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A bad standard dungeon delve


I disliked this scenario quite a bit. It starts off well enough, but the dungeon delve part is unimaginative and repetitive.

The endless amount of traps setup old-school 1E and 2E style was a major turn off. It felt like a trap showed up every few hundred feet. It seems odd that cultists would have the time to setup traps in their very own lair without an easy way to get out. Using the same trap about 10 times certainly contributed to problems. The end monster that could not leave his lair was also ill-conceived. If it cannot get out, why do we need to defeat it? The lead cultist turned comic relief was completely out of place. If this scenario was supposed to be a suspenseful dungeon delve, a comic relief provided by the scenario did not help. He made sneaking around impossible, and we could not get rid of him without killing him.

This is a very oddly written scenario that my group did not enjoy.