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We are part of Stoneroot Glade Village, part of the High Road Covenant Alliance aka HRC. We are in the NW and we are doing ... STUFF.

VERY INTERESTING STUFF!! Want to know more? Check us out at the below links or come talk to us on the Golarion Mumble, which link can be found at the coalroad site in the upper left corner of the main page.

STUFF!!! Really, really great STUFF!!

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He would be free-er if his Mac would play the game. :-)

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I have a spare Buddy invite if someone still needs one.

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Nihimon wrote:
<kabal> Bunibuni wrote:
Since mobs can no longer be kited...

Mobs can absolutely be kited. The only mobs that are really dangerous to kite are those with full-range 35m Attacks.

<kabal> Bunibuni wrote:
... some of the blast spells don't seem to affect more than the one foe targeted.
If the AoE Template is "Short Blast", then the AoE portion of the Attack will only impact targets who are within the arc and within half the full range of the Attack. So, for example, Arctic Winds will hit your Target out to 35m, but will only hit others in the arc if they're within 17.5m. Note that Stephen seemed to think this was a bug, leading me to believe that Arctic Winds shouldn't even hit your Target unless it's within 17.5m.

By "Kiting" I meant that they all go after the one person who attacked first and ignore everyone else, like they did a few upgrades back, while that person ran away. Which would allow everyone else to attack from the sides as the main pigeon ran for her or his life. :-)

I've used both short blast and long blast and only seem to hit one foe. I even targeted the guy standing straight BEHIND someone else, and the front person is totally unaffected by the attack. And this was at less than 35 m.

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AOEs are weaker over all. Since mobs can no longer be kited but split up and run after everyone and anyone as soon as they are attacked, it is hard to even do more than one single AOE to set up conditions that others in the group can take advantage of.

Fireball is such a laugh for a third level spell. And some of the blast spells don't seem to affect more than the one foe targeted.
Killing Joke still seems to be the most powerful spell in a wizard cantrips list.

Waiting to see if the 4th and 5th level spells I found are any better.

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Your browser does not support the canvas element. Please upgrade to the latest version of your browser or use Google Chrome or Firefox.

*Sigh* my work browser seems to be out of date even though it is checked to automatically update. And I'm not allowed to fool around with the updates on my own. Let's hear it for Internet Explorer 10! ;-)

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Terra Firma announced that they were leaving the game and giving up their village. They stated that they had sent an email to GW about it and that they were giving back the village to GW. Haven't heard anything more after that.

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Love you guys! Keep it up! Bang those drums! Make sure everyone is watching you and Golgatha fight it out for control of the map.

Meanwhile ... we quietly continue to gather and do PvE and slowly, oh so slowly, expand OUR territory in the NW.

Just waiting for the map expand so we can grab ... er ... settle everything to the West and North of us. :-)

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Probably best age for it! At least they don't want to be Pokémon trainers and throw monsters out to fight other monsters.

Then again, Sailor Moon has been restarted so if they see that, they might want to be magical sailor princesses.

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I think we will be seeing more conflict in a couple of months, if the Tower Wars are still going on then. By then, a lot of folks will be up around level 11-13+ and that means that they need more towers to hold to be able to support those levels. Tier 3 stuff will be in reach for many and many almost able to use it.

That's when the real pinch of towers is going to be felt, forcing many to decide whether to expand so they can continue on to those levels or stay at the level that they are at or fighting like crazy just to hold what they have while those who want to go up in levels will be attacking those towers. That's when trade agreements and alliances will become very shaky and might even disappear.

Now if GW raises the minimum threshold so NPC village go from supporting level 8 to supporting level 11 when tier 3 becomes more commonly available and useable by most, then that conflict won't happen.

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Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
It's definitely a tarp. The three groups of the Highroad alliance never meet in Rotter's hole to trade. It's not even really dead centre between the three groups, that would be a spot in the wilds about half a hex east of Rotter's Hole.

It's a green tarp too with pink stripes!

