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5/5 5/55/5 ****

Considering the cost ins spell slots and the unfortunate action economy inherent in this tactic, I would have no real problem with a druid doing this - if he takes proper care of his lifestock in his spare time (which is unlimited).

If he starts unshrinking his buffalo in the midst of his enemies, strapped with lamp oil and gunpowder, and the party sorcerer just happens to throw fireballs... that might be another story.

5/5 5/55/5 ****

In that case, getting there isn't really the problem, permanently storing (having activated) the portable fortress is the problem, since " I left it there in a previous scenarios" doesn't really work.

Depending on the location, even the protection provided by an instant fortress might to feeble for the region.

Of course, the society does happen to have some dwarven allies in the area...

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Would it be possible to add a link to the Pathfinder Unchained blog post, into the Additional Resources Document (ideally under the Pathfinder Unchained section)?

I recently saw a player with an unchained monk, who had with an old archetype. The fact, that none of the old archetypes are legal with the unchained monk, is only mentioned in the blog post.

5/5 5/55/5 ****

Create Greater Demiplane could work for you, you just would have to cast recast the spell every couple of days, and casting the spell also allows you to move the permanent Gate.

Of course while still PFS legal, it is pretty unlikely that you will be able to access this spell with most of characters (usually requiring plenty of AP chronicles).

Can you provide more details about the level range where this should be possible and the locations in questions? Does it have to be a two-way portal?

My suggestions:

-Use channel energy and lay on hands to heal yourself as much as you are able.

-Try to lure them into the cell one way or another (the naked bit certainly helps - maybe the guards like naked female killers :) )

-Vanishing trick and sneak attack should be enough to deal with the guards - use forgotten trick to create shadow clones if you are worried.

-take any useable weapons from the guards and hide them in your cell before you escape

-now is an eccelent time time search for clothes^^

+1 I was kinda dissapointed, that most of the current AP features the way into tian xia.

For my 2 cents I would argue that it works. After all this isn't even a particularly effective use of the class. My magus is level 3 now and chill touch does not look sexy at all.

Until you reach a BAB of +6 or get hasted - if you cast chill touch with Spell Combat and Spellstrike you get 2 attacks (and chances to deliver a charge) in the first round and a whooping 1 attack in every round after that - since casting a new spell with Spell Combat and Spellstrike would end your chill touch.

My Magus does, and will use spell combat and spellstrike ever single round in combat if possible. the extra attack and the spell damage (even if brand only does 1 HP damage at the best of times).

While blur and mirror image are rather nice buff spells - and entirely reasonable at level 10 - there are some ways for you to even the odds:

- Attack a lot. You don´t actually have to hit the mirror images AC if you miss by 5 or less you take down one of the images. Not sure if the game checks the blur effect before mirror image though.

Since you use undead and demons in this part of your adventure, if would suggest to throw some skeleton archers into the encounters, add a level 7-8 summoner with a creepy eidolon to the mix. His haste alone should increase the number of attacks, and if you are really nasty give the eidolon a lot of attacks.

- Improved precise shot lets you ignore concealment a level 6 ranger can get it as a bonus feat and could add a diseased wolf to the mix

- Now let's look at the magus, if he survived to level 5, that already pretty impressive without wearing real armor, and his AC at this level might be quite good possible 31 (base 10 + 4 mage armor + 2 ring of protection + 2 amulet of nat. armor + 5 dex +5 int +4 shield spell).

As long as he keeps his dex bonus to AC - if he gets flanked, into the area of a web spell. if while he attempts to walk over an area covered by a humble grease spell - his AC drops by a 9 points.

FAQed, pretty surprising that this issue was detected so late.

Diskordant wrote:
EWHM wrote:

That'd leave 5k more, enough to make your full plate +2 with 1000 left for a bit of fluff

The magic vestments I get daily from the oracle is the same as +2 enhancement to armor and the oracle never runs out of 3rd level spells, and keeps that spell for her cloak of many stars thing, since she can't magically enhance it any other way.

As for the rest, I had considered asking the dm if I could upgrade the falchion to a +2, or even a +3, but I thought maybe some defense would be good. Though I can use combat expertise much more often if I increase my to hit by 2.

