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Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?

Questions about Iconic Character Art?

Okay, let's figure out essences of different extraplanar beings

How do non-divine beings grant divine magic?

Cavern Elves on Golarion?

What do you hope to see changed in 2e Tian Xia?

The Deadshot Lands and wider Arcadia

Imagining "Narland" (Kingmaker spoilers!)

What would make some good "scriptures" for various Pathfinder gods?

How do Runelords control Rune Giants and more generaly how do new Runelords get accepted by their predecessors artifacts

Garundi Clan Naming Conventions?

Is Sarenrae supposed to sound like "searing ray"?

What do you want from a Lost Omens: Old Cheliax?

Confused by the origin of the Dwarves (Quest for Sky)

What you want in planar books?

What do you want from Lost Omens: The Broken Lands?

Do Dwarven Women in Golarion have Beards?

What do you want from a Lost Omens: Shining Kingdoms?

Andoran Nobles

What do you want from a Lost Omens: The Golden Road?

Encounters in the Varisian Gulf?

What do you want from a Lost Omens: The High Seas?

Golarion divine influences on Earth?

So any interest in Casmaron?

Current status of Khari

What do you want from a Lost Omens: Tian Xia?

Best locations for kingdom building campaign?

Ye want 2e Distant Worlds & Technology guide?

Earth's Harrow Deck . . . and Golarion's Tarot Deck

What do you want from a Lost Omens: The Saga Lands?

What would you want to see in Southern Garund?

What do YOU think is in Sarusan? (world building)

How common are psychic Elves?

Tell me about your Impossible Lands characters!

Azlant, the Shattered Continent, and bygone ages

What gods it makes sense lore wise for Conrasu to worship?

Rage of Elements lore from today’s panel

Zon Kuthon and Kyton Demagogues: Relationships????

Rage of Elements and Golden Road Predictions

Aklo for Evil Fey and Cthulhu

Do you want more Crown of the World content?

Is there a better way to get a reasonably canon distance between two points on Golarion for Teleportation or other purposes besides hand measuring an official map?

Nocticula is the “Redeemer Queen” but isn’t a redemption goddess- help me clarify this.

How old is Fola Barun?

Confirmed: Dwarven women on Golarion have beards!

Book of the Dead as Character Study

Meta-Regions for Tian Xia?

More info on the hungry school

Transhumanism in Golarion

Fashion in Andoran

The culture of Alkenstar?

What do you want from a Lost Omens: The Eye of Dread?

Sapphire Butterfly

What do you want from a Lost Omens: Darklands?

Midnight Milk and Dreamlands

Absalom colonies

Elements about the Time

Pronunciation of Brigh?

On Starstone and deicide.

Quick flavor question about Brevoy

Kingmaker 10th Anniversary

Ley lines on Golarion?


Favorite corner of the setting?

Shory Empire and flying cities

Tiankeng: Missing type of Darklands entrance on Golarion?

Non-outsiders living in the Outer Plane

Where can I learn about the Jistka Imperium?

Where in the setting for espionage?

Why do elves worship Desna?

Invisible Blades?

What are some dead languages in Golarion?

Questions about Urgathoa’s relationship.Why does Charon let Urgathoa and Zyphus crash in Abaddon? and Why is it that Urgathoa and Zon-Kuthon as allies?

What do you want to see from the Lost Omens line?

How big is the Plateau of Leng?

Mapping Golarion 2E: Putting what we know to latitude and longitude (aka Golarion Geography 2: Electric Boogaloo)

Building Tian Xia for PF2 and what material to use.

Why haven't the gods wiped Rahadoum off the face of Golarion?

Pathfinder Online final write-up

Isharri and Koryus

What happened to Belcorra in 4514AR?

That ONE place on Golarion

Kitsune Fertility Question and possible cross fertility thread....

What's the connection between Cyth'Vsung and Xhamen-Dor (if anything)?

Kaer Maga Illustration

How big is the Isle Of Kortos?

New Aquatic Locations in Lost Omens

Hellknights — what are they?

How to make Jatembe Juice

Good modules for a pirates campaign?

Adventures in the Churlwood (Varisia)

How to incorporate the Maelstrom / Chaos?

Any floating islands anywhere on Golarion?

Lost Omens Character guide?

Numeria's Trade Routes and Roads

Lost Omens & Moral Objectivism / Relativism

Lands of the Linnorm Kings lore in 2E

What do the various languages sound like?

I need to know all there is about Arazni...

Game of Thrones style intrigue — where in Golarion?

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