So sad no one new showed up for our meeting. Didn't get to trade anything new this week. Maybe next week. ;-)

I should have my tailor up to the point where I can make lots more tarps by then!

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Hopefully, she will enjoy knowing that folks who have never met her are wishing her well. Ask her what kind of role she wants to play when you get her a subscription to the game. :-)

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Wednesday night is the night we all gather in Rotter's Hole and exchange recipes and crafted items, starting around 7 PM Eastern until about 11. It's perfectly safe since no one ever goes there, especially Golgathans? Golgothians? Golgothanites? Whatever!

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Stoneroot Glade village - your home of choice if you love adventuring in the NW part of the map.

We have PvP.
We have PvE
We have crafting.
We have towers.
We have an alliance, High Road Covenant, with two other villages - Tavernhold and Talonguard - and between the three of us, we have all training and all crafting covered.
We have a tavern at a very strategic spot - once the map expands, that is. :-)
We have interesting monster home and escalation hexes around us.
High Road Covenant is a good aligned [or will be once alignments come in] alliance. Go talk to Golgotha if you want to be evil.
We have folks on every day - in most times zones, but mainly US and EU time zones.
Stoneroot Glade - a wizard/rogue settlement.

Give us a look at:

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Capitalocracy wrote:
Gol Guurzak wrote:
Where would you be coming from?

And when? J/K totally joking.

Can you craft in Rotter's Hole? If I were planning to kill people, I'd bring some gear and/or crafting stuff over there, knowing full well I was planning to spend my rep. If you don't plan for a heist, and you end up on the run, yeah, you have a bad time. If you plan it out first, you get your affairs in order, you lay low for a while, and you enjoy the spoils. If the problem is having to run across the map, that just sounds like laziness to me, tbh... and also something that smallholdings can help with, which at least gives the aggrieved something significant and meaningful to attack.

Yes you can craft there. It is like any other NPC village except it has zero Thornguards present.

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Hey Nihimon! Go jump in a hole!!

[wow! Now it's not even a nasty comeback.} :-)

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Yeah, well, considering I've been killed by goblins at least three times this week ... not goblin shamans, mind you, but regular goblins .... :-)

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Another company has joined Stoneroot Glade village. Welcome aboard and try not to start a war with anyone we like. :-)

We welcome any other new players or companies who are looking for a home if you can follow our simple guidelines. We are a very active group.

Find out more here..

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<Kabal> Kradlum wrote:
Capitalocracy wrote:

Sadly if "change your tactics" means "you should be a fighter now", that's a lot of XP down the drain.

I play a rogue. None of our maneuvers do anything useful in PvE, lots of our attack feats don't work as advertised, none of our features work. But it's the wizard that's crying.

It doesn't mean, "you should play a fighter", it means, only pick mobs you can take. Run away sooner rather than later. Join a company. Find a group etc...

Yep, it means "change your tactics". Went escalation hunting with two groups of four last night. Got rid of most of my AOEs and used only single target spells [except for exhausting burst and fireball]. The mobs were a mix of white, yellows and reds. We had wizards, a cleric or two{?}, rogues and fighters. Don't think a single party member died, though I came close. I wore +1 Runespun Robes and used a +1 Charge Staff. We cleaned up on those ghouls.

However, soloing in Tier One gear is more dangerous for wizards now. But! Ryan and Co. have always said that if you solo you will probably die ... a lot!

Another wizard who is using Tier Two gear now, isn't having the same problems I am having soloing - by fighting smart, he can take on two Ogres Runts and an Ogre Lout at the same time - while I will only fight an Ogre Runt who is by himself with my Tier 1 stuff.

You just got to fight smart, know when to stay in the shallow end of the pool and know when it is okay to go into the deeper end and remember with every new update in the game, your old way of doing things may no longer work and you have to adjust.

I'm now a big believer in putting points into the various protective mage spells. I like my physical defense going from 7 to 18 when fighting mobs, it keeps me alive. Just wish it would last longer. :-)

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As a wizard, once I start being interrupted by them, I switch from my staff to my wand and move into range and blast away with that. It usually takes them down fast. I don't notice any interrupt with wand attacks, of course, most of those attacks are pretty wimpy but they are so fast that they about average on damage as compared to slower more powerful staff attacks.

