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What are most of the national leaders and geopolitically powerful people doing right now?

Resurrecting Demigods: Is it this Easy? (Possibly 1e specific)

Date of closing of the Worldwound

Kortos Isle Creatures

New Locales on Golarion and Art

Ameiko Sings

How are the River Kingdoms looking these days?

Alien lawful deity

Lorefinder Episode: Cheliax, the Infernal Empire

Question about Thais (the herald)

Harmful knowledge / fear of knowledge

What are good sources for info on the Fourth and Fifth Mendevian Crusades?

What’s the deal with the sabosan?


Where am I?

Regional map covering Willowside and environs

Do all creatures go to the same afterlife planes (even aliens and the like)?

“Takin’ It Easy” UnThread


Ancient Siv

High Seas Meta-Region


How to you pronounce Azlanti?

the Test of the Starstone... for kids!

Hunting and Sacred Animals

'Chaotic alignments for Monks

Queen Anastasia's relationship with the Linnorm Kingdoms

Languages of Brevoy

Genie Binding on Golarion

Salutations and short sayings for the followers of Golarion's various deities

First World Witchmarket

Does the Abyss have layers in Pathfinder?

What ancestries are biologically compatible?

Golarion Map?

Pathfinder membership and inheritance

Azlant Archipelago?

Trade Routes and Trade Goods in Golarion

How does the average person react to meeting a Celestial?

Laws, Slavery and Pesh sales in Absalom?

Pathfinder's World Map?

Pyramid of Kamaria (Stats & Designs)

A Garundi map of places below the Sargava / Vidrian line?

Where in Golarion

What happened to Chelaxian?

What are some good relgious greetings and the like for the official gods?

Where / don't / you wanna go?

Baba Yaga vs Jatembe

What exactly is a "Tekritanin library-well"

The Goblin Problem

Meravon or Merovan? Pathfinder 2e AP Extinction Curse vs World Guide

Did the Agathion's get retconned?

A few questions about languages

Who speaks Garundi?

Talk me through the Mushfens

Did Aroden only raise the Isle of Kortos out of the sea?

Best Paizo City Map?

A Changeling Nomenclature Conundrum

Absalom "The Puddles"

How do pronounce Magdh?

Mualijae “Darkness” and the dwarves of the Mwangi Expanse

Magical Theories & Schools of Thought

Global geography of Golarion

Why are there humans on multiple, unrelated planets?

What has happened to The Sargava Chalice?

What would happen if Absalom and Waterdeep switched position in the respective planets?

Mutant (Versatile Heritage)

How do you pronounce Bokrug?

What area of Golarion is least represented in products?

Time Travel and the Outer Spheres (Spoilers for Runelords Campaigns)

The “Detroit” of Golarion?

Knights of the Aeon Star

What is the name of the Algollthu's home planet?

In-game writings on Golarion Cuisine?

Golarion languages

gods of golarion, other gods, and relationships between them

Will We be Seeing a Official Gray Maiden Archtype?

question about celestials

Languages of Thassilon?

The Night Heralds in modern Golarion

More Romani Varisians, please

Rusty Dragon Inn in 2e (Jade Regent Spoilers maybe?)

why does judging souls take so long?

Farm Animal Pricing

seven deadly sins and seven virtues of rule

Elf gates?

Southern Mwangi Expanse Economics

Golarion Conspiracy theories / misinformation?

Where Are Astomoi Found On Golarion?

Boons and (More Importantly) Curses for Lymnieris

Runelord catch-up

Membership requirements help

“Why do you think Sarenrae is good aligned? She opened the Pit of Gormuz and left it open just so the Tarrasque and his brethren could escape. That means she’s clearly evil.”

What did Tar-Baphon look like when he was alive?

Thoughts on Razmir.....

Geography of the planes

A Misguided Ascendance: A Commentary on the Fallibility of Humanoids Made Divine

Lore Question: Starfall Doctrine

Souls, Demon Sacrifices, & Pharasma's oppinion

What happens if someone changes alignment late in thier life?

Minor entities you wish to see in 2e.

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