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Homosexuality in Golarion

Why Is Evil Being Good So Important To Some People...

What about Golarion bugs you?

Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?

Arcadia: Resources & Brainstorming

[Community Project] Wayfinder #2!

[Community Project] Wayfinder #10 Call for Submissions

[Community Project] Wayfinder #3: PaizoCon 2010 Print Edition!

Questions about Iconic Character Art?

"This is all very interesting stuff... but I still think there should be more scantily clad females :)"

The totally awesome N'wah Akiton Runelords Idea thread *spoilers*

Pathfinder & 4th Edition

Is The Pathfinder Setting Ethically Problematic?

Least Favorite Gods

New Iconics Desexed

Why is Erastil sexist?

Why Can't We Just be Evil?

Depictions of Slavery in Golarion

Is there any reason a paladin can't be a Hellknight?


What is general opinion on Aroden mystery?

[Community Project] Pathfinder Fiction Contest

Seoni as Santa

Who here misses the edginess of 3.5 Edition Golarion?

Mapping Golarion: Putting what we know to latitude and longitude

[Community Project] Wayfinder #9 Call for Submissions

1001 Rules of Golarion

Go Flumph Yourself (i.e. Petition to Save the Endangered Flumph!)

Gender Equality in Golarion a pipe dream? A poll

Who is the homosexual Iconic?

Lost Omens & Moral Objectivism / Relativism

The Whispering Tyrant is soooo evil, he...

The hellknights enigma

Vudra and "Indian Flavored" RPGs

Do the female Iconic characters need an art update?

“Takin’ It Easy” UnThread

Rahadoum - Not atheistic, but dystheistic

Japanese Names

Juju Oracles, White Necromancers, and non-evil undead(and variants) in Golarion

Male beauty, female beauty, and Pathfinder deity diversity

What aspect of the Pathfinder universe do you dislike?

Misandrists in the setting?

Monsters and Wes's 1,000th Post

Paizo Blog: Golarion Day: Subdomains for Everyone!

August PDFs here.. except Core obviously

Promiscuous Elves?

Golarion becoming too genre inclusive?

Why are undead always evil?

Sales - 4 slowing, 3.5 picking up, Is this what you see?

What would you like to see Paizo make?

Pathfinder Wishlist

Racial stereotypes and Golarion.

[Community Project] Wayfinder #7 Call for Submissions

What about Pathfinder is Incompatible with 4E?

Inclusion of any other politics stuff in paizo products intended / planned?

Are there any Black gods (especially good ones) in Pathfinder?

Would Paizo consider acquiring rights to other settings?

Why is arcane magic not completely ubiquitous?

What happened to Aroden?

One thing 4e gave us...

[Community Project] Wayfinder #8 Call for Submissions

[Community Project] Wayfinder #4: Winter 2010 Edition

Is it too late to drop firearms from the Pathfinder world?

Hell, Devils, Archdevils, Whore Queens, and the Damned

What's in a name?: Paizo naming disasters

What do you want from a Lost Omens: The Golden Road?

Why are the Iconics so badly built?

[Community Project] Wayfinder #5: Call for Submissions

Your favorite deities!

1001 explanations for the death of Aroden

Pathfinder artwork

Paizo Blog: The Mwangi Expanse

Welcome to Pathfinder!

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens

Pathfinder Fan Art Thread

Paizo Community Use Policy released

Asmodeus the misogynist?

I Have Taken Seoni Hostage

Distant Worlds: Everyday Life on Castrovel

Trans men in Pathfinder?

Slavery in the Pathfinder World and its implications... (series of weird questions regarding a controversial topic)


Maps, and Pathfinder

Golarion is maybe too modern for me.

Today's Art Filled Blog

Philosophies, atheist divine casters, and the Laws of Man

Holding J. Frost Accountable


Transsexuals in Golarion - a question about logic

Concerns about the Campaign Setting

Who is in secret, a veiled master?

Why Aren't the Drow of Golarion Extinct?

What deity would you worship if you lived in Golarion?

Conspiracy Theories of Golarion

Paizo-Sci-Fi / Modern: What Implied Setting / World would you want?

Views on sexuality in the Campaign Setting

Power level of various gods?

Paizo Blog: The Saga Lands

So about Hermea...

My Take on Erastil

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