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Nope, it's reference to a WKRP episode where Mr. Carlson threw turkeys out of a helicopter at a shopping center parking lot as a promotional event and they all plummeted to the ground, smashing cars and such. Les Nessman, ace reporter, on the scene described it in much the same way as the announcer described the Hindenburg zeppelin disaster.

One of the better episodes of a very good and under-rated show.

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ALso enjoy exploring, finding the Thanes and other exploration achievements. They don't do much for my character but are fun to do. You ever sneak through Golgotha at evening time, hoping not to be spotted, on your way to the Thane near them? Good times.

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Interesting .... Does this mean the Tower Wars will be ending in the next couple of weeks?

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We don't need a huge evil contingent or multiple settlements of evil. What's the old saying "All Evil needs to win is have Good Men stand aside" or something like that?

A lot of good aligned PCs will probably be of the attitude "Not my problem, not going to get involved. Got my own stuff to work on."

If a small evil settlement is very well organized and well run, they might be able to take over a good portion of the area or all of it because of the non-involvement of so many players. We just have to hope that the evil folks bicker and backbite each other, refusing to give up their personal power and prestige for the good of Evil and will remain a viable but controllable threat and not a world conquering threat.

So Evil should be in the minority when the game starts. If they are on equal footing, they may beat us all inside a year. :-)

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Nihimon wrote:
Beautiful map. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen when I saw you coloring Roseblood Accord Signatories blue and Northern Coalition Members red.
This topic is so hot, even the colors can start fires. Funny enough, it's the RBA that's more annoyed by them, even though they get the jedi colors. ;P

I'm just glad that they weren't blue and gray or blue and butternut. :-)

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Ravenlute wrote:
I want them both, I'm abstaining from this choice!

NO! No Temperance Movement Allowed! We should band together and wipe any settlement that tries!

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Monk. Don't forget, a lot of monasteries kept vineyards in the Middle Ages. Monasteries equal monks. They also made beer.

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<Kabal> Sunnfire wrote:

Yes people can join and look at our draft list, which is why it was not set till less than an hour before draft. Our people did not come from the RA, except one, who basically got told nothing about anything because I assumed he might be exactly that, a spy. Turns out he just didn't fit with one of the other groups, and he does with us (High Five Bunibuni).

I have neither the bosom nor the long sexy legs to be a successful female spy! Nor the hard glinting bad boy eyes that make women swoon, sweep me into their beds and then babble all sorts of secret information to me after I have satisfied them over and over again. :-)

I'm betting now, once Sunnfire lights a fire under the other members of his original guild to join, we will have over 40 [50+ maybe?] members for the next land rush and one of the big boys may get bumped which may start a small landslide of others getting bumped next week. Don't know that as a fact, just guessing.

Just out of curiosity and not asking for the exact rank, but how many companies have Z, Y, E, AC or F somewhere in their top ten list? If you are not shooting to be a pure mountain or pure cropland settlement, I would bet pretty much everyone has one or more of those hexes in their top ten.

So people are going to get bumped. I figure more will get bumped as time goes on and those smaller [6 or less members] companies start figuring out what's going on and try to join a larger group to get a settlement hex they would like to play in.

Also, some groups may disband and join another just for RP purposes. If you are primarily a dwarf or elven oriented settlement that isn't very large and you find yourself in charge of hex L, M or O with little or no chance to move up to a "better hex", are you going to stay there farming or are you going to join a settlement in places you would like to be? Mountains or Forest, depending on race.

Black Glade Farms or Forgeholm Mountain Farms has such a nice ring to it, don't you think? :-)

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<Kabal> Sunnfire wrote:
Bunibuni13th wrote:

How many red-headed bar wenches does it take to really and truly bribe the leadership? [and can I have the brunette ones?]

No.. those go to g7goddess, the blond ones are currently unspoken for.

Ugh! NOOOOO!!!!! Have very bad memories of the blonde cheerleaders in my class in junior high. Sworn off blondes forever after that!!!!

Unless, you know, they are rich and naturally beautiful and don't spend thousands of dollars on beauty products every month. ;-)

[and people wonder why I'm still single]

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vtgamergirl wrote:

Hello and greeings!!!

Are you interested in land rush?
Do you have a guild but only a few members are available to participate in the land rush?

Well, how does joining a guild with 10 members, currently 26th on the leaderboard and growing for the land rush sound?

