Which major gods do you rarely see adventurers worshiping?

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Silver Crusade

So it's a bit of a cliche that Sarenrae is the most commonly worshipped goddess among Pathfinders, just because so many people play pregen Kyra in PFS play. Iomedae is popular with paladins, Irori is popular with monks, and Desna is popular with clerics just because she offers such useful domains.

But I was thinking about it, and there are certain major gods that I very rarely see worshiped by adventurers in Society play.

Obviously, with no evil PCs allowed, we don't get many who worship evil gods. But Asmodeus is still somewhat popular among LN characters from Cheliax. Coming up with an excuse why the worshiper of any other evil god would be a Pathfinder is a bit of a stretch, though apparently we have a group of local players who all have Rovagug worshiping PCs.

Nethys and Gozreh don't get much attention, but it wouldn't surprise me if some spellcasters worshiped Nethys without talking about him much, and the same with druids and rangers with Gozreh.

I think Shelyn is the only good aligned major deity who I've never seen worshiped by a Society PC, which kinda surprises me. She offers some nice domains for clerics, a nice reach weapon as her favored weapon, and I'd consider making a cleric to her myself, so I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone beat me to it. Like Nethys and Gozreh, it's possible she has some worshipers (bards, most likely) who just don't talk about her much.

Others that I'm surprised I haven't seen more among Society PCs are Calistria and Cayden Cailean. I've seen CC worshipers, but not as many as I'd expect, and I don't think I've ever seen a Calistria worshiper, which surprises me. I would think whip + negative channel + channel smite would be a nice cleric combo, and it's all right there in the Core Rulebook.

Dark Archive

Most of the evil gods aren't worshiped much with the exception of Asmodeus, but part of it is due to his extreme lawful nature.

I don't see a lot of Abadar.

Silver Crusade

I've seen a couple of Abadar worshipers. He's not one I'd expect to be popular, so what I've seen is about what I'd expect. He seems to be about as popular as Cayden, though, which shocks the heck out of me.

Dark Archive

Of the good gods, I haven't seen anyone worshipping Torag yet. Much like Correlon and the rest of the Seldarine, I think Torag suffers from not being as interesting as the rest of his sub-pantheon!

Of the neutrals, Pharasma and Gorum don't seem terribly popular. It seemed to me that Wee Jas was one of Greyhawk's most popular gods, and yet Pharasma seems to have gone in a more Kelemvore 'death god who rejects their portfolio and has it in for atheists' direction. Gorum is perhaps a bit two-dimensional. When your god is *literally* an 'empty suit,' it doesn't really put asses in pews. A CG synthesis of Gorum and Cayden Cailean, a hard-fighting, hard-partying, god of battle and strength and glory, kind of like Greyhawk's Kord (or closer to PF's Kurgess) seems like a more 'fun' god of battle to RP worshipping.

I personally try to avoid picking gods for their 'gimmes,' but Erastil's longbow is very tempting, and so many of the gods have either terrible Domain selections or really fun ones.

I still haven't done a cleric of Desna for that very reason. It feels cheap. :)

Shadow Lodge

My bard is for Shelyn. I've considered Rovagug for a char specializing in overruns. I tend do go for the minor gods more often though - Andoletta, Milani, and Groetus.

I've seen a few Caydens, but can't think of any other gods getting worshiped around here. Most people are just quiet about it.

Silver Crusade

I've seen Torag worshiping dwarves, but I don't think any clerics. Come to think of it, I don't recall see any Erastil worshipers, either, other than my own archer bard who regularly says prayers to several gods, including Erastil.

From what I've seen, Pharasma is actually the most popular of the neutral deities. After Desna and Sarenrae, I think Pharasma is actually the deity I've seen the most clerics worshiping in Society play.

I've seen a Gorum worshiping melee cleric, but he's definitely not that popular.

I actually do have a cleric of Desna myself, but not for the cheap reasons. I had the idea of doing a wannabe leprechaun character. He's a halfling with an Irish name (Seamus) and Irish accent who worships "Lady Luck". He's a buff specialist with the Luck domain, and uses the halfling cleric favored class bonus to get more uses per day of the Bit of Luck power, so he can spread the luck around. So I actually came by Desna worship for thematic reasons, not just cheesing for good domains. I still think they intentionally gave her the worst favored weapon to make up for the great domains, though.

I keep wanting to do a cleric of Shelyn eventually, originally because I thought the personality could lead to interesting role play, but partially because I've never see one before. She's got a nice pole arm for doing a melee cleric build, and pretty good domains. The big issue is coming up with a reason why a Shelyn cleric would be an adventurer, since that's among the most peaceful religions. There are plenty of good deities who are good for crusaders against evil, but Shelyn's not really one of them.

Sovereign Court

One of the players in my home group follow Abadar. My own PFS bard is a follower of Shelyn, and one of the regular Oracles I meet in PFS play follows Shelyn too - she appears to be pretty popular in my area as a matter of fact. The last PFS game I played has a Hellknight follower of Pharasma, and the one before that had an Inquisitor of Gozreh.

Cleric: Cayden and really hamming it up.
Sorceress: Calistria. Amoral and vengeful, but dead sexy with it.
Rogue: Shelyn because he likes the singing in church.
Ranger: Erastil and always asks for his blessing on arrows.
Fighter: maybe Kurgess? Uncommitted at best.

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