Is there a PFS legal way to set up a permanent portal?

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For fluff reasons, I'm trying to figure out how to make a PFS legal way to set up a portal, teleport circle, etc going between two points.

A Well of Welcome Respite would have been perfect, but not PFS legal.

Ring Gates are good for getting supplies and messages to the "destination", but I'm looking for an equivalent (or creative workaround) to get pathfinders to the destination as well.

Teleport spells wouldn't solve the issue, because the destination side of things would be moving around a lot.

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As far as I'm aware there's no real way to do this in PFS. There are a couple of scenario specific boons that almost approach this, but those only permit you to move, and both end points are fixed as well.

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Create Greater Demiplane could work for you, you just would have to cast recast the spell every couple of days, and casting the spell also allows you to move the permanent Gate.

Of course while still PFS legal, it is pretty unlikely that you will be able to access this spell with most of characters (usually requiring plenty of AP chronicles).

Can you provide more details about the level range where this should be possible and the locations in questions? Does it have to be a two-way portal?

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I'm curious as to why greater teleport wouldn't work? Granted, you would need to be 13th level (at the earliest) before you could get that spell, but it should be able to do what you want.

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I'm trying to see if I can put together the parts to make it plausible to have a Sarkoris Pathfinder Lodge. The lodge itself would be an instant fortress, and I have a fairly long wishlist of items to protect, furnish, and supply the fortress. Getting pathfinders to the fortress without having to track down a 13th level wizard each time.

It is level 13+, so greater teleport is in play, although the character in question that I'm setting things up for is a non-caster. Greater teleport (staff of passage is an expensive put possible method) seems like it would work, but was hoping to find a PFS legal way around that.

Just a fluff thing (and a money sink for my high level gold), but this was the one logistical issue I was having a problem with.

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In that case, getting there isn't really the problem, permanently storing (having activated) the portable fortress is the problem, since " I left it there in a previous scenarios" doesn't really work.

Depending on the location, even the protection provided by an instant fortress might to feeble for the region.

Of course, the society does happen to have some dwarven allies in the area...

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The idea is that it wouldn't be left unattended, so once set up, it wouldn't be a matter of leaving it anywhere. The VC would basically carry the lodge with him at all times, setting it up when needed, providing a point to get pathfinders into the region, brief them, possibly allow a place for temporary rest...and then the lodge gets packed up to move somewhere else before demonic armies launch an attack. Probably wouldn't actually ever come into play in a scenario, but was a sink for all the high level gold that comes in at high levels.

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Well there is the Hao Jin Tapestry. I believe it can be used for the purpose you intend, with an entry point in absalom at the grand lodge and a exit point where you want.

you can say that Crighton Shane or Aram Zey have helped you set this up.

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There's a scenario reward that lets you choose a location where you have tapestry travel through to count as absolom , as you can simply port back and forth at will, that effectively does this.

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There are now two scenarios that grant that Boon =D

Derp. Nevermind. They're different.

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Neat idea. But I'm going to say something that will probably not be popular.

This sort of awesome story, character, and campaign development is best left to a home game where you can really coordinate and synergize with your GM, how something like this would impact the campaign and the world.

Why? Because in an organized play campaign, specific things that are iconic and/or important to the campaign, needs to solely be developed by the central development team. The danger in allowing this level of creativity is that you get three guys from different regions together who all claim to have created the Sarkoris lodge. All with different details and different Venture-captains.

Furthermore, the campaign has already set the precedent for how ridiculously difficult it is to work within the wound through the end of season five. Specifically, Weapon in the Rift, The Sealed Gate, and Assault on the Wound. It took the entirety of the society and its allies to succeed. Because that precedent was set, it just isn't a realistic goal for a single PC to set up their own lodge in the wound. Thus why close coordination in development is necessary with the PFS development team for something of this scope.

I dont want to squash your creativity. It truly sounds like an awesome idea. But something a bit less campaign impacting is more appropriate and prudent for organized play.

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