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Look: Pathfinder 2e as an incredible bestiary. Between the core trio, sources like "Booke of the Dead" and "Monsters of Myth", plus the additions in the adventure paths, we are spoiled for choice.

But that doesn't mean we can't be greedy and wistful, right?

What are your favourite monsters from Pathfinder 1e that haven't been seen in 2nd edition (yet)?

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What made me think of this was the Tophet from 1e's Bestiary 3 . A mobile prison/torture room with a pseudo-historical basis? Yes please!

But I'm also a big fan of the Akaname, the Buggane and the Colour Out Of Space.

And, thanks to my well documented love of Mystery Monsters Revisited, I adore the Death Worms. I want to have my players struggle to defeat a monster that can throw every type of damage at them, and then struggle even more to prove to anyone that is actually happened!

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One monster I'm a bit fond of, and that isn't in 2E yet is the winterwight. I thought that it would show up in Book of the Dead but it didn't.

It was a fun monster to run and I'd like to see how some of its abilities would be made a bit more fair to fit with 2E's paradigm.

There are also a ton of AP monsters I'd like to see make the transition, particularly from Strange Aeons.

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Winterwight looks interesting- kind of an icy Nightwalker?

Lots of people talk about Strange Aeons, and I admit I haven't really looked at it all that closely. Had a look at the bestiary from the first book and saw the Oneirogen and was hooked!

I'd gladly welcome some Numerian robots back.

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I need lot of oni for jade regent among many other things in my long list ;D Gigas, that one cool aberration that is constantly silent in return of the runelords, Ephialtes velstrac...

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Oh. I don't know how I forgot but disenchanters. I need them in a bestiary and also as an animal companion super bad. I wanna ride a knobbly-kneed cammel-elephant-thing.

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Seconding thirst for more oni varieties and the Colour Out of Space. Up until recently it would have been the now-called darvakka but they've clearly come to join us already.

The manasaputras I find strangely compelling and would be interested to see how 2e decides to reconcile their slightly weird place in the cosmology as celestial natives of the cosmic forge who have undergone numerous reincarnations (in some cases, so numerous as to apparently have survived the previous multiverse!). Their story is interesting but also feels slightly at odds with the story of the cosmos as we know it, and I love learning things that make the multiverse feel even bigger and more mysterious than I thought while also managing to fit together with at least the sense of a greater whole--even when the picture is not totally filled in.

Also, if/when we get winterwights back, would it be too much to get a new name on them? I overlooked them for years because when I saw the name I thought they were just another one of those 'if this common monster were found in a colder region, it's likely to be this variant' monsters with a +0/+1 CR. When I realized that they had no real relation to either winter or wights and that they were about 13 CR higher than I'd expected, I got whiplash. I'd use hatewraith but it doesn't really roll off the tongue and hardly seems more accurate.

If everyone loves the name I'll take it, but just throwing this out there.

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Lusca. I would love to see this get statted up again in a hardcover. It's a frelling Sharktopus! One of my favorite 1E monsters

A Lusca is referenced in Dark Archive, so they are around still...

Also, have the xenopterids made a reappearance?

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It would be cool to have Manasaputra back especially since we really never got official "non setting generic" article on them

Lusca ARE in 2e. Got statted in AP volumes

keftiu wrote:
I'd gladly welcome some Numerian robots back.

I've only read the first Iron Gods book at that was many years ago. Other than the aesthetic and story origin, what separates a clockwork from a robot?

I find Manasaputra interesting but never really "got" them- so another look from someone more insightful would be really useful!

Disenchanters and the rest of Misfit Monsters Redeemed (other than flumph) should always been around imo, but I was particularly upset to see Adhearers go away. They were so weird, so spooky and speak to such an interesting bit of world building!

I kinda like that xenopterids are relatively unknown because it is a trick I like to pull on parties who think they're too powerful to be frightened by anything...

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