We have members waiting to dominate Trade, Crafting, Magic, Ass-Kickery, drinking until you can't stand, Wenching, whatever the female...

Amazing how out of date this became so quickly. We are now currently in 12th or 9th place, depending on how you count it, with 32 members.

Our leadership is a mysterious triumvirate that leads our Kabal. Mysterious powers are assumed for mysterious leaders. Mysterious leaders because I've only met their front man, Sunnfire, who might or might not be one of the mysterious leaders of awesome mysterious powers!

Mysteries galore abound in the Kabal. One mystery: How the heck did they come out of nowhere and in the space of two weeks gain so many members to be a top ranked guild? Another mystery: Who really leads the Kabal? A third mystery: How many red-headed bar wenches does it take to really and truly bribe the leadership? [and can I have the brunette ones?]

Join the Kabal and you may find out the answers to these and other mysteries!

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Once again, thanks for your hard work on this. I find it extremely helpful.

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Wizard101 and pop out my Civ 4 from time to time.

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
The Bastard Sons of Daggermark have the fascinating distinction of being the only group to've occupied three different sites in the three weeks of the Land Rush: first A, then S, and now P.

Ah, they are just lookee-loos. Trying out various sites before deciding what they really want. :-)

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Looking forward to good times with you

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Make sure you listen to episode 13 of the Gobbocast. It will really help you figure out your crafting and what kinds of hexes you want and what you think you might be able to grab and hold.

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Trade Good! Robbers Bad! Murderers Badder!

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*Sigh* I'm gonna get yelled at again. *Sigh*

Wait! I mean I will have a meaningful critiquing dialog with other members of the Marsh Wardens because I am once again going to try to get us past Forgeholm even though we have no interest in each other's hexes and are Roseblood Accord folks and we have no need to try to pass them.

But. Danggit! I want 10th place so our name shows up on the Leaderboard without us having to click to see the Top 40!. I want! I want! I want! :-)

"But Bunibuni13th, we've told you time and time again, we are in 8th place for the Land Rush, not 11th. You have to subtract 3 from each number to find the real number."

"Don't care. I want 10th place as it is listed, even if it does mean we are actually 7th place."

"You are being childish. It's not important. Holding our hex and hoping our friends hold theirs is more important."

"Don't care! I'm older than you so that gives me the right to be childish and want what I want! I want our hex and I want 10th place!" [pouts. Holds his breath]

"Stop being a jerk!"

"Don't wanna!"

"Stop being a jerk and yelling and carrying on in public or when one of us GMs the next PFS game, they will make sure you die!'

{Darn! Blackmail! Never was any good against blackmail}

"OK! Fine! Won't say a word to anyone. Got to go back to work now. It's almost five you know"








Hah! They are gone now. Thank goodness Hearthguard and the Groundlings don't keep me in line too!

So ... are there at least six very nice understanding easy going folks out there that want to help an old man realize his dreams? [BIG PUPPY DOG EYES looking sad and lonely]

[not Social Security old but ... seasoned a bit and I'm not going back to that fish place on my next birthday because my "friends" will make me order off the senior menu and laugh about it all night long!]

You don't have to tell the others why you joined, it can be our little secret! Okay?

[all other members of the Hammerfall Settlement disavow this message - unless of course they laughed so hard that Coke came shooting out their noses while they read it]

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Snorter wrote:
One more to equal Hammerfall, but we have to overtake them to get that 11th spot, since they set up before us.

Sorry, need three more to pass us now. And we need six to pass Forgeholm to get the coveted 10th spot so our name automatically appears each time one looks at the Leaderboard instead of having to click the Leaderboard to see the top 40. :-)

{"Honestly, I really really like Thod's Friends. I'm just not too sure about Thod though!"}

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Deianira wrote:

I'm strongly debating getting the Epic Brewmaster in the GoblinWorks store (our wedding anniversary's coming up, and it would make such a nice present...). Is it only beer, though? Because I'd quite like a Sunstorm wine, or a Groundlings cider. Or a limoncello - somehow the exotic frivolity of that is apropos!

It's Kickapoo Juice aka moonshine in the marsh. Though that name may actually be copyrighted. Think it came from Li'l Abner.

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KotC Carbon D. Metric wrote:

I'd have to say for every 100 posts you make you have the same odds of recruitment that some investigation & a single PM. That being said, finding new recruits here seems like it will end up transforming in the latter weeks of the LR.

