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I just recently got my Lost Omens Character Guide and have found I have trouble with the pronunciation of the several names in the Magaambya section. Specifically, Uzunjati, Magaambya, Aengasi, and Demuwe. How are they meant to be pronounced?

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Guesses here:






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^ Pretty much exactly how I think of them, though my Spanish-influenced phonetics make it mah-GAHM-byah

And as Lyz Liddell brought up in a GenCon panel, Golarion's got all kinds of folks who probably pronounce things all kinds of ways - I wouldn't sweat it too much!


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For Magaambya I usually go with "maga-AM-bia".

It's pronounced about two minutes into the "Lost Omens Character Guide: Factions Overview" video by Paizo (I couldn't make the link work for whatever reason).

So I guess it's mag-AM-bia.

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