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Last year, there was enough space for improptu tables. I would have to suggest once showing up at Scotty's, ask around for PF players, figure out who wants to run/play, and then asking the manager to make sure there is space to setup a game as well as food.

Due to space issues, ideally scenarios with a small map is preferred.

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From APG:

On a direct hit, an alchemist's bomb inflicts 1d6 points of fire damage + additional damage equal to the alchemist's Intelligence modifier. The damage of an alchemist's bomb increases by 1d6 points at every odd-numbered alchemist level (this bonus damage is not multiplied on a critical hit or by using feats such as Vital Strike). Splash damage from an alchemist bomb is always equal to the bomb's minimum damage (so if the bomb would deal 2d6+4 points of fire damage on a direct hit, its splash damage would be 6 points of fire damage). Those caught in the splash damage can attempt a Reflex save for half damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the alchemist's level + the alchemist's Intelligence modifier.

Fire is an energy type.

Bomb is a Supernatural ability.

The discoveries will answer your questions on those.

Read the APG's section on bombs again. It'll answer these basic questions.

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Nicos wrote:
It woul have less impact that the "SLA as prerequistes for a lot of things" change.

Can somebody point me to the FAQ entry for this? I searched the FAQs, but didn't see it there.

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At higher levels, your low level spells should be more about utility than combat.

Summons are always good.
Floating Disk has good utility for random things (mainly surfaces you or your allies don't want to stand on)
Magic Missile is much better at high levels than low, especially to disrupt spell casting (although shield or brooch can stop it easily).
Alarm for guarding your retreat or other areas.
Silent Image for any number of things. To trigger an ambush, to fool low INT/WIS monster into believing a more power spells (like trolls vs. a fake Wall of Fire). Sight based encounters are especially susceptible to illusions. Heck, a properly placed Ghost Sound will confuse opponents on where your party are.

Or if you have Fast Study arcane discovery, you can leave a lot of low level slots open, and it only take 1 minute to fill those slots in the middle of the day.

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Where's the ruling that racial SLAs are a pre-req for arcane strike? I checked some of the FAQs and didn't see them.

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Oh this changes things....

Hard to say what I rather have...a 3rd VC character, or taking down the Runelord of Sloth twice...

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Mike Clarke wrote:
Chris Bonnet wrote:

I don't recommend the Hard Mode unless you have 29 PA.
Nah, It's my druids last scenario either way. I don't think I would bring her back, as long as she gets a "good death". I don't need three characters above level 12.

Same. I have a 14 and a 12, so this is the end for my first ever PFS character. It's kind of funny that I needed Atonement twice for the 2 evil acts in Season 4. Perhaps he'd be a better agent for Krune than Pathfinders.

Dark Archive 2/5

I am interested.

I'm going to be driving into Indy this year most likely, and I have Monday off.

Dark Archive 2/5

Kyle Baird wrote:
Rene Duquesnoy wrote:
Rene Duquesnoy wrote:
In for Waking Rune Hard Mode.
did i get bumped?

Ugh... crap. Let me go back through and fix this...

Pathfinder Society Scenario #4–26: The Waking Rune
@ Scotty's, Slot 3 (7pm - 12am) (not the one on Warhorn, yet)
GM: John Compton*
PC 1: Kyle Baird
PC 2: Auke Teeninga
PC 3: BobBob Jonquet
PC 4: [Steven] Sior
PC 5: Carlos Robledo
PC 6: Rene Duquesnoy

Alt PC 1: Chris Mortika

Auke, Carlos and Sior, please email me so we can get some planning going (not that it's likely to save us...)

edit: So yeah, PM me here and i'll give you my email. *d'oh*

It'll probably be easier to setup this without Warhorn. You have your GM and your 6.

Unless the Warhorn manager wants to setup a new slot and add all of those players in himself so people don't have time to fill it before everybody can reserve their spot.

I'm still setup in the Warhorn spot for HARD MODE, if that was meant to be a different one from yours.

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Chris Bonnet wrote:

There is now a Hard mode/with GM schedualed at Scotties for the late night slot 7pm-12pm.

We could also put one up in the AM slot.

As with these events every year, it will start filling up faster in the last 14 days.

I have signed up as a player for this slot, but I think this was meant for John to run and others to play. I'll back out if that's meant for them.

Dark Archive 2/5

Is anybody else interested in running the Waking Rune for another Scotty's slot, or midnight madness?

I love hard mode. Unfortunately, this time I only have 1 character for 7-11.

Dark Archive 2/5

Now that I've confirmed I can make Gen Con, Scotty's would be awesome. I'll be looking out for Warhorn.

Dark Archive 2/5


The meetup groups for Washington DC and Baltimore is a great way to find PFS players in the area. I am no longer the VL of Washington DC, but I still run PFS scenarios regularly as listed on both group (although more on the DC group). There are certainly a lot of spillover from MD to DC to NoVA. I've live in MD for 20 years and VA for 3, so I know quite a few stores in the area and am willing to travel to any of them on a regular basis.

I know Mike McKeown (and game with him). Your request probably just slipped through the cracks.

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I always forget that I want to play a cleric of Groetus when I make a new character. Note to self, if I play in Second Darkness, play a Groetus worshipper.

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Liz Courts wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:
As long it is the original highlander you are talking about... Yes!
There can be only one...movie.

Well it did win the Academy Award for the best movie ever made.

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Most of the evil gods aren't worshiped much with the exception of Asmodeus, but part of it is due to his extreme lawful nature.

I don't see a lot of Abadar.

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I don't really care about the Pit, but I am interested in the Padshah Empire of Kelish and the entire continent, and why can't people sail from the Inner Sea, around Casmaron to Tien instead of taking the overland route.

Of course, that's not necessarily very mythic.

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Josh M. wrote:

3.0 crit stacking was beyond broken. using a bladed gauntlet(light weapon, 1d6 damage, 17-20x2) from 3.0's Sword and Fist book(pre 3.5 errata), making it Keen with the Improved Critical feat gave it a 9-20 crit range. Seriously.

Even not using an exotic weapon, just using a rapier stacking those two things gave it a 12-20 threat range.

My math might be a little off.

As "great" as that was, a simple wizard/cleric combo of haste + harm + another damage spell easily trumped that. There's probably a ton of other things that could be done instead that I forgot about or never found. There were a lot of combos in 3.0 that were good, some were broken. But 3.5 fixed a lot of that.

Of course, the very engine of 3.0 and d20 cause other issues (like full attacks only with a 5' step, and concentration checks allowing spells to succeed when they took damage and lack of spell speeds).

I'm fine with PF as it is, even with the creep. When PF 2 comes out, I'll take a look at it and decide if I want to switch or not.

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Paizo's site tends to be slow. I've noticed it for years now. Could be poor coding or poor web hosting.

Dark Archive

Although I like these, I wish they were more exotic or powerful looking.

Dark Archive 2/5

Were they always restricted from play? I remember looking up them specifically before Gen Con to make a wizard. Were they removed from play recently?

EDIT: Sometimes I forget what is listed is legal, and what is not list is illegal. But that gets reversed for the big books like APG, UM, UC, etc. I guess I'll just be a normal illusionist then.

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You really think your players' characters are good and thorough enough to depopulate all of Golarion? On the surface and in the Darklands? Only 2000 goblins left? Did they go into Darklands and wipe out all of them there? What about the ones hobgoblins had? Or ogres? Maybe even a younger dragon. They hit all the various islands on Golarion?

What about Tien?
Other lands that Paizo haven't even named yet?

I really don't think they could have done that.

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LazarX wrote:
Sleet Storm wrote:

Dervish Dance is not so great,its just good if you have some way to get extra damage or more attacks ike the magus and even then....

Have you seen a SINGLE theorycrafter here not include this feat in thier Magus build. When a feat becomes a "must have" that means it needs a second look especially when it impacts so heavily on a build.

I guess Power Attack is too good then.

Dark Archive 2/5

Or I can make a goblin summoner, and the eidolon can translate for the goblin. And be smarter, friendlier, etc.

Or can I be the lovechild of Adril Hestram and a particularly attractive female goblin?

Dark Archive 2/5

CRobledo wrote:
Bruce Chung wrote:
I was actually considering NOT learning Common for my goblin. Not sure how that would go though.... Maybe I'll be a monk and take the vow of silence.
ALL characters in PFS start with Common, regardless of racial languages.

Why you nerfing me bro?

Dark Archive 2/5

I was actually considering NOT learning Common for my goblin. Not sure how that would go though.... Maybe I'll be a monk and take the vow of silence.

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nosig wrote:

Sorry, this is a corner case dealing with the spell darkness and darkvision.

Here's the scene...

Forrest floor, natural lighting condition: Dim light.

Tiefling casts darkness on his hat, creating an area of darkness within 20' of him. He's ok though, as he has darkvision 60', so he can see the elf who is 55' away. The elf now moves 10 feet more away, for a total of 65 feet, just outside of the Tieflings darkvision. The question is:

Can the tiefling see the elf? He would have to use regular vision, as the elf is outside of the tieflings darkvision, and that is blocked by the darkness, right?

Thanks in advance for your replies!


Darkvision is the extraordinary ability to see with no light source at all, out to a range specified for the creature. Darkvision is black-and-white only (colors cannot be discerned). It does not allow characters to see anything that they could not see otherwise—invisible objects are still invisible, and illusions are still visible as what they seem to be. Likewise, darkvision subjects a creature to gaze attacks normally. The presence of light does not spoil darkvision.

Based on your original question, the tiefling can see the elf at 65 feet out using normal vision. I would say the Darkness spell does not block line of sight, so a character would not necessarily know there is a Darkness spell in place if there is natural darkness as well.

Deeper Darkness would block line of sight, based on how the spell says darkvision does not allow characters to see through it.

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Drejk wrote:
BYC wrote:

Let's figure out something new to complain about.

I nominate rogues. We haven't complained about rogues in a while.

Nah, let it be something new-new...

I know! Time to babble how the mythic rules are underpowered/overpowered/nothing like we want/nothing like we expected/power creep/nerf/design your own complaint!

One of my players found a really annoying combo from Ultimate Equipment.

He has the item that allows a character with sneak attack to withdraw as a move action if a sneak attack is successful. Then he has another item that when he withdraws, he turns invisible for 3 rounds. The problem seems to be that it doesn't say as per the spell, and therefore doesn't imply attacking out of it breaks invisiblility. I ruled it would, because I'm sure PFS won't let that combo go without control.

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Tels wrote:
BYC wrote:

Let's figure out something new to complain about.

I nominate rogues. We haven't complained about rogues in a while.

I haven't seen many Summoner or Paladin complaint threads recently (on Over Poweredness) this month.

My only issue with the paladin is that Smite Evil overcomes all DR, regardless of alignment. It's like they don't even need magic weapons for a while.

My issues with the summoner is just a ton of base rules that it breaks, making it more difficult to run/play the character.

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Let's figure out something new to complain about.

I nominate rogues. We haven't complained about rogues in a while.

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I love gambling. I go to Vegas at least two times a year, and I usually go with about $1000-2000 in cash for gambling purposes expressly.

My games are craps, Ultimate Texas Hold-em, blackjack, and blackjack switch. I know and can play Pai-Gow, roulette, most forms of poker, Let It Ride, 3 card Poker, and Mississippi stud.

When I can visiting casinos on a weekend, I am very controlled and rarely play more than $200 per visit. When I am on vacation, I am much looser and play more widely, though still limited by my self-imposed cut-off (up to my $2000 limit). I take the free drinks at the casinos (with the $1 tip as the unspoken rule for the waitress), and I still make sound decisions.

For me, the thrill of gambling, and the science of the numbers, odds, and casino edge is what makes it fun for me. I can spend my $2000 on anything during a vacation, but with gambling, I have a chance to keep it or win a bit pass the original amount (which I have done). Career-wise, my Vegas trips (about 8 of them now since I've started going as a routine) I am down about $4000. I play games that have a good casino edge and is entertaining for me. Odds isn't really the way to examine gambling in a casino as much as the edge. I realized a few years ago that one of the reasons I enjoy RPGs, craps, and Heroclix was because they all used dice, and I LOVED rolling dice.

My personality and money sense are all very conservative however. I save a lot of money generally speaking and rarely make impulse purchases. I used to be more free with money, but I'm very tight with it in general with the exception of I spent a lot on eating out and fine dining.

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I believe the problem is that ultimately, they are forced to heal in combat, and even though it's not the best tactic, it is necessary, and it is their best tactic at that time. Clerics have lots of buff spells of course, and with time, they are very good at getting the party setup offensively or defensively.

However, I have seen over and over and over again, in home games and in PFS, that a cleric ends up channeling from rounds 2-4 in order to keep the fighter/barbarian alive so that character can deal 40+ damage per round to take care of the threat with other characters doing offensive things or trying to counter a spell. Even a well-played cleric might not have be able to do something better than heal the main damage dealer so we can survive this encounter.

A optimized fighter will out damage a cleric. So the cleric gets discouraged and starts buffing/healing instead. It's not even because the cleric is a healbot or wants to do it, but because it is the MOST EFFICIENT way to end the encounter. A big boss encounter arrives. The wizard casts his powerful spell, but the boss saves. Boss attacks and does heavy damage to the fighter. Fighter has to stay in there to soak up damage and to dish it out. The cleric doesn't have time to cast a buff spell, and if the fighter goes down, the party is screwed unless boss fails a save against the wizard. So what ends up happening? The cleric heals the fighter, and is stuck doing it for the rest of the combat.

Unfortunately, this scenario happens a lot, even with experienced players. I hated that clerics got channeling when I first saw PF because I knew they were going to fall back to that role, even if they weren't planning on it.

I don't know where the line is between 3.5 CoDzilla and PF channeler is. We want fighters to deal damage. We want clerics to fight well and cast spells. But far too often, the cleric being effective and to contribute is to heal the main damage dealer or to channel and to heal everybody. Otherwise, people start dropping, and the fight ends really fast once that happens.

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Salvation from the Endless
Salvation from the Reign

or if the Worldwound is actually closing...
From Twilight to Dawn

Dark Archive

If anybody follows pro wrestling, I once Pedigreed a dude in a bar room brawl. Rolled a nat 20 back in 3.5. GM declared him buried. :)

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Widjit wrote:

<= Live in Laurel and looking for a group. Still room?


PFS has plenty of room, and we're always hoping for new players. The Venture-Captain of DC has moved north to Baltimore, so PFS presence has moved up there as well. DC still has a strong presence of course.

As before, we're still light on people in the MD side around and beyond the Beltway for PFS. If there's a good place to run scenarios, please let us know, and we'll try and setup something there.

Another place you might be able to find games is at Savage Mills. The Family Game Store is a place I used to play Heroclix at, and where I discovered Pathfinder back in 08 (and back when I lived in Greenbelt, MD).

Dark Archive

RahdaDM6t9 is in Mitchellville, MD. I used to play in his campaign until I moved too far away. Good GM, good setting. We had a lot of good times together.

Dark Archive

Or Rise of the Shattered Star...that's good name....

Dark Archive

I wouldn't necessarily go with blasting, although it seems like a natural choice.

Spell casters ultimately are best when they can control the battle or buff an ally. Having 1 or 2 blasting spells is fine, but powerful support spells are better.

Resist/Protect from Energy
Enlarge Person
Bull's STR/the entire line of spells
Summon Monsters
Protection from Evil
Stinking Cloud
Sleet Storm
Create Pit
Silent Image/Minor Image/entire line of spells
Wall of ???

If a person is going to dump STR, might as well dump to 7 and get the 4 build points.

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BltzKrg242 wrote:

Can't you see them set up for a brace?

Can you ready an action to brace if they charge so that it's a little more subtle?

I would allow it. But PF's timing rules are not very clear. Charging is a full-round action so it shouldn't allow a take-back, but plenty of GMs and players allow it.

Ultimately, brace is a good idea but it's more for mass combat than small encounters.

Dark Archive 2/5

Adam Blufield wrote:

Hello all!

I just got back from Gencon a few days ago and am STOKED to play some more PFS. Any leads in the NOVA or DC area would be much appreciated.


PFS is quite active in the DC area. Email the group as posted already, and we can figure out where you are and where games are close to you.

Dark Archive 2/5

Andrew Christian wrote:
#5 is my favorite

I love it as well. I'm trying to figure out if I want to use 5 with my goblin, as well as throwing a billion other boons onto that character as well.

Dark Archive 2/5

You can't kill me. I'm invincible!

So what if we attacked her from the start? I assume we just duke it out right there?

If we only have solved the puzzle earlier, I would have more Protection From Energies, and more people would have lived.

Dark Archive

The Block Knight wrote:

Not really sure where you heard that she had Rogue levels. Maybe a looong time ago. Jacobs has confirmed that all the Runelords are straight Thassilonian specialist Wizards. Sorshen in one of three (with Alaznist and Xandergul) Runelords that is considered to be above Level 20.

Alaznist being above 20? I thought that was supposed to be Belimarius or Krune? I know JJ said something like he switched two of the runelords' levels around. I recall Xandergul being the "greatest", Sorshen was one of the strongest because of her enchanting presence. I would have also thought Krune might have been extremely powerful, given that he has access to Lissala and Peacock Spirit stuff as well.

Dark Archive 2/5

1 person marked this as a favorite.

What made my goblin boon special is that I played We Be Goblins and applied the module Chronicle towards my ifrit character way back last year. And then I used my ifrit and received the goblin boon in return.

Dark Archive 2/5

I did not see Fetchling or Vishkanya race boons at Gen Con. I had the chance to select any of the boons at Gen Con when I rolled a crit, but not confirm it.

Dark Archive 2/5

Kyle Baird wrote:

Wanted to break the news that those who won part 2 of the Special got a boon to play a....

** spoiler omitted **

The real trick is trying to get a full goblin party together...

Goblin paladins anybody?

Dark Archive 2/5

Dragnmoon wrote:
kingfawz wrote:

Played 8-9...neither GM pulled any punches. We advanced and ultimately tied for first at our tier.

Also...for what it's worth, there was a husband and wife duo at our table and the rest of us didn't know each other. We met at the marshalling area, and I was playing an iconic.

The round simply required goal-oriented roleplaying and some combat/puzzle skills, not to mention some small amount of luck.

Good round. Two good judges. A good time and great memories.

Was this the one I ran for part 1? You played merisiel?

I played the ifrit, so I think it was part 1.

Dark Archive

Charge and Ride-By Attack. Lame.

Dark Archive

There's a lot of options depending on what you want to do. You said generalist, but that's still vague.

Step Up is usually useful for fighting classes, but not sure if you want to be in their faces.

Combat Expertise opens up maneuvers, but you said you weren't going for feat chains.

Combat Reflexes allows some stuff as well.

Power Attack could work since you have BAB 4, and personally I hate taking it before BAB 4.

I would not take Arcane Strike because it uses a swift action that you can use to Quicken something with a rod, and still have a standard/full to attack with.

Step Up or Power Attack would be my choices.

Dark Archive

I am sort of setting up a mega AP with Rise of the Runelords and The Shattered Star together as well, but from the villain's side. I have no idea how this will work out, but rest assured, it will be epic one way or another (either epically awesome or epically terrible).

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