The most useful information I found regarding PFO by far has been from the developer team contributing on a consistent basis, this applies for all of Paizo, and I think Lisa really knows how to run a brand well.

As for getting new players consistently, I think that will come with OE, as well as a surge once the official is up and running.

I think you are right about the huge increase once we get to the end of the land rush. Some folks still haven't figured out, from their websites, that they are not reserving their guild/company name here when they join the land rush, that they are supposed to be trying for a very limited number of settlement spots. But some are learning the fact fast and are paying attention and talking to their friends and family and deciding who they want to contact. :-)

Though I will point out, we have gotten two new members to join us since my last update yesterday on our guild recruitment forum.


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Nice to have you down there protecting our distant SW flank. Hope you can stay there and help keep the area nice and profitable for us all. :-)

You got the numbers to keep a settlement hex. Hope you keep the one you want.

OR, just for fun, make Freevale sweat and announce you want their hex and just need a few more votes to push them out of theirs.
{and yes, I'm joking about that.]

Your friend in Hammerfall.

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Nobody is forcing you to read every single forum. If it is a recruitment forum, just skip it. Some people enjoy reading them, some don't. :-)

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"Hammerfall: Get in on the Ground Floor!

Contact anyone who looks reasonably alert and doesn't move fast enough to get away. No calls during happy hour, please. RP not required. Terms and conditions apply. Offer not valid for certain alignments.

((OOC: In all seriousness, if you're not looking to build your own settlement, want a friendly, small-town vibe, think the above pitch is amusing, and/or think you'll fit in with a bunch of laid-back gamers, let us know! Settlement alignment is NG, so alignments of NG-CG-LG-N (true neutral) are welcome.))"

What she said. Couldn't put it better and can't think of anything even remotely funny to write at the moment.

We're not looking to take over the world. We are looking to build a nice community, grow to a reasonable size and do our thing without worry of being demolished by world beaters. Fighting types needed to protect caravans, trade routes and go dungeon delving with. Mages, cleric, rogues, all are welcome as long as you are NG-CG-LG-N. We will be using TeamSpeak when we are online.

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
The Librarians of Doom, in 28th place, have had one person pending approval for 10 days now. When they make that single change, they'll jump three spots.

I so love the Librarians of Doom name! I wished they had a website or a way to contact them. Everyone needs at least one Librarian of Doom in their settlement to make sure all the scrolls and parchments get returned on time and are back in their proper place!

"Fool! I'm not a Librarian of Late Fees! I'm the Librarian of Doom! This parchment is 4 days overdue! Prepare to meet your DOOM!"

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As long as you aren't upset that Hammerfall, your closest neighbor is a mix of dwarf, human and elf, we should get along great!

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God Wars? Or maybe just God Shoving Match?

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Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
Bunibuni13th wrote:
Where's Howard Cosell when you need him to provide commentary to such an exciting event? :-)
And by-the-way, what am I, shopped liver?

Can you write in the way he talked? :-)

So 15 good potential rivals fighting for 7 settlements.

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Armenfrast wrote:
Lee Hammock wrote:

Map is being corrected for Los Compagnos being in the wrong neighborhood.
"Los Compagnos" - Eh it seems that we have expanded our recruitment to Spain and Mexico !!!

Los, Les, Der, Die, Den or Das! Why limit yourself to France, Quebec and New Orleans? :-)

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Looks to me like anyone with less than 10 members in their settlement is going to have to look over their shoulders all week long as the ones who really want the settlements will be scrambling to pick up just one or two new members.

Out of the top 40, six companies [as I write this] with 7 members, six companies with 6 members plus GL that now has 9 members all fighting for the last seven settlements. Not sure how many below the top 40 have six members as well. We are looking at a potential bloodbath for the next week or two. Where's Howard Cosell when you need him to provide commentary to such an exciting event? :-)

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Deianira wrote:

Bastard Sons, eh? Are they cute?!

Maybe they are like the Sons of Katie Elder. Some people thought they were handsome. :-)

But they may not have that hex next week unless they get a few more folks. They are one of six companies with 7 folks in them and six companies of six right below them. And Golarion Liberators failed to get a settlement this week but have already passed them with nine people in their company.

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Darcnes wrote:
Naw, we have maybe 1/4 of the population? Maybe?

How many signers actually have settlements this week? Did we lose a signer settlement?

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I took a shot at doing that in this recent info thread.

And it is a very nice and informative thread too!

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Thod wrote:
Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:

I've coloured any hexes

I just wonder if we have the pox. A total of three movements out of 5 are my western neighbours. Do we really have such a bad reputation ???

All in all pretty much a non-event, unless you are at the bottom.

Depending on whose bottom you are talking about, it could be exciting.

Look on the bright side, you got stable neighbors elsewhere.

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Deianira wrote:

Land Rush results day! Two-for-one Swamp Juice! (After two of those, you won't care where your settlement is, because you wouldn't be able to find it anyway. Management not responsible for any after-effects.)

Celebrate Land Rush in Hammerfall's exclusive Groundlings!

WOO-HOO! Kept our spot! Did lose Brains & Brawn as a neighbor and gained the Bastard Sons of Daggermark in their place and kept the rest of our neighbors.

Poor Four Rivers Mercenary Corp got T. Or maybe not poor, in the middle of the PvPers, a merc corp selling their swords to the highest bidder might be an excellent place for them.

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How is Zog today? Does he need more kneeling from those who might want to be faithful to him? Or is he too busy crunching numbers to notice us?

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

And now after returning from lunch. :-)

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Bringslite of Fidelis wrote:
Is that a new high, 152 "guilds"?

Believe so. It was only 144 an hour or so ago.

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Do you mean mature in age or emotionally mature? Big difference between the two. You read enough posts, you figure out who the emotionally mature ones are. :-)

From what I know, the gamers here in the EE/land rush are from teens to middle/late 50s. Probably some older but I haven't asked everyone what their ages are as it starts to get depressing after awhile. [54 here]

Went into shock when I was chating online with another gamer while working together and she had no idea who George Burns or John Denver were and had never heard of Gilligan's Island or the movie Oh God.

What I can look forward to now, when I retire in 15 years or so, is going to a senior center knowing lots of older gamers will be there too! lol

Oh yeah. Check out Hammerfall too. We might be a fit for you.

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Gol Morbis wrote:
Thod wrote:
Doesn't feel like Top Ten as we are not shown next to the map.
Yeah, I still think the Big Three shouldn't be on that sidebar. I understand why they are, it's good for recruitment and stuff, but still, it hurts position 11, 12 and 13 more than it helps TEO, T7V and Aeturnum.

Maybe they could put a "HM" next to those three for Honorable Mention since they are out of the tally for the second land rush? Then the numbering would be correct.

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Are we to the point where the list of non-signers is shorter than the signers yet?

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
He's right, Thod. Column Q allows quick-reference of standing, and you're solidly in the Top Ten.

How does it feel to be one of the Big Ten? When we, Hammerfall, started the land rush, we figured we would probably end up in the mid/lower 20s. Yet here we are in the Big Ten with all our good buds!

The Golden Flask is the first settlement to get the bonus of 1%.

I thought it was said that the bonus just adds from week to week. So if Golden Flask stays where it is for 8 weeks and stays in the same ranking spot, they would get a total of 8% defensive bonus for week 9. Or am I wrong on that too?

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KotC Carbon D. Metric wrote:



When I got up. Just before I left for work. When I got to work and booted up the computer. Just before I left for the dentist. And just now when I returned from the dentist. :-)

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Threads of wood, gold and iron woven into one tapestry for all.

Settlement Alignment: NG
Government: Oligarchy (Town Council)

Hammerfall is a settlement formed by an alliance of The Hearthguard and Marsh Wardens Companies. Our goal: To be a haven for non-evil PC craftsmen, explorers and warriors. Striving for individual excellence but working together to assist and protect our community and its allies.

All non-evil player roles are welcomed as citizens of Hammerfall. Members may ply their trades as they wish. Crafters may craft; traders may trade; explorers explore; warriors defend the community from threats. Citizens will also be encouraged to work together when appropriate for the betterment of the community. (For example, a warrior may be asked to guard crafters while adamantine is harvested or escort a trader's caravan to its destination.) Through such cooperative exploration and application of talent, we hope to build a protected community known throughout the River Kingdoms for the quality of both its citizens and its wares.

Government of the settlement will be by Town Council. Once play begins, all citizens of the settlement will be given the opportunity to voice their opinions prior to major policy changes, so that the community's concerns can be taken into account when the council makes its decision. Current membership of the council is drawn from The Hearthguard and Marsh Wardens chartered companies, but opportunities for appointment to the council based on merit may become available in the future.