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With the new cool down period between spells now, it is harder to solo mobs as a wizard, and I'm talking the easy mobs. You get one too many goblins/omega wolves/recruit bandits and you are dead because of the cool down period on all spells. Be careful of facing four of any of these now.

And with the mobs now splitting up to tackle various members in the party instead of just one PC, it is kind of hard for a close range fighter and a wizard to work together. The wizard used to blast the mob and do some major damage on the weaker members and a bit of damage on the stronger ones, then hit them with some kind of slow or daze or obscure or something to distract or slow them then run away while the fighter runs in and tackles everyone, getting their attention on him alone.

Now the fighter can't pull the attention to himself.

1. Wizards blasts the mobs, they split up and hit whoever is nearby so fighter can't run in and get whole mob's attention.
2. Fighter goes in first and hits someone, mobs splits up instead of concentrating on the attacking fighter and attacks who they can, which mean the wizard can't do an AOE with the fighter in the middle and has to rely on single target spells but if more than one of the mob comes for him, he usually has no choice but to run away.
3. Wizard hits the mob with some kind of dazing/obscuring/slowing AOE and then runs away, hoping no more than one of the mob comes after him and that it is a weaker member of the mob. Once he is finished running, meaning the mook gave up, he goes back to see how the fight is going and maybe gets to actually attack something that is attacking another party member. Not as much fun this way.

Multiple wizards in a party is good. They all do an AOE blast, take out all the weak members of the mob, and then fight what's left with individual attacks. That seems to work best for many mobs.

Though being chased by a purple Hero while yelling "Get him off me! Get him off me!" can be a bit amusing for the other party members while the wizard runs in a circle trying to stay alive. :-)

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Yeah, we are waiting for Dan to put up a picture of his reclining nude Harpy Girlfriend at his inn!

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Can we smoke it now?

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Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
FMS Quietus wrote:
Curious as to why you just didn't contact TEO directly on this matter. Oh and Buni check your PMs. We would like a response from you about another matter.
But wouldn't contacting TEO directly have removed any possibility of forum drama? The piranha need something to occupy them.

Actually I was at work near the end of the day and juggling too many things and totally forgot that they had their own website and this was the only place I could think of contacting them. Brain fart all around!!! :-)

But after I posted it, it dawned on me that some folks would love to read the title of this and either get excited or worried. Didn't plan it that way, just happened. ;-)

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We are growing by leaps and bounds. We now have 5 companies being a part of our settlement.

Ok ... one of the companies is a one person company [Ember, stop by and say "HI" on Kabal Mumble sometime] but the other four have 11 or more members.

If you are a PvPer, we have a company for that and we are taking the towers of "evil" folks [evil being defined as those we don't like and don't have agreements with - so make sure we like you if you want to sleep better at night]. :-)

You want to gather in peace, the NW part of the map is one of the most peaceful areas to gather. You want to craft in relative safety, our villages are some of the safest in the game.

[and having written that, all the folks who want to prove me wrong will now head over and try attacking our folks. Little do they know that this is a part of my cunning plan!]

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TEO Alexander Damocles wrote:

No state of war exists between TEO and any other company. if you could let me know which member attacked a new player inside a settlement, I will begin working on resolving that. If you could also let me know which tower was taken and when, I'll also look into that as well.

I apologize for any friction these incidents may have caused.

I wasn't the one attacked so I don't know their name but it was sent to goblinworks to handle, so we figure that is a closed thing now. It wasn't a new player who was attacked but one of our regular members trying to post recruitment notices in Marchmont.

I'm at work but if memory serves it was one of the towers held by Tre NE of Rathglen. We will take it back tonight then.

Then go on our tower taking spree against Golgotha, Calambea, Aragon ....

who are the other evil settlements or who have left the NAP? :-)

Have to figure out who they are so we can take their towers too!

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Just wondering if TEO is at war with Stoneroot Glade settlement and their allies in the High Road Covenant and I somehow missed the announcement?

First, a TEO member attacks one of our members in a starter village, knowing that player was a member of Kabal - which has been sent to goblinworks to handle, a few days ago.

But then, last night, TEO takes a tower away from the Tre Company, a Stoneroot Glade company.

Just wondering if these actions are due to an overeager member of TEO or if you have decided to butt heads with us? :-)

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I bet it is the big pointy hat and all the warts on her witch's nose! :-)

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Read the new Player Guide! It makes Ryan happy when new players mention that they read it. :-)

And it really does explain how things work fairly well and answers a lot of questions you may have. Then look at the crafter guide and the combat guide. All linked on your launcher page.

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New members always welcomed and currently we are not having problems with PvP in our village - though that might change now that I said that. :-)

stop by to learn more. Weds nights are our meeting nites so a good time to come and ask questions.

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Yeah, all my favorite shiny rocks locations give mainly just coal now instead of various gems and coal. So bummed. Now I have to figure out where they went. :-(

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And someday in the future, alignment for the settlements will be set up and player alignment will be activated and this kind of behavior might be considered "evil", placing them outside the starter settlements and many player settlements as well. But when that will happen is unknown.

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Not sure how much programming it would take but any way of making new characters invulnerable to attacks from other PCs for about an hour after they start? That would give time to get through the tutorials and figure out how to do combat with local PvE stuff and put stuff into the bank and ask questions on the help line.

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The 3 minutes was the 3 minutes left in our open widow PvP. I am not sure if the tower was taken by them just as our open PvP ran out or they had taken it earlier. I got there two minutes after Stoneroot Glade's PvP window had closed, and the tower and its PvP window was now closed and had been set for the maintenance cycle of 9 AM Pacific.

But clarifying if you can see that someone is taking the tower, but has not yet taken it, through the holdings button during your open PvP would be of great help.

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Don't know if this will help but if you enter your settlement's name into the company search, all the companies in the settlement will be displayed and you can then look to see if anyone is taking any of your towers during your open PvP time.

As an Alderwag company did last night to a Stoneroot Glade company's tower. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it until 3 minutes before our window closed so they got the tower. :-(
But keeping it will be another matter!!!!! :-)

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I usually get a number of spells after killing lots of goblins, wolves and bandits. You may not have your knowledges up high enough or, from what I've read elsewhere, you don't get much loot if you kill anything from more than 25' away. And every wizard prefers to kill as far away as possible so that becomes a problem as well for getting loot.

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Husks may be in after the maintenance today, so that should change a few things and the NAP expires today as well for any inactive settlements.

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Some are, some are controlled by Stoneroot Glade.

Goblin Squad Member

I still hope Terra Firma comes back and gets active before tomorrow. I know Talonguard, an alliance member, will not be contesting those held towers if they do.

I hope TF also joins our alliance along with all the other settlements in the NW. If you join, you get to incessantly bug Sunnfire about anything and everything and he has to reply back! :-)

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talk with customer support. The leadership has changed in one settlement already due to not being able to contact its leader - due to health issues on his part. You might be able to do something similar.

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TEO Cheatle wrote:

GG man,

We tried taking 20 towers at once, we showed up wayyyy too late.

The biggest issues we had were the same as everyone else:

1 - Hard to target opponents.
2 - Couldn't heal our own.
3 - Hard to tell friend from foe.

as to Number 3, go into your paperdoll and everyone pick the same colors to wear. That might help.

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It's our secret plan to totally control the western frontier as soon as they give us the really big map to play on! The Evil Empire can stay in the middle like a cancerous sore, but we are Going West!!!!!


Goblin Squad Member

Besides, Stoneroot Glade isn't lawful, we are NG. But we hope to not have to fight anybody for the towers we want. BUT willing to fight if we have to.

Goblin Squad Member

Think I have 3 Austere Camps, unless someone bought them out of the AH, which I could trade for anyone planning to get Engineer 5. :-)

I'm keeping my Comfortable Shoes recipe, even though it is a Tailor 9 recipe. One day, I will be the little old shoemaker! I have a dream!!!

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Currently Stoneroot Glade has two companies. We are always looking for more companies to join us. Individual players are also most welcome. We train Wizards and Rogues. We are in the Northwest, among the highlands.

Here is our PSAs from our company commanders:

1. Alabaster Hands of Pain
Welcome friends to the halls and gardens of Stoneroot Glade,

All that you see, everything you touch and taste, all things cultivated and built by mortals are the product of the Hands.

Alabaster. Simple, Strong, Beautiful, and infinitely malleable. The hands will always strive to create that which is stong, beautiful, and serves its purpose with simple efficiency. We will always seek to provide that which is needed by our Kabal brothers and sisters, and when possible provide for our friends and allies. Homes, clothing, weapons, food, potions, all things required now and in the future. We must always strive to change and grow, to be malleable, thus crafted ourselves into what is needed by the Kabal.

All those who seek to master the arts of creating and sustaining a community, settlement, or kingdom will find themselves at home within the Hands. Be your passion farming, mining, weaving, masonry, blacksmithing, or governance we will help you master it. We will be the hands that guide the growth of the Kabal, and its settlements, allies, and peoples. Together our hands will grow, harvest, build, and create from nothing that which others will look upon with awe.

Built upon our blood and sweat, the settlements of the Kabal will inherit our strength of purpose.
Defended with our Arms and armor, the enemies of the Kabal will feel our wrath.
Nourished and healed by our crafts, the people of the Kabal will know our kindness.
Through the pains of our Labour we will bring life to all places the Kabal are present.

Alabaster Hands of Pain

Membership among the AHoP is open to all, regardless of class or race. The only requirement is a desire to serve others and build together that which is greater than any could achieve alone. Sponsorship by a existing Hand is desired, but not required, but all hands must be brothers and sisters of the Kabal. Those who seek to be hands will be given an apprenticeship, and advanced upon successful completion of their apprenticeship. Continuing through the company ranks will require tireless work, and perfection of a chosen craft or profession.

2. Rancourous Ash Crickets
At the forefront of the Kabal you will find the RAC. Leading the fight against monsters, outlaws, kingdoms, boredom, and common sense in general.

The RAC will distinguish itself as the premier fighting force of the Kabal, covering all professions and combat styles. Coordinating with the other Kabal companies and their specialties providing any and all support needed for them to safely accomplish their goals, or augment their efforts with specialists for specific tasks or goals.

RAC will pursue perfection in all forms of warfare, providing the Kabal with a solid fighting core for all the other companies to draw upon. We will provide training, knowledge and guidance to all Kabal companies to increase their martial abilities.

When crime, conflict, and war call upon the Kabal and its allies the Rancourous Ash Crickets will be the first to answer, and the last to leave the field.

“Even when it seems quiet and you feel alone, you can always hear the crickets…”

Membership in the RAC is open to any class or race, with the exception of those without martial skills. Sponsorship is required by a current member of the RAC or any Kabal company leader. Those who are sponsored will be brought into the RAC at the lowest rank for their chosen combat style and profession.

Promotion out of the lowest tier of ranks is required to remain a member of the RAC. Those who fail to gain promotion will be moved to a secondary company and may be sponsored again at a later time.

Members of the RAC will be promoted and demoted as needed due to their skills and the needs of the company.

Application to the RAC can be done through the recruitment forms, once you have secured a sponsor from a current member.

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Click clickety click click click!

Oh Wait! I'm at work and won't be home for another 7 hours. :-(

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Put a bunch of stuff in Rathglen's AH last night. Mostly recipes I won't use, weapons and armor. Too heavy to carry all that stuff to Talonguard. There is also a maneuver or two and a couple of duplicate spells. So get them while you can!

Beginner stuff for 1c!

Goblin Squad Member

I'm looking for Azure Crystal +1-3 recipes.
Don't have any weapon or smelting recipes but have others to trade.

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