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Goblin Squad Member

It's Sunday and day four of Early Enrollment! Time to get your drink on and run around the woods chasing wolves! (clothing optional)


Goblin Squad Member

We're looking for combat oriented people who are interested in taking on the most difficult PvE challenges in-game as well as PvP.

If that's not your thing we don't mind crafters to come home to. In fact, Tavernhold already has a great assortment of crafters ready to get you into gear you'll love to use during the day and love to loose at night.

When it becomes available we will be prioritizing Barbarian training. It is our goal to offer the best in the River Kingdoms!

We're a fun, chaotic group. We work together, help each other pursue goals but never require you to put in any hours or gather resources. It's that freedom that really appeals to our members who have real lives and aren't looking for another job.

If Stone Bear Clan sounds like a good fit for you send me a PM here or visit our site at

Goblin Squad Member

Hey you! Yeah, you, the rat skinned scrawny one. Join SBC.

It's become very apparent to EVERYONE that you need to learn to swing more than just a little stick around. We're located in Tavernhold so you'll always be within arms reach of something to cool you down after a hard day of training.

It's about time you bulked up and got some hair on that chest! Join Stone Bear Clan today!

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