We are against PvP and griefing and neither will be tolerated within our settlement. This doesn't mean, however, that our citizens should not defend themselves if attacked by others with differing viewpoints. Hammerfall will never initiate violence, but we also will not allow banditry or hostile forces to harm our citizens or our allies. To this end, citizens are requested, but not required, to assist in the defense of the settlement and the defense of our allies should it become necessary.

We welcome players and guilds/companies of a similar mindset to join us.

Hammerfall is a signatory of the Roseblood Accord.

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Deianira wrote:


Coming Soon to Hammerfall:


Perfect for apres-adventure gatherings

Fine dining!
Extensive bar!
The best music in the River Kingdoms!

Which means, Boar's Haunch Meats will be served in our tavern! Meats fit to feed a king but sold to the people! Boar's Haunch Meats! Served at only the finest Inns and Taverns!

BTW Deianira, how do you feel about learning the bango? If we are going to work the marshes, we need bango music!

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TEO Cheatle wrote:
I was thinking about the "Great Catastrophe" that Lee Hammock talked about in the Gobbocast, and I had two ideas that I would like to put forth, and get a general reaction.

Sorry, snorted when I read this. Been a comic book reader since way back. When I read the words "Great Catastrophe" I automatically think about Jack Kirby's Kamandi comic book. Which was something of a rip-off of Planet of the Apes but multiple animal species became intelligent while human intelligence declined.

I like the barbarian horde swept through idea. There's also the idea of a comet passing so close to the planet that it caused earthquakes and fires all over the place.

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Bastress wrote:
Deianira wrote:

City of Heroes had what were called "door missions", a mission given to you by your NPC contact that spawned an instanced building interior for your group. Ours was to "arrest" (slaughter) a Fifth Column cell of soldiers. There were four of us, and it was a fairly tough mission, but.after killing the boss we didn't get the "mission complete!" - a sure sign that we had missed a nasty Fifth Columnist somewhere. So we trooped back through the building; no sign of him. Standing just inside the entrance, discussing what to do, we were blindsided when the missing soldier ran up to us, punched my husband's character in the face, and ran away again.

It took us another fifteen minutes to track him down...

Holy crap, the stories that come from City of Heroes... This one made me laugh out loud.

So I guess I'll share a few!

City of Heroes: I'm in the beta for Going Rogue, and everyone's talking about how broken the stalkers are, and I'm like "What the heck am I doing wrong?" so I ask around, and one person on the forums says "Bosses? Those are the easiest! I just pop a few reds and purples and oneshot em."

And I'm like... "Wait, those things STACK?"

And one of the other posters is like "You've been playing this game for FOUR YEARS and you didn't know they STACK?"

And I didn't know whether to be embarrassed or proud.

For those of you not in the know: In City of Heroes, literally every buff in the game stacked, no matter what, and stacking buffs was what got your character to go into godmode. I was popping inspirations no more than one at a time because I thought overlapping buffs just meant that their durations overlapped.

City of Heroes. My favorite game, played from Beta until about a year before they finally closed their doors. Heart Throb was my highest level character, a fire blaster. "Blasters can't solo effectively", was maxim for CoH/CoV. Mostly true at the higher levels. But there was another maxim as well. "A team of blasters can beat any mob!" Got a mob of 60 or more? No problem! Four fire blasters drop four fireballs in round one. Next round, only two standing, who were on the edges. Then they are not. Cleared out so many missions so fast that way. The tanks never got a chance to tank indoors. Outdoors, we would use them to pull the mobs into smaller tighter bunches then drop are AOEs on them.

The other thing I liked about COH/COV was that there was PvP zones. You wanted PvP, you fought in the arena or went into one of the zones. If you didn't want PvP, you stayed away from those areas and didn't lose anything in the storylines.

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Kill an Ogre and get a recipe for a Pink Tutu of Grace - +4 to Dex and AC [which come to think of it would wind up giving you +6 AC}.

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Bunibuni13th wrote:
T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
CBDunkerson wrote:
...Toad Hollow is the home of a Boggard tribe.
Well, that's the less-fun explanation :-).


Is their leader named, Humphrey?

Would it be a Giant's or Titan's kid that would come to the marshes to get a Froghemoth as a pet? And I'm pretty sure this would be an instance of "I don't care if he is a monster with lots of loot and xp! I don't want his PARENTS AND NEIGHBORS coming over here and looking for him!"

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