If you are not allowed to upgrade the plot weapon, invest in some pearls of power:

level 1 pearl: let the wizard cast a mage armor on the oracle, it gives a higher AC than magic vestment.

level 3 pearl: ask the wizard to prepare greater magic weapon, once for the pala and once for you he only uses one spellslot and you both get a better magic weapon for 10 hours each day.

Of course you don´t have to pay for the pearls alone, ask arround of you want to pool some money.

godoffire04 wrote:
godoffire04 wrote:

Currently loving my first time character a level 10 Magus.

But I'm gonna be building a new character soon, and had a great idea for ranged Gestalt Magus Archer. I know there is an Arcane Archer Prestige Class. But I wanted some input on whether anyone thinks using Spellstrike as you draw/nock arrows as legit?
Just to follow up on my earlier post, the GM ruled that Spell Combat is possible with a bow. But spellstrike was not possible unless I took minimum 2 levels of Arcane Archer Prestige Class for the Imbue Arrow ability. Once I had that I could use Area spells and Touch spells with arrows.

Thats a houserule, and if you want it, not a bad one at that. That said. You would do a lot more damage with a high threat range weapon like a scimitar or a katana. If you stick with the bow the spell flame arrows will be your friend.

Vuvu wrote:

Lvl 12 Alchemist Bad Guy. I want him to have a useful, unique wondrous Item. Lets say around 10-15k in value.

Ideas? It can be preexisting or something you create-though if you create it please breakdown your price.

Ideas? It can be preexisting or something you create-though if you create it please breakdown your price.

Dust of Dryness of-dryness add acid or other nasty things and store them in your pokeball^^

Maybe even let him "summon" a black pudding from one of these. limbing With the slippers your bad guy can stand of the walls or ceiling and throw bombs and nasty things packaged with the dust above.

Diskordant wrote:

For my tenth level fighter should I spend my 16k on an adamantium full plate or increasing my cloak of resistance from +2 to +4. I suppose some info would help

I have an ac of 28 in my current regular full plate, 30 when the oracle casts magic vestments, and up to 33 when I use combat expertise. I still get hit fairly often as I am playing a two-handed weapon brute and everything targets me first. My saves are F+11, R+8, W+8. The other party members are a paladin, and a wizard.

Could you maybe post your stats and other magical equipment? Level would be usefull too.

I am tempted to suggest something different, mithral full plate and maybe something to increase your dexterity.

@Jerry Keyes: very nice for something quick one. Good luck this year.

DeathQuaker wrote:

Sadly I think the wondrous item I end up using most is a boring ol' cloak of resistance. Boosting those saves is just too useful...

I feel with you, it´s almost a required item - depending on who you ask.

D&D4 tried to fix this, I am not overly happy with their take on it.

I would love it, if Pathfinder would take a crack at "fixing" this. It isn´t really a problem, I am just not all that happy with everyone wearing a cape - capes kill^^

Arikiel wrote:
You guys are making me want to have kids. >.<

Ditto, I have a 7 year old cousin though. I have given her sparkly dice for years now to lay the groundwork for years. I will have to wait for the German version though, I own the original, buts that's a bit too much English for that age.

d20monkey I read your complete webcomic today and recommeded it to my gaming group.

Your Pathfinder review is quite similar to what I have read about other gamers, switching to pathfinder.

Sara Marie wrote:

I think most of the product descriptions have the dimensions in them. They are just written as text rather than numbers.


Lilies Dice Bag product description wrote:
Each standard dice bag is roughly five inches tall, and four inches across on each side. This allows each bag to hold a generous helping of dice while opening wide enough that they are easily accessed while you're gaming.

Thank you didn´t remember to check the descriptions, that an living in germany.. inches are weird^^

Now I just have to decide which one to get ^^

Banpai wrote:

Jester David wrote:

The cards are certainly pretty (way better than I could present it), but if I may be so blunt - what are they used for ?

First, you call them initiative cards but the initiative mod is not on there.

Second, what it the intended use of these cards? Are they intended of the players or the DM?

You arrange them, along with monster cards, in the table's initiative order. So you just move the top card to the back to know who's next.

I agree that we need some GM cards. Maybe just a couple goblins as generic monsters.
And AC would have been nice, but space is a premium.

Oh I understand, you use them like the Gamemastery Combat Pad, the one item I can recommend unconditionally. The DM can easily delegate the hassle of handling the initiative order to another player.

