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Currently Stoneroot Glade has two companies. We are always looking for more companies to join us. Individual players are also most welcome. We train Wizards and Rogues. We are in the Northwest, among the highlands.

Here is our PSAs from our company commanders:

1. Alabaster Hands of Pain
Welcome friends to the halls and gardens of Stoneroot Glade,

All that you see, everything you touch and taste, all things cultivated and built by mortals are the product of the Hands.

Alabaster. Simple, Strong, Beautiful, and infinitely malleable. The hands will always strive to create that which is stong, beautiful, and serves its purpose with simple efficiency. We will always seek to provide that which is needed by our Kabal brothers and sisters, and when possible provide for our friends and allies. Homes, clothing, weapons, food, potions, all things required now and in the future. We must always strive to change and grow, to be malleable, thus crafted ourselves into what is needed by the Kabal.

All those who seek to master the arts of creating and sustaining a community, settlement, or kingdom will find themselves at home within the Hands. Be your passion farming, mining, weaving, masonry, blacksmithing, or governance we will help you master it. We will be the hands that guide the growth of the Kabal, and its settlements, allies, and peoples. Together our hands will grow, harvest, build, and create from nothing that which others will look upon with awe.

Built upon our blood and sweat, the settlements of the Kabal will inherit our strength of purpose.
Defended with our Arms and armor, the enemies of the Kabal will feel our wrath.
Nourished and healed by our crafts, the people of the Kabal will know our kindness.
Through the pains of our Labour we will bring life to all places the Kabal are present.

Alabaster Hands of Pain

Membership among the AHoP is open to all, regardless of class or race. The only requirement is a desire to serve others and build together that which is greater than any could achieve alone. Sponsorship by a existing Hand is desired, but not required, but all hands must be brothers and sisters of the Kabal. Those who seek to be hands will be given an apprenticeship, and advanced upon successful completion of their apprenticeship. Continuing through the company ranks will require tireless work, and perfection of a chosen craft or profession.

2. Rancourous Ash Crickets
At the forefront of the Kabal you will find the RAC. Leading the fight against monsters, outlaws, kingdoms, boredom, and common sense in general.

The RAC will distinguish itself as the premier fighting force of the Kabal, covering all professions and combat styles. Coordinating with the other Kabal companies and their specialties providing any and all support needed for them to safely accomplish their goals, or augment their efforts with specialists for specific tasks or goals.

RAC will pursue perfection in all forms of warfare, providing the Kabal with a solid fighting core for all the other companies to draw upon. We will provide training, knowledge and guidance to all Kabal companies to increase their martial abilities.

When crime, conflict, and war call upon the Kabal and its allies the Rancourous Ash Crickets will be the first to answer, and the last to leave the field.

“Even when it seems quiet and you feel alone, you can always hear the crickets…”

Membership in the RAC is open to any class or race, with the exception of those without martial skills. Sponsorship is required by a current member of the RAC or any Kabal company leader. Those who are sponsored will be brought into the RAC at the lowest rank for their chosen combat style and profession.

Promotion out of the lowest tier of ranks is required to remain a member of the RAC. Those who fail to gain promotion will be moved to a secondary company and may be sponsored again at a later time.

Members of the RAC will be promoted and demoted as needed due to their skills and the needs of the company.

Application to the RAC can be done through the recruitment forms, once you have secured a sponsor from a current member.

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New members always welcomed and currently we are not having problems with PvP in our village - though that might change now that I said that. :-)

stop by to learn more. Weds nights are our meeting nites so a good time to come and ask questions.

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We are growing by leaps and bounds. We now have 5 companies being a part of our settlement.

Ok ... one of the companies is a one person company [Ember, stop by and say "HI" on Kabal Mumble sometime] but the other four have 11 or more members.

If you are a PvPer, we have a company for that and we are taking the towers of "evil" folks [evil being defined as those we don't like and don't have agreements with - so make sure we like you if you want to sleep better at night]. :-)

You want to gather in peace, the NW part of the map is one of the most peaceful areas to gather. You want to craft in relative safety, our villages are some of the safest in the game.

[and having written that, all the folks who want to prove me wrong will now head over and try attacking our folks. Little do they know that this is a part of my cunning plan!]

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Another company has joined Stoneroot Glade village. Welcome aboard and try not to start a war with anyone we like. :-)

We welcome any other new players or companies who are looking for a home if you can follow our simple guidelines. We are a very active group.

Find out more here..

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Stoneroot Glade village - your home of choice if you love adventuring in the NW part of the map.

We have PvP.
We have PvE
We have crafting.
We have towers.
We have an alliance, High Road Covenant, with two other villages - Tavernhold and Talonguard - and between the three of us, we have all training and all crafting covered.
We have a tavern at a very strategic spot - once the map expands, that is. :-)
We have interesting monster home and escalation hexes around us.
High Road Covenant is a good aligned [or will be once alignments come in] alliance. Go talk to Golgotha if you want to be evil.
We have folks on every day - in most times zones, but mainly US and EU time zones.
Stoneroot Glade - a wizard/rogue settlement.

Give us a look at:

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