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A companion post to our Verified Traders...

As a public service to those traveling in the southern lands, Keeper's Pass maintains a list of known bandits and ne'er-do-wells* in the region. If you are heading home from gathering, going up the Pass for trade, or just travelling through the area and happen to see these folks, you're best bet is to run away. On the other hand, for those valiant defenders of the common folk that are looking to do some protecting, you might instead run toward them...

As a note, the Keepers of the Circle acknowledge and concur with the 6 River Freedoms, and most particularly in this case that "You have what you hold." We live in a dangerous realm. Act accordingly. Travel in groups if you are concerned for personal safety. The Keepers are happy to assist any traveling to, from, or through our lands and Keeper's Pass offers guard services upon request.

Known Bandits and Ne'er-do-wells

*Do please read the IMPORTANT NOTE regarding Player vs. Character distinctions. I consider all of the folks friends, as Players. If you have a problem with an actual Player's actions or communication, that type of issue must be dealt with in a different manner.

This list is maintained solely by Keeper's Pass as a service to our settlement members and those visiting the area. The Keepers want you to be off the list and back in good standing with us so that all begin to see the better path of non-aggression. Those believing their names are erroneously added may post here or PM me at any time for correction.

Those rightfully on the list after having engaged in non-consensual conflict within Keeper territory or against Keeper's Pass members and friends in other territories may bring offers of reconciliation here at any time, or to a member of the Ring of Gold. The Ring of Gold is hospitable to all, even enemies, and our ultimate goal is always to minimize aggression by maintaining positive relationships. There is no elaborate system of judgement--most conflict ultimately is between individuals and must be resolved by those individuals.

We do not believe in eternal sentences--all things can be made right, and both parties must do the hard work necessary at a personal level to achieve reconciliation. Offered reparations are taken to the Keeper's Pass Settlement Council, where I will ask if there are any that still believe the aggressor should remain on the list. If a grievance still remains, the aggrieved party must meet with the aggressor and determine what steps will lead to reconciliation--both are responsible for coming to a reasonable solution. The Ring of Gold actually also exists to serve as mediators and we're happy to serve in this role. Both parties may also involve any they wish for support.

Those that are removed from our list, however, and then are rightfully added back for a new aggression will find the task of making amends much harder. It is the exact same process, but you will find many more unwilling to accommodate easy repair of the relationship. Our eagerness for grace and reconciliation will not stand abuse by those looking to take advantage for their own amusement or benefit.

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