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There are a few threads collating information about meals in Golarion. But any culture worth its salt has entire books devoted to cooking. Until we get the "Food of Golarion" player companion, this thread is a place to list fan-made things people might eat in the Inner Sea and beyond.

I'll start:

1. Peach slices on honey-soaked sunflower seed focaccia - a popular dessert in western Arcadia, where peach trees originating in Minkai are the current rage

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2. Mediogalti Rum Cake - traditionally served with almonds. Be wary if the almond taste seems overly "bitter".

3. Kortosan Pot Feast (aka Absalom Fondue) - made popular by legends that Aroden in his merchant guise re-introduced this Azlanti dish in an effort to subtly unify many of the factions within Absalom. It's popularity has spread through the Inner Sea and now bubbling pots of oil, cheeses, or broth can be found bringing the various folk of the Inner Sea Region together in gastric familiarity.

I hear there's a lot of debate in Andoran as to whether Augustana-style huge, foldable slices or Almas-style deep dish pie is the better pizza. Absalomians point out that pizza was invented by Aroden.

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5.) For reasons that most people can't comprehend, goblin-style bug-cakes are considered a delicacy in some parts of Varisia.

6.) Soylent Gold is one of the most famous food products from the island nation of Hermea. No one has, as of yet, figured out what its ingredients are.

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7. Spring Surprise - a chocolate confection that packs a unique punch, very popular in Nidal...!

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8.) Someone's heart - A quick snack for the orcs in the Hold of Belkzen. Usually prepared with an axe.

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9. Fish-cream sandwiches: Made with heavy cream mixed with pureed fresh eel on dense sesame buns, as well as whatever additional ingredients are added as the local/seasonal variant, these curious sandwiches have recently become a massive craze in Taldor, Andoran, and southern Kyonin, where fish-cream sandwich parlors are popping up like mushrooms in every significant settlement and have become a go-to gathering place for many of the young and trendy. Heavens only know why.

10- Tarantulas are probably a delicacy in some areas. Maybe the darklands.

11. Vallenhall Ceviche - said to have been brought south by those who hail from the Linnorm Kings' lands and in turn to have been brought there from Arcadia this dish's recent increased popularity in Magnimar has brought it to the attention of many other areas. The Korvosans insist that theirs was the first recipe of this type and that it is best made with reefclaw, especially by the survivors of reefclaw attacks and thus best served cold.

12. Varisian Mushroom Casserole, with at least 14 different varieties of mushroom, 11 secret herbs and spices, and cream from three or more domestic animals (one of which is an animal companion or witch's familar), carefully cooked with the right enchantments of taste and nourishment.

Plus dill. Lots of dill.

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13. Brevoy-Style Owlbear Steaks.

Originally created in Rostland, this dish is rarely enjoyed solely by the nobles but now anyone that can kill an owlbear and can afford the salt makes this. Owlbear meat is notoriously tough, but the most tender part is just under the spine. This meat is then sliced to inch-thick steaks and crusted in salt. After sitting for an hour it is grilled until the outside has a beautiful sear and then baked until the inside is cooked but still tender (rare, if it we're beef).

14. River Kingdom Bandit Owlbear.

Any part of the owlbear cooked on a spit over an open fire until the juices start to flow out of the meat.

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15. Jalmerayan Wish Sandwich: A 'wish sandwich' is a kind of sandwich where you have two pieces of flatbread, and wish you had some meat...which is often enough to get you some, because you're in the Kingdom of the Impossible!

Not really surprised that the heart meal isn't the least appetizing on the list.

I'm apparently having way too much fun with this thread...

16. Sarusan Surprise - more a term than a meal: any meal that the host or cook forgot that they were actually the one who was supposed to prep the meal and threw something else together or had to run out to get food from elsewhere. Sarusan Surprise is never the meal that was planned by the host or expected by the guests, unlike a Cinderlands Bake or a Sivanah Special.

17. Cinderlands Bake - more a term than a meal: any meal that the host or cook forgot that they were cooking the meal and it ended up just barely edible. This term may also be used when referring to a meal that is normally prepared rare, but instead prepared well-done.

18. Sivanah Special - more a term than a meal: much like a Sarusan Surprise, only the host or cook actually acquires the expected meal from elsewhere and takes credit for its creation.

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Just a shameless self plug, but in the River Kingdoms edition of Wayfinder (#15) I wrote a piece on the cuisine of the River Kingdoms, if you're interested.

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19. Various insect based tengu culinary - Always offered to incredulous humans as "What, you disrespect our traditional meals?". While tengu do eat what birds in general do, they mostly do that to troll humans as everyone clearly prefers steak.

20. Galtan pan-fried fish - mixed asparagus and various styles of fish, popular in Taldor, but frowned upon in Galt where the Gray Gardeners and Revolutionary Council don't approve of the humorous "Step 1 - cut the heads off of EVERYTHING" that every written copy of this recipe begins with. Originally known as the Hosetter Hot-Fry before the originator of the recipe met their fate with Bloody Jaine.

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This seems to be the least old thread to necro about food on Golarion, so here's a start with a video about Medieval English peasant food that would presumably be found in parts of Golarion having similar ingredients available -- actually seems pretty good(*).

(*)At least, as long as you can get good water to go with it so that you don't have to drink ale or beer.

Edit #1: Here's some noble cuisine.

Edit #2: More on Medieval food, including the connection with Medieval physicians.

Edit #3: Medieval food of intermediate social status.

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CorvusMask wrote:
19. Various insect based tengu culinary - Always offered to incredulous humans as "What, you disrespect our traditional meals?". While tengu do eat what birds in general do, they mostly do that to troll humans as everyone clearly prefers steak.

[tangent] Ha! Reminds me of an old Star Trek novel, 'How Much for Just the Planet,' where one of the three people on a long-ranged survey mission was an avian alien, and every day, just to annoy / disquiet the others (who, after six months alone together, soundly hated each other), he would eat some version of eggs. [/tangent]

As long as it's here, might as well contribute;

21. Dwarves in the Five Kingdoms sometimes eat the traditional snack from long before the Quest for Sky, what is colloquially called 'chicken of the deep.' Fried giant centipede. The flavor is surprisingly piquant, because they sear the meat in it's own venom. (Cook too long, it's blah. Cook for too short a time, it's still toxic. Just saying...) For some reason, 'Five Kingdom's Style Chicken' has become a craze among the servitor class of Druma, although the white-clad Kalistocrats won't touch it.

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22. Street Satchels - more of a vehicle for other ingredients than a meal in itself, these tasty dough pockets can be found on almost every major street in Absalom. Originally invented by a enterprising Pathfinder agent, who used to sell these simple snacks filled with rice, dates, and pork for some pocket change in between missions.

Nowadays the fillings and the exact way of preparation varies from seller to seller and from district to district. One stall might sell steamed crab pockets while the one next to it is peddling dwarven-style fried satchels with mushrooms and mince. However, the general pocket-like shape is a tradition that no self-respecting street cook would seek to break.

Despite the history of the street satchel, it's always been most popular with the permanent residents of Absalom. Amusingly enough, this has lead to some sellers specializing in using ingredients that preserve well, allowing for departing Pathfinder agents to grab some tastier rations as they leave.

Potto wrote:
22. Street Satchels - more of a vehicle for other ingredients than a meal in itself, {. . .}

Funny you should mention that. One or two of the videos about Medieval English food that I linked above mentioned that some things like pie crust were more for packaging of the stuff inside than to serve as food themselves, despite the general theme in Medieval food preparation of attempting to avoid all waste.

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Paizo writers if ye be reading this, give us a food splat book please.

You've whetted our appetite in APs like War of the Crown, Council of Thieves and Hells Vengeance and made us salivate in the Tavern collection.

But an actual, Cultural based cookbook with dedicated feats, archetypes and more would be incredibly awesome. Not to mention hilarious in the characters it'd inspire.

Rangers who hunt only the most succulent prey, Alchemists seeking that very, special blend of spices, Bard's who perform with cooking displays and clerics who literally heal with comfort food.

The possibilities are endless.

Also, for my own contribution?

Goblin Bites.

Take leeches, make them feed on pig blood then pan-fry the whole thing after patting them in flour. Add garlic and other seasoning to taste. A popular peasant dish in the more swampy regions.

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25. Grilled river cichlid in groundnut sauce with plantains, classic meal of a Bonuwat tribe on rivers in the Bandu Hills of the Mwangi Expanse.

I would definitely appreciate a Foods of Golarion book, if only to sort out which food plants have been developed in which continents.

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An attempt to (begin to) organize food origins in Golarion, based on this page, with the assumptions that African crops would have surfaced in Garund, American crops in Arcadia and Azlant, European/Middle Eastern crops in Avistan and Casmaron, Asian crops in Casmaron and Tian Xia, Austronesian crops in Tian Xia, and Australian crops in Sarusan. I add in the assumption that more than 7000 years of recorded history is enough time to develop these real-world crops within currently inhabited regions.

1. Oats (Middle East) - Avistan, Casmaron
2. Wheat (Mediterranean/Middle East) - Avistan, Casmaron, Tian Xia
3. Barley (Mediterranean/East Asia/Middle East/Americas) - Avistan, Casmaron, Arcadia, Tian Xia
4. Cattle (Middle East/Indian subcontinent) - Avistan, Casmaron
5. Rice (SE Asia/Sahel) - Casmaron, Tian Xia, Garund
6. Pea (Middle East) - Avistan, Casmaron
7. Turmeric (Indian subcontinent/Austronesia) - Casmaron, Tian Xia
8. Sugarcane (Indian subcontinent/Austronesia) - Casmaron, Tian Xia, Garund
9. Sugar palm (Austronesia) - Tian Xia
10. Potato (South America) - Arcadia, Irrisen (presumably imported from Earth rather than Arcadia)
11. Maize (Mesoamerica) - Arcadia
12. Bean (Americas, Mediterranean, Asia) - Arcadia, Azlant, Casmaron, Avistan, Tian Xia
13. Squash (Mesoamerica) - Arcadia
14. Lentil (Middle East) - Avistan, Casmaron, northern Garund
15. Chickpea (Middle East) - Avistan, Casmaron
16. Flax (Middle East) - Avistan, Casmaron
17. Rye (Middle East) - Avistan, Casmaron
18. Sorghum (Africa) - Garund
19. Coca (South America) - Arcadia
20. Llama (South America) - Arcadia, Azlant, Avistan
21. Alpaca (South America) - Arcadia
22. Guinea pig (South America) - Arcadia
23. Banana (Austronesia) - Casmaron, Tian Xia, Garund
24. Cotton (Mesoamerica) - Arcadia, Garund
25. Orange (Asia, Australia) - Avistan, Casmaron, Tian Xia, Sarusan
26. Sweet potato (South America, Austronesia) - Arcadia, Tian Xia
27. Manioc/cassava (South America) - Arcadia, Azlant
28. Turnip (Europe) - Avistan, Casmaron
29. Fig (Australia, Americas, Middle East, Mediterranean) - Sarusan, Arcadia, Azlant, Avistan, Casmaron)
30. Tomato (Americas) - Arcadia
31. Chili peppers (Americas) - Arcadia
32. Peppercorn (South Asia, Austronesia, Australia) - Casmaron, Tian Xia, Sarusan
33. Millet (Asia, Mediterranean, Africa) - Casmaron, Tian Xia, Garund, Avistan
34. Acorn (Americas) - Arcadia, Azlant, Avistan
35. Water chestnut (Austronesia) - Tian Xia
36. Kola (Africa) - Garund
37. Coffee (Africa) - Garund
38. Taro (Austronesia) - Tian Xia
39. Date palm (Mediterranean, Asia) - Avistan, Casmaron, Tian Xia, Garund
40. Sunflower (North America) - Arcadia, Azlant

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But back to the meal list.

26. Pickled beets and boiled oats with savory cream sauce, a classic of northern Cheliax but also the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.

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My ganzi oracle from the Crown of the World is very found of ...

27. Walrus Jerky

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28. Isgeri pepper tea, a bracing drink made from normal Vudran black peppercorns stewed in boiling water; sometimes seasoned with milk or honey

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