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I'm just moving into town, and I'm interested in finding some people to play with. I've played Pathfinder for about a year now and I know the basic rules pretty well. If anyone has room, please post here or msg me.

Silver Crusade



Hey there. Are you familiar with Pathfinder Society Organized Play? It's basically a global campaign shared by lots of people around the world. Characters are transferrable from one sanctioned table to another, so you can level through different events wherever in the world you find them.

There is a Venture Captain in Albuquerque named Matt. He may be able to get you started if you get into contact with him. Here's Albuquerque's Society Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pfsnm

Has there been any developments in the Albuquerque area?


It does not nook like anything is taking place.

Id be interested in playing a game, i could even host at my house.
Looking for a game, looking for new friends

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obi-wan shinobi wrote:

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There is/was a local PFS group here in ABQ. It meets up at Active Imaginations. I have a work schedule that does not work well with their times. They can be found on FB as Albuquerque Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

I am looking for a pathfinder gaming group to join.

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subranger wrote:

I am looking for a pathfinder gaming group to join.


i replied to your other post!


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