few moments. Seeing the girl sitting with some friends, she tries to discreetly catch Phaedra's eye but remains unnoticed, as usual. I will not have her thinking I don't keep my promises.

With a sigh Cindra heads over to Phadra's table, coming to a stop beside the girl and speaking with a bright smile on her face, "Hi, Phaedra! How are you this morning?"

Cinra follows the other two, laughing happily with them. To tell the truth, she was interested in seeing the creatures as well. There was one girl, well young woman, really, that had some sort of tiny dragon for a pet. Maybe there were more of those...

Lucas Svarog wrote:
Once they reach one of the hallways though he notices something odd about the air. "Is it just me or is the air actually comfortable... It almost feels warm actually"

Cindra looks around, nodding slowly, "It does seem better than usual. Maybe they are trying to make it better for the firebirds?"

Cindra nods along with Lucas' words, "If you want to look at the magical creatures, I can come along, then after Lucas goes, we can go use the sim room."

Phaedra Svarog wrote:
"Ummm.....well....I....don't know, actually. I'm....I'm not sure what I like to do. I always had Lily telling me what to do all the time and now I don't actually know what I like for myself and I don't know how to figure it out. But it's too embarrassing to tell people that. Please don't tell anyone," she pleaded.

Cindra's expression sours a little at the name of her least favorite cousin. Her face smoothed quickly, however, and though she tried not to, her voice took on a little bit of a pedantic tone, "Well, did you actually like doing any of the things Lily made you do? Did you look forward to any of them?"

Phaedra Svarog wrote:
Phaedra made a face. "No way!" she said emphatically. "I'd much rather hang out with you than go back," she said with what she really, really hoped was a winning smile. She really didn't like being all on her own in the elementary division. She'd always had siblings and cousins around and had no clue how to cope with being alone.

Cindra smiles at her young cousin, "Sounds good to me! I do need to do some research in the library, but that can wait for a while. What would you like to do? If we don't know where it is, we can try to find it."

Cindra waves to Lucas, "I will pass, thanks all the same. Summoning is not really my 'thing'."

She turns to look at Phaedra, "How about you, Cousin? You want to hang out a while longer or are you ready to head back to the other side?"

Cindra smiles at her cousins, "Did you know that a full Demon is one of the instructors here? And it works in the infirmary as a healer of all things..."

What does Nanami teach again?

Cindra rolls her eyes slightly at Lucas' response to Nanami, and catches Phaedra's eye. Her expression seems to comment on Lucas' tendency to always have a response to everything.

Phaedra Svarog wrote:
"I can't come visit you, though. Not unless someone comes and gets me first. They don't let us elementary students wander around the big kids' areas unsupervised. I guess there were problems because of it at one point, so now it's restricted. And how am I supposed to give them a chance? Mama told me not to talk to them. Everything is strange here, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I mostly just hang around with Ignace, which is very boring because all she ever does is sew things. All day long. I mean, she's nice enough, but there have to be other things to do," she finished plaintively.

Cindra hands Phaedra a piece of charcoal slathered with a jelly-like mix very similar to napalm, "Well, then I will just have to make a point to visit you more, won't I?"

Cindra smiles at her cousin with no patronizing or condescending attitude, "It is strange to be around so many other kinds of people, isn't it? It is hard to get used to. But if you give them a chance, they might surprise you. And you can come visit me any time I am not in class; I am in the library a lot."

She pauses for a moment, then tries a distraction tactic, "Is there anything you like about the school? Anything interesting?"

Cindra's eyes twinkle a little with amusement at the formal way of speaking Lucas almost always used, "Well, here I am." She smiles at Phaedra, "How are you liking Avalon, Phaedra?"

Cindra looks up as Lucas and Phaedra approach, smiling at her cousins warmly, "Hi guys! How have you been?" She dips a small piece of charcoal in kerosene before popping it into her mouth. She gestures to the plate, but does not speak with a full mouth.

Well, probably still cafeteria. She missed food looking for Raelle, so she went back there to try to eat.

Cindra was last in the cafeteria. Failing that she will be in the Library.

Sorchan del Sol wrote:

Sorchan stopped as if he were listening to something and then turned to Lucas.

"The things that you found of Raelle's, please hand them to me. I need to get them to Ryleh so she can find where they've taken my daughter," he said, jaw clenched as he tried to keep his emotions under control. "Thank you for your help," he added, realizing that he hadn't yet acknowledged that. "All of you."

Cindra bows a little to Sorchan.

Sorchan del Sol wrote:
Sorchan nodded. "I'll go and see what if anything I can find out about who took her," he said. "Show me where her belongings were found," he said to Cindra.

Cindra nods, "Flying will be faster, sir."

Regardless of form, she will lead the way to where Lucas is as fast as she can manage.

Sorchan del Sol wrote:
The school seems to be helping her hurry. That corridor had seemed longer before. And the stairs didn't used to be there, did they? She reached an area of the school she had never been before quite quickly. Professor del Sol was already walking down a corridor towards her, followed by a woman she didn't recognize with dark red hair. "What is it?" he demanded. "What happened to Raelle?"

Cindra curves in a graceful maneuver, flowing into her human form keeping pace with the Del Sols, "Professor, we do not yet know what has happened, except that she has disappeared. Lucas has found some of her belongings just outside the wards. That is when I reached out to you."

Morrivan wrote:
Lucas Svarog wrote:
Lucas rummages through the bag looking for something to positively identify the owner and broadcasts ::and bring someone who can trace teleports::

Inside the bag is a small bag of charcoal briquettes, a notebook filled with strange doodles - page after page of circular designs, and a datapad. Also a hair tie, some lip gloss, and a small hair brush. The hair tangled in the brush is dark.

::Somebody go and get Professor del Sol,:: Morrivan attempted to sort of mentally shout at whoever contacted her next. Not being naturally telepathic really sucked right now. She ran in the direction that Lucas had been sending from.

Cindra banks and brushes the corridor wall, arrows light up leading to Professor Del Sol, ::I am on my way. I will try to reach him telepathically to speed this up.::

Cindra brings to mind the tall man from her memories, vague though they are, ::Professor Del Sol! Professor? This is Cindra Svarog. There is a situation developing regarding Raelle!::

narrator wrote:
Not sure if Cindra was there for that part of the conversation, but Morrivan already said that Raelle wasn't inside. The arrows would also quickly reveal this information if she uses them. Basically just looking for a general perception check for a flyover of the grounds. Igni already posted his. I'm just waiting for Cindra and Lucas to post theirs.

I don't know if she was or not either, but I for sure forgot about it...

Cindra quickly discovers that Raelle is not in the library, she begins choosing areas at random to search.

Perception: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (18) + 15 = 33.

Not really sure how you want this scene to pan out.

Since it was one of her favorite places ever, Cindra heads for the library to search.

Morrivan wrote:

It's like a DC 5 Knowledge check. There are songs. And poems. The final confrontation with the council is kind of a big deal, and Raelle is very visually distinctive. She finds this all intensely embarrassing. :P

"Uh...I don't can use telepathy right? Use that. My name is Morrivan. I'll wait by the lake so you all know where to find me. If you've checked an area and nothing tell me, and I'll pass that on when the next person contacts me and so on. You guys should be able to cover the school grounds in a matter of minutes. If she's not there, then I have to go tell her family."

Cindra nods, "Okay. I will keep you posted."

With that she assumes her bird form and flies out of the cafeteria.

Morrivan wrote:
"Yes, I do need help looking for her. She's a firebird. Mix of dark and light grey feathers in bird form. In girl form she's about my height, dark hair, looks black is actually red, grey eyes, tattoos all over, she was wearing jeans and a red jacket. She was supposed to meet me by the lake after classes, but she never showed." Morrivan pushed her hair back impatiently. "She wasn't allowed off the grounds to start with unless she was with her family. Cause her dad was worried cause I guess some of the old school types are blaming her for what happened. He thought they might hurt her. I mean, it's stupid, but I guess politics gets stupid sometimes," she said with a helpless shrug. "Anyways, more recently there's been a strong of murders. Girls lured away from the school, or the town, or the camp. Two of the victims were friends of ours. So, yeah, I'm worried about her, and I really hope I'm wrong."

Would Cindra have reason to know/know of Raelle?

Cindra looks at her tray, then unceremoniously sets it on a nearby table before looking back to Morrivan, "Where do you want me to look, how do I contact you if I find her, and how often and where should I check in if I do not?"

Lucas Svarog wrote:
Morrivan wrote:

"Thanks. I appreciate it. I'm Morrivan by the way. So you know what name to yell if you find something. And if we're to the point of needing a scrying then we've probably already had to go to her parents."

"Lucas, Lucas Savrog pleasure to meet you. If I might ask what prompted you to worry, did you have plans to meat that she missed?"
Cindra Svarog wrote:
Cindra walks up with a tray loaded with charred and blackened foods. Her brows furrow as she sees the look on Lucas' face, "Hiya Lucas. Is something wrong?"
"a girl by the name of raelle is missing. Hopefully.. That is probably nothing's wrong but it doesn't hurt to make sure"

"This is not a good time for a girl to be missing! Do you need help looking for her? What does she look like?"

Cindra walks up with a tray loaded with charred and blackened foods. Her brows furrow as she sees the look on Lucas' face, "Hiya Lucas. Is something wrong?"

Cindra steps into the cafeteria, flinching slightly at the sight of the spider creature. Her hands are mostly hidden in the sleeves of her shirt, but her left hand looks to have five rings on it, one on each finger. She glances around and waves to Lucas with a smile as she makes her way to the line.

Cindra sits quietly in the cafeteria eating her meal. A satisfied smile on her face as she rolled the perfect glass sphere around in her hands.

Cindra spent the week in a very good mood. She found that she had a real talent for going unseen, even in the most well lit area and under direct observation. Professor Strider had even lost track of her for a moment or two in class. She was also enjoying the relative anonymity of life in the academy, but would like to make a few new friends; a difficult task for someone most people do not notice.

She is going to switch botany to stealth.

Most of the time people overlook her, so she figures she may as well learn how to use it better to her advantage.

Having spent the previous class periods entirely unnoticed both by teachers and by her classmates, Cindra sighs heavily and walks back to the Headmaster's office to apply for a class change, I may as well make use of it if I cannot avoid going unnoticed.

She stops beside another girl about her age also waiting for the Headmaster.

Cindra is not doing much at the moment. Just chillin near the botany classrooms. If anyone has a bored person/is, themselves, bored.

Though she is early, Cindra follows the arrows that lead her to the botany classroom and slips quietly through the door stepping to one side and surveying the space in front of her.

Finishing her lunch, Cindra sighs quietly at the ease with which she fades from everyone's attention. There has to be some use for this, hasn't there? Returning her tray to the dishroom, she leaves the cafeteria. After brushing a hand along the wall, she heads for botany class.

narrator wrote:
He shrugged and sat down. "Meditation was kinda boring, but I enjoyed light blades okay. It was better than meditation anyways," he said, rolling his eyes. "How about you?"

"Alchemy was pretty weird, I think that Professor Yrrum is more than a little insane. I liked it though. History made me almost fall asleep. Twice. I have something called "gunkata" after lunch. That should be interesting. So far I like it here."

narrator wrote:
"So am I allowed to join you, or are you enjoying alone time? I promise not to be offended if you tell me that you're kinda over the whole family time thing," Solas said as he approached his sister.

Cindra looks up at Solas and the smile grows across her face, "Of course you can join me, I am not intentionally trying to sit alone. It just worked out that way." She pauses for a bite, then continues, "Are you enjoying your classes?"

Cindra slips into the cafeteria shortly after the bell, gets a lunch, and sits at an empty table to eat. There is a small smile on her face.

Near the back of the group, Cindra also jumps at the tremor that runs through the building, putting her back to a wall, then ducking away from the swarm of bats.

Cindra smiles warmly at Lucas, then waves to the group as she touches the wall and begins to walk away after the arrows.

Some short time later, having dropped her stuff off in her new room, Cindra steps hesitantly into a classroom and stands near the door waiting for the professor to arrive.

Lucas Svarog wrote:
"Interesting choice, that"

Cindra blushes and ducks her head, and her voice is a little defensive, "Well, it seemed interesting. I have never really seen one, only read about them." She shrugs, helpless to explain her choice.

Cindra gives a small smile to Archena and speaks quietly, "Something called 'Gunkata'. I think it has to do with guns."

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