That said, your idea is very nice too, especially if you have the time prepare the cards ahead of time, it provides a nice visual representation of your enemies - if you use the pawns, this could help new players quite a lot to follow combat.

Lyndsay Peters wrote:
Wow! Thanks for the great post and introduction. I'm so excited to offer these bags to Paizo, and I hope you all like them!

I am curious, could you maybe post the measurements of these bags? It´s a little hard to guess the size from the pictures.

How many dice, let´s say d20 fit in there safely?

I have had several dice bags already, every single time I managed to ruin the string by tightening it to much - the toggle clasp seems like a really awesome idea.

d20monkey wrote:

Hey guys. My name is Brian Patterson. I write/illustrate the gaming webcomic d20monkey.

I've read Pathfinder since the first AP but never committed to running it until I picked up the Beginner Box. Like so many others, I was blown away and my group switched over to Pathfinder full time. In the meantime, I've run several demos for old schoolers, newcomers and gamers in-between. So much so that I wanted to create a set of nice initiative cards for the iconic heroes in the box.

I'd like to share them with everyone here if you're interested.

Link to Initiative Cards

I have individual JPEGs and a single PDF for download sized at 3x5 and ready to go.

Enjoy and I look forward to reading/sharing on the PF forums rather than simply lurking.


The cards are certainly pretty (way better than I could present it), but if I may be so blunt - what are they used for ?

First, you call them initiative cards but the initiative mod is not on there.

Second, what it the intended use of these cards? Are they intended of the players or the DM?

If they are for the player, you are on the right path, I would personally add the players initiative bonus and maybe some space or boxes you can check if you suffer from a condition.

If you decide to make a version for the DMs out there, add armor class.

And thanks to your post, I discovered your webcomic and added it to the list of things I check every day ^^

Grick wrote:

Touch Spells in Combat: "In the same round that you cast the spell, you may also touch (or attempt to touch) as a free action. You may take your move before casting the spell, after touching the target, or between casting the spell and touching the target."

It works for anyone casting a touch spell, as well as a Magus, with Spell Combat and/or Spellstrike, or neither.

Thank you very much, i searched in the magic chapter - this will benefit my level 2 magus on smugglers shiv quite a bit over the time ^^

Grick wrote:

Maybe it's just the wording, but it sounds like you're saying you can't take a 5' step before the free attack from casting a touch spell.

A magus could use Spell Combat to cast shocking grasp, take a 5' step, deliver his free attack (either with a touch, or with his sword via Spellstrike) then full attack with his weapon. (Or just cast shield, or magic missile, or whatever, then step and full attack like you said)

I always thought that you could not move between casting and getting the free attack, could you maybe provide me with a source please?

Oh never mind I remembered you are correct, it works - it would not work if you cast the spell as a standard action right?

Actually I reconsidered, go for it, thought about what I can do with a magus and called shots - it´s not pretty ^^

As has been mentioned already the act of casting does provoke - casting defensively prevents that - Combat Casting gives a good bonus on the check, as well as later class abilies.

It is worth noting though, that spell combat can help you:

You can cast your spell, move 5 ft. and then full attack - that way you don´t get the free attack when casting touch spells (unless you use a reach weapon) but it´s nice to cast shied, not having to worry about flunking the roll to cast defensively.

5/5 5/55/5 ****

Dennis Baker wrote:
HangarFlying wrote:
Mark Moreland wrote:

It was actually a huge controversy and an ongoing issue between PA and many parties both in and outside of the industry. I'm keeping a close eye on this thread, and if any dickwolves flaming starts from either side of the issue, I'll shut the thread down and remove any offending posts. We don't want that sort of vitriol on these boards.

Not intending to cause any problems, but is here a chance you could summarize the issues/problems for those of us that are outside of the loop?

I chased it down, here are the gory details.

Thank you for the link, I read the comic when it came out (and saw it as a rather obvious WOW joke about not rescuing slaves/prisoners..), not bad but not one of their best.

What followed is interresting, but I think the decision not to remove the comic was correct, after all if you look through the archives they make fun of a lot of things (the humur is sometimes rather dark).

That said the current comic is about Pathfinder:

Pretty interesting, still as a player I would argue that the liquids in my body are definitely not unattended, but they are kinda in my possession ^^

SRD wrote:

Desert Thirst (Su)

A blue dragon can cast create water at will (CL equals its HD). Alternatively, it can destroy an equal amount of liquid in a 10-foot burst. Unattended liquids are instantly reduced to sand. Liquid-based magic items (such as potions) and items in a creature's possession must succeed on a Will save. The save DC is Charisma-based.

TheLichthatLies wrote:
so is there a way to make armor and weapons a smaller size, if for say that fire giants has a really nice suit of plate. If you cant its pretty much enchanted scrap metal granted its a lot of scrap metal.

RAW there is no way I am aware of - polymorph any object might work though.

On the other hand RAW you could sell the huge +2 plate armor in any city of sufficient size.

I would say that it doesn´t work. Thanks to Gricks excellent quotes, I would say that the word replace kills the idea, once you replace the shot it´s no longer a vital strike.

Ignoring for one moment that the combination is a bit too good for my taste.

BTW Greater Called Shot allows you to use it with rays ^^

The feats mention, that you can use them on attacks gained from standard actions - IMO this is intended to allow the use of sniping, or shot and run tactics. The Vital Strike feat chain essentially does the same as called shot, extra precision to do more damage - so IMO they should not stack.

Well they are doing 4th edition commercials on their website, still its nice how they mention it ^^

James Jacobs wrote:
Banpai wrote:
I love the picture, but that´s not how a +1 Breastplate looks. I could be wrong, but does the armor miss the glamered enhancement?
Sometimes... what's pictured in art and what a character has as equipment don't always match up. We try our best to make that not happen... but it's not always possible.

Don´t worry 9 times out of 10 we prefer it cool looking rather than fitting the equipment list perfectly. And of course there is always room for a little cheesecake and beefcake.

I´ll just say it´s a glamered if it ever comes up, otherwise if the shape is fixed it will just end up on Ameiko...and I just got my mini^^

Void Munchkin wrote:
Banpai wrote:
I love the picture, but that´s not how a +1 Breastplate looks. I could be wrong, but does the armor miss the glamered enhancement?
Can't be worst than many Video Games.

It´s not^^

For the record, I just bought the box, but I would buy another one in German since most of my players prefer German. The cost might be a factor though, I would not be surprised if the box came at 40-45 € (I bough the beginners box for 27 € from a german website - shipping it from USA was just to expensive - it´s not for softcover books)

Talwynor wrote:
So Im finally using my pogs and one thing Id love to see if these were ever released as a separate line is making them wet&dry eraseable. Adding numbers for gangs and the ability to quickly mark conditions would be very useful. I tried to use my current dry erase and while the color came off for the most part - it does bleed through a little. I'd understand if using the same material as the flip mats was cost prohibitive, but it would be a nice valude add if feasible.

I agree that it would be very usefull to be able to use wet and dry erase, but if they change the material a bit, I would suggest to make them a bit more durable on the botton where they are stuck into the stand.

That said after the success of the pawns, I guess we will get some product like it either directly from paizo (best choice IMO especially since that way you could get packs for your Adventure Paths) or other companies.

I recently received my first miniature from paizo, Ameiko Kaijitsu, and while I love it, but I am waaayyy to unskilled to paint it to my extremely unreasonably high standards.

Soooo when can I get my Kingmaker Pawns^^

I love the picture, but that´s not how a +1 Breastplate looks. I could be wrong, but does the armor miss the glamered enhancement?

Still reading the posts, but I just ordered the beginners box, just to know what all the fuss it about ^^

I have to point out that, while shiny the celestial armor is in fact not hade of mithril, if the magic is dispelled or supressed its a chainshirt with max dex 4.

All the specific armors where once priced with a lot of guessing and tweaking, to find a good place for the item in terms of power and price. RAW as far as I know is that they can´t be ugraded from +3 to +4, but most DMs I know will allow the upgrade.

The same is true for something like a holy avenger or a sun blade.

Pavlovian wrote:

The AVP spell Instant Enemy, which I like very much, is an Enchantment spell that is not Mind-affecting... I understand this is because otherwise it could not be used on undead, vermin, plants, and so on... But in the Core Rulebook, it states that every Enchantment is a Mind-affecting spell.

How would you solve this? Make it Mind-affecting, making it a significantly worse spell, or change the spell to Evocation or Transmutation instead?

Well maybe in this case specific beats general, it´s only a minor point anyway, since the spell affects you and you only have to choose an enemy, so I would change to target to "Personal".

I am not sure if NPCs do get traits after all, but they can´t take magical lineage twice.

Encounter seems pretty deadly, of course a lich is sopposed to be.

The "hugging" could work, but once the person they are hugging tells them to stop, they would do so.

mcgreeno wrote:

Hello everyone,

To begin with, thank you in advance for your advice. My GM is thinking of switching over to the Kingmaker AP.

What is the Best way to go about building a Elven Archer with the prospect of picking up the Arcane Archer prestige class in the Kingmaker AP.

For the prestige class I have to be either elf or half-elf. Before anyone ask I'm just really tired of playing human. We actually have not had a single non human in our gaming group in a really really long time.

Thank you again for all of your help

As someone who runs Kingmaker for his group, i can say, that an archer will be a great choice, there are various good paths to get to the class.

Depending on what kind of spells you want to use, and your party has access too, some options are better than others.

Archer Monk (can´t remember the name)/Sorcerer with the bloodline that lets them use WIS as casting stat/ arcane archer: the big advantage is te ability run around naked ^^ (with some serios AC)

Magus 8 / arcane archer 10. Your bow will be pretty powerfull, pretty soon, your spell selection is quite nice, and you are still damn dangeraus in melee.

Synthesist Summoner 8 / arcane archer 3 I guess this could work, and it will be easy, you can cast haste as a level 2 spell, improve your stats and will be quite durable.

dragonslie123 wrote:

The problem I have been having, and have had from the beginning, and complaining about now, are all the same issue.

And if it happened "here or there" I probrobly wouldn't even notice. The fact is it happens every game session.

My char is 'far from god mode." in this game. The only thing he can do is "hide" or make himself not able to be hit. But he can't hit at all. Sorry "wall of force" and 'resilient sphere" centered on yourself stops most things....

OF course, when chain lightning, feeblemind, Dispel magic(useless in the game as nothing is ever buffed except BBEG Drow have constant detect magic.), flesh to stone, enervate, create pit, summon air elemental 7, magic missle..(why magic missle average damage on a fighter is like 70 or so for ONE hit in this game.), mass suggestion, suggestion, finger of death, grasping hand, clinched fist, Black tenticals(never worked once..maybe its the monsters ok sure...), hydraulic push, disintergrate, cone of cold, baleful polymorph, fear, ... and im not talking "random spells vs monsters" im talking

chain lightning vs an ancient red dragon. Save, Feeblemind vs anything in the game as its all outsiders with Sp abilities, save, Disintegrate vs undead, save, black tenticals vs anything humoid no effect, grasping hand clinched fist, ok great. i get a cover bonus but that's about it, they are all interposing hand and that's it.,

mass suggesstion on horned devils, saved... guess they had 10 Wizard levels or 20 fighter levels added on?

create pit,greater vs mithral golems(huge), saved he throws create pit 2nd lvl both fail, I throw greater pit vs the other mithral golem, save, he throws 2nd level version, fail. I summon air elemental whirlwind save (for about 2 rounds.) then finally he failed reflex save vs an air elemental AFTER they both got dealt and failed a grasp of the dead???. note my 4th lvl spell actually hits harder than his grasp of the dead by 1 DC....

finger of death against something with 6 negative levels, saved.

cone of cold vs dragon,...

Might I suggest some spells that are unlikely to fail:

True Strike + any number of Rays: Enervation could be rewarding. Or maybe start to conetrate your effords on buffin other characters. It may be less glorious, but you will contribute.

If you are not enjoying the game maybe you should talk with the gm and the other players about something with a little less power.

B0sh1 wrote:

Could someone go through the attack sequence when you start the round in question with a held charge? Also, regarding spell combat + spell strike, spell combat references that all of the attacks either come first or the spell being cast comes first. I presume that means the "regular" non-spell strike (free) attack, is that correct?

Here's specifically the quote I am referencing;

A magus can choose to cast the spell first or make the weapon attacks first, but if he has more than one attack, he cannot cast the spell between weapon attacks.

I am concerned I've been short changing my action economy and could use a bit of clarification in general.

Round 0: cast a spell that holds a charge like shocking grasp.


Combat round 1 (let´s start you start combat with your enemy in range:

Use spell combat (-2 to attacks). Resolve all your meelee attacks as normal once you hit your held charge discarges on the enemy.

After your attacks you can cast your spell, if its another spell like shocking grasp you get another attack with your weapon do deliver this spell.

If you level is high enough, or you can use a metamgic rod lesser quicken, you can cast shocking grasp as a swift action... and get another free swing with your weapon.

Round 2: Repeat ^^

STR Ranger wrote:


Currently playing a 3rd level Hexcrafter magus in COTCT online PBP.

Here's my 20th level char build

Str 16
Dex 13
Con 12
Int 19
Wis 10
Cha 7
Favored Points go to HP.

1 Magus1 Arcane Pool +1, Cantrips, Spell Combat, Intensify Spell
2 Magus2 Spellstrike
3 Magus3 Magus Arcana (Arcane Accuracy), Extra Arcana: Familiar
4 Magus4 Hex Arcana- Slumber Hex
5 Magus5 Arcane Pool +2, Wpn Fcs: Scimitar, Extra Arcana: Accursed Strike
6 Magus6 Hex Arcana- Evil Eye
7 Magus7 Knowledge Pool, Medium Armor, Improved Familiar- Dust Mephit
8 Magus8 Improved Spell Combat
9 Magus9 Arcane Pool +3, Hex Arcana Misfortune or Cackle, Power Attack
10 Magus10 Fighter Training
11 Magus11 Wpn Spl: Scimitar, Spell Recall, Extra Hex: Ice Tomb
12 Magus12 Major Hex- Major Healing
13 Magus13 Arcane Pool +4, Heavy Armor, Split Hex
14 Magus14 Gtr Spell Combat
15 Magus15 Hex Arcana- Bane Blade, Persistent Spell
16 Magus16 Counterstrike
17 Magus17 Arcane Pool +5, Gtr Weapon Fcs, Extra Arcana: Quicken
18 Magus18 Hex Arcana- Retribution
19 Magus19 Gtr Spell Access, Extra Arcana- Maximize
20 Magus20 True Magus

Just want some advice if i can get some more synergy with Hexes.
Since they're a standard action they don't work with spell combat. I took HEXCRAFTER for resource management (plus they will have higher saves than my spells.
I pumped INT in my point buy so get DC's higher and get more Arcana Points to spam Arcane Accuracy. (eventually adding +10 to hit on full attacks.
The Familiar is gonna spam a wand of Ill omen to help me land save or suck spells I get from Accursed Strike.

I'm not sure I need Cackle or Misfortune. Misfortune is awesome but Ill Omen does the same thing for multiple rounds and no save. At 7 it won't cost an action cause the Familiar will cast it from a wand.
Cackle COULD be used to Keep Evil Eye going but I can't Spell Combat with it (Though Blade Dash spell will synergise).

I also think maybe Lunge would be better than Wpn Spec and maybe Improved Crit over Gtr Wpn...

Sexy build.

I don´t know how many rounds combat usually takes, but one of the really big advantages of the magus class is action economy. Or it other words doing lots of stuff each round. Spending a standart action to use a hex seems like a giant waste of time, but I recently startet to play a hexcrafter too (with black blade).

Some random points:

While the Split Hex feat is awesome, your are not a level 10 witch and can´t take it.

Extra Arcana feat to get Quicken Spell or Maximize once per day seems expensive - get Spell Perfection instead and cast a quickend shocking grasp (or ill omen) every round (thus getting another spell, and another swing with your sword).

If you can find the feats somewhere (or squeeze in a level of monk)get Hex strike: evil eye or misfortune. Then when your attack bonus is all buffed up through arcane accurancy use one of your attacks to attack with an unarmed strike.

Erik Keith wrote:
Banpai wrote:

Thank you for suspending my account, I have just placed an order, please unsuspend my AP subscription and add the current volume to Order 159450.

Thank you very much.

I unsuspended your subscription and added the adventure path to order 159450 as requested. It should be shipping out as soon as possible.

Thank you

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Mogart wrote:

Got a chance to use my Winged Eidolon a few days ago.

I had to make a DC 24 fly check to have the Eidolon land in a large Canoe.

Tieing a simple knot in a rope required a Dex check of greater than 15. (We failed)

Intelligence checks (DC greater than 11) or Profession (Sailor) checks were required to be able to use an oar in a Canoe. (We failed)

I was told that the eidolon couldn't attack in the water. I was also told that my eidolon was doing too much damage and would be subject to DM review. "There is no way that the eidolon can do acid damage on every claw attack."

In one round I hit with 3 attacks using an enlarged eidolon and did 34 damage (The DM's mouth dropped open), nobody batted an eye when the 2 handed fighter swung for 32 damage with one hit and then cleaved for 39.

I am still trying to figure out how the fighter has a +13 to hit.
Str Mod +5, Fighter Level BAB +5, Weapon focus +1, Weapon +1 Great Sword) and ???.

The game is simply not very fun to play, but any criticism I throw is not taken well at all.

If it wasnt so sad, it would reeeaaalllly funny. That said the DC 15 for a simple knot is pretty impressive.

Is this game reall more fun than sitting alone in your basement, in total darkness ?

Thank you for suspending my account, I have just placed an order, please unsuspend my AP subscription and add the current volume to Order 159450.

Thank you very much.

The OP describes a pretty bad situation, but my suggestion would be a Bladebound Kensai Magus. Doesn´t need armor, brings his own magic weapon, and if push comes to shove can even deal some damage with an enhanced bow.

Danish Trumpter wrote:
I looked at the two of these, like em both, have a conjuror sorc to which I'm thinking of adding fiery shuriken. Thing is I can't really see a huge difference there. scorching ray does more damage, but fiery shuriken doesn't have the "w/in 30 feet" restriction and is conj and you can keep them around a while. But does all that really mean more than the quite a bit more damage ( at 7th level 2x4d6 versus 4d8). Just wondered what people thought about that. (wish fiery shuriken had medium range, easy win for me then!)

Fiery shuriken is a very scarry spell, especially if you have acces to sneak attack. If you have acces to a nasty metamagic feat that adds a debuff - fiery shuriken is better. On the other hand if fire resistance becomes a factor, a crature with fire resist 5 is almost immune to the shuriken.

thenovalord wrote:

My SS PC is also a witch, she is level 7 now and has been a quite dominate character in the AP thus far

we have 7 players as well, and even ramped up few encounters have been really challenging except when say, a TRex gets surprise on the party, for example !!

was never sure whether healing hex does damage to undead, so havent tried it out that way yet...maybe i should investigate?

The question has been answered in the FAQ

Well i am positive that things will work out fine.. and that one of the first guys to die will reroll as something that can heal^^

Explosive Runes for the shock value^^

You don´t just get it earlier, you get a better ability. A Kensai can get greater weapon spec at level 15 a normal Magus doesn´t get the chance at all.

It really depends on the situation, but 95 % of the time its better to be able to hit the BBEG on a 17-20 than only on a 20.

Another reason to prefer a good offense is that in some situations you can exchange your offense for a boost to defense, this is not so easily done the other way round.

Fighting defensively, full defense, withdraw, and combat expertise are really good tools even if your character isn´t build to use them to full effect.

Holding the unhittable BBEG in a door by taking the full defense action ist´t heroic, epic or barbaric (for barbarians^^) but if the party uses this time to bring down the boss with magic missile so be it.

On the other hand a preemtive black tentacles or for that matter any debuff spell could provide the group with way more "defense" than any amount of stoneskins.

So either adapt your tactic to the situation or mix and match the approach in the group: 1 Tank, several damage dealers a healer if needed...

thenovalord wrote:

giving extra healing drops will make the mod even easier for a party based on 25 point build with 7 (i think) players?.

Im assuming they know how d20 fantasy works, so theyll just have to suck it up and work around it. Someone hopefully will have the heal skill

Plus this mod is based on the party not knowing each other beforehand so an 'unbalanced' party fits.

was there a WOCL anywhere on the island??

Yeah 7 players is quite a big group, an i fully expect our DM to make the encounters a lot harder because of it (or just bigger).

Some of the players are new to RPGs and about half the group has limited experience with d20 fantasy, but i think i can impress upon them the need to conserve our hp resources.

I currently expect to take the healing hex at level 4 to (and on the upside it may be fun to hurt undead with it ^^)

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