Companies from across the map come together to help Pathfinder University to take out Ogg (ooc thread)

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Today's PFU class was listed as "Dining with Ogg". The intent was to make a dent on the Tier 2 ogre escalation just south east of RiverBank (the home of Pathfinder University). What happened today was not what I expected.

By about an hour after server reset, we had representatives from Pathfinder University, Golgotha, The Empyrean Order, Emerald Lodge, Stoneroot Glade, Tavernhold, and Ozem's Vigil all fighting Ogg TOGETHER.

I have to admit there was a tense moment for me when I realized what groups were all coming together to fight in two hexes. It was at that moment that I realized I had also read to much of the hype about PVP. A couple quick whispers and messages and there was an agreement by all to work together and not have any PVP. All companies joined us on the Pathfinder University mumble, and there were multiple mixed groups.

Today I saw people who have fought both in game and in thread wars come together to help the university. At the same time I saw nearly a dozen new players see the best of the sever. There were 40 players (as far as I could count) by the time I called it a night. There were still probably 20 fighting Ogg when I logged off. I know I had a great time, got to see Guurzak lead our group, and get him to volunteer to teach a class (shameless plug he is teaching about criticals and stacking things Wednesday 3/11 at 8PM EST. More info here.

GW says players make the best content and today I believed it. Thanks to all and death to OGG!

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Shiela Silverwind came in late and didn't last long when her armor busted but today was very adventurous. It was great to work with a few people who I've see and heard on the forums and/or Mumble.

I'm still getting used to PFO's unique style of combat but w/ each death I will get better. I do hope Pathfinder University and each of our Settlements and Companies continue to create exciting events for us to get involved with.

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You can be very proud about the Pathfinder University and what you have achieved in such a short time. Indeed this was what I hope for in a great community - coming together and fighting together - knowing at another day we might be on two different sides fighting against each other.
I really need to send some of my members down here more often and to take part / help out.
I was still in Hope's End from a delivery a night before - in my gathering armour - but I managed to take out some Ogres - likely doubled my ogre kill numbers - and didn't die a single time.
Well - at least once or twice was very close. And yes - was great to run in a group let my Guurzak.

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Had a great time playing with the groups yesterday and learned quite a bit. It was good to see so many different companies playing together. Thanks to Pathfinder University, TEO, and Golgotha.

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as we were running through and laying waste to Ogg's minions, i actually (for a few seconds only mind you) felt sorry for the ogres

what a good time

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