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Are there any active companies offering their services in the transportation of goods over vast distances?

Looking to hire; PM me for details. :)

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Fleetfoot Postal Service is my currently one-man metacompany, hoping to work with delivery specialists across the map. In other words, I can move stuff, yes.

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Expect a PM soon so we can begin negotiations. )

@Unnamed Other Companies who sent me a PM,

Same, will be contacting you soon.

I prefer email, PM and TeamSpeak as a forum for negotiations. :)

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Ah, but then I wouldn't be able to piggyback on your thread to advertise my services ;)

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I don't want to advertise what I have, where it's going, and when it's moving, you know, for security reasons. Got to make those bandits work for thier loot. (grin)

Seeing as how raiding PvP is being shut down this week, I'm personally going to be focusing on merchant stuff for a bit.

Allegiant Gemstone Company has been doing prep work for merchant/mercenary work such as item transportation and/or caravan style protection or bodyguard style movement. You can send me or Atheory a PM to request help with any of those services.

We have several small-gang groups with PvP experience available to do this.

Our request form for this things will be live on our website this weekend most likely.

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Raiding PVP isn't being wiped out quite as effectively as it might have been. GW has decided to raise the hourly Reputation regen rate from 10 points per hour to 30 points per hour.

One of the founding goals of the Dream Seekers company in Tavernhold was to protect travelers. If your cargo movement happens to start or end in the Northwest, I might be available for hire as a caravan guard.

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Coach, Grip, who else is going to be getting on this service? I know someone who is need of moving stuff. :)

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I replied via PM to those who contacted me with regards to inquiries about transportation work. I have hundreds of units of encumbrance to move at a time over long distances and looking to contract that work.

Thanks to those who have expressed interest so far. :)

Grip is available to move what you have to wherever you need it to be.

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