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Northern Colorado (Loveland, Ft, Collins, Greeley, Longmont) Pathfinder, Starfinder, 7th Sea, Others RPG occasional miniature games like Blood and Plunder, Flames of War

Darn near impossible to find players. No one wants to commit or wants to play 5E

There are two game conventions coming up. Thats one place to liik. Also I recommend rocky mountain pