Dark Archive

In darkness lies enlightenment.

Deep beneath the Grand Lodge in Absalom lie an untold number of corridors and chambers containing the fruits of countless expeditions: a wealth of artifacts, relics, and other treasures deemed too insignificant for immediate examination or too dangerous for further study. Each spirit-possessed hourglass and demonic tome added to the collection makes these vaults harder to navigate and manage. Only a few Pathfinders attempted the overwhelming task of maintaining the lot until recently, when the Dark Archive formed with the Decemvirate's blessing to catalogue the centuries of finds—a job far more exciting than it seems given the unpredictable and occult nature of the collection. The more success the Dark Archive can demonstrate to the Society, the more opportunities its agents have to access the rare and forgotten secrets that slumber beneath Absalom's streets.

Faction Leader

Paracountess Zarta Draleen

Paracountess Zarta Dralneen once served as the Chelish liaison to the Society, but her hedonistic revelries gave her a questionable reputation among agents of House Thrune. When a rival framed Zarta for treason, her colleagues quietly arranged for her abduction and imprisonment without a proper investigation. Only the intercession of her Pathfinder allies disproved the charges and secured her freedom, though Cheliax has neither formally pardoned her nor allowed her to resume her official duties. The Society has extended a hand to aid Zarta, and she has gradually carved out a niche for herself and her agents. The paracountess is a reliable ally of the Grand Lodge, yet her work has an ulterior motive: each powerful artifact she studies gives her one more tool in seeking revenge against the Thrune agents who betrayed her.

The Dark Archive Pathfinder

The false evidence against Zarta cast an indelible shadow upon the Pathfinder agents loyal to her, and when she defected and founded the Dark Archive, most of those same agents pledged their service to her new venture. In fact, many see the organization of the Grand Lodge vaults as an extension of Cheliax's love of order and law. The Dark Archive also calls to scholars of long-forgotten secrets and those who are willing to acquire personal power no matter the cost. Many Dark Archive Pathfinders are lawful-aligned.

Aiding Your Cause

As a new organization seeking to prove its worth, the Dark Archive is in need of capable archivists, curators, and historians capable of making sense of the vaults' chaotic mess of relics. This might mean recruiting specialists to serve as Zarta's agents, delving into the vaults in person to deal with an erratic artifact, or helping the Society recover a treasure that would quietly aid the faction's goals. Zarta may one day ask members of the Dark Archive to infiltrate Cheliax in order to undermine the agents who helped sabotage her career.