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Languages of Golarion

Why are inevitables a kind of aeon now?

Who is the blue dragon on the Game Mastery Guide cover? (possible spoilers for Rise of Runelords)

Casandalee proselytizing and induction

Holomog is great and I hope Paizo will go back there

Golarion and how Adventurer level characters, equipment etc. affect it

Rapping with Ropers

Casandalee domains?

What aspect of the Pathfinder universe do you dislike?

How does Rahadoum feel about Irori?

In depth Iobaria Gazetteer

The Spire


Dragonlance Conversions

Paizo Blog: The Windsong Testaments: On Family Bonds

A question about the Azlanti Race

Where exactly do the Outer Gods live?

lifespan of the multiverse

Who made the Worldwound? (possible spoilers for Wrath of the Righteous)

The Eighth Runelord

Why do elementals attack people?

About the worship of Rovagug and its anathemas

Kobolds and Mwangi Dwarves

About petitioners and memories again

Tech level after Earthfall

Why did Geb make Aranzi a lich anyway?

Champion's Celestial Form, Iomedae

Maps of Augustana

Sleepless Agency and freeform mystery campaign

Is Barbatos a Great Old One infiltrating another Pantheon?

Abrogail II's parents and the family of Thrune

Musical Instruments on Golarion.

Test for Elven Acceptance?

Weren't the Ouat dwarves completely shaven?

Elf Heritages

Rivethun pronunciation?

Another divinities theme song thread

Why / how is the Eye of Abendego connected to Aroden?

About how big is the "Inner Sea Region"

Gunpowder / steam technology more prominent in the Inner Sea?

What does Lastwall / Gravelands look like geographically?

Paizo Blog: The Mwangi Expanse

Cassomir map since Cities of Golarion

Request: Distant Shores 2

Which meta-region do you want to run in first?

Looking for suggestions

If you like guns in the setting, where would you see them spread?

Mwangi Antagonists

Leshy Origin Story: Need a powerful Halfling Druid

Magaambya offering options to other classes of arcane magic?

Red panda ancestry?

Southern Garund getting some attention?

Bekyar Redeemer

Artistic liberty or is Golarion more advanced than it seems at first?

Oracles of Nethys?

mass death and judgement

Lizardfolk(iruxi) Appearance

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens: The Idol and the Scythe

Pharasma's edict on prophecy

Why haven’t we seen more of Casmaron?

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens: Seeds of Hope

Tenth-by-Third stats?

Cayden’s Anathema?

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens: Bad Dogs

Interest Check: Southern Garund?

Which deities began as mortals?

So, no more Chelish?

The Nature of Magic

How many high level (say, 17+) people actually exist in the world?

Cleft Lords of the Thoraso Cracks

Hellpig: This needs to be a monster

Elven relationships with humans or half elves.

Golarion's Age of Exploration

How do Gug's reproduce?

Anti-arcane group(s)?

Sandpoint Secrets

Paizo Blog: The High Seas

Refuge opened 3 years ago?

Lost Omens Timeline Project

Time period of the Setting

Aldori Dueling Sword

Hellknight privateers / pirate-hunters

Few / no gods in the Mwangi Expanse?

High-level superheroes everywhere: lore implications for the "post-adventure-path cinematic universe"

Arazni in 2e

Pitch your Adventure Paths set beyond the Inner Sea!

Canon locations of Book of the Damned parts?(spoilers for 1e APs / Modules?)

New Mega Map updated for Lost Omens?

Who or what is Abendego?

Goblin physiology

Ptolus in Golarion Gazetteer

What is Pharasma's Seal?

Default results of 1e APs in Lost Omens(Spoilers for 1e APs)

Is the Aspis Consortium supposed to be like the Mafia?

How have you modified Golarion to suit your game?

Land of Northern Lakes

Mapping Golarion: Putting what we know to latitude and longitude

Favored Weapon for Shimye-Magalla?

How do you think the justification for “friendly, playable Kobolds” will go?

2e - with improvements to Mwangi, the Varisians / Sczarni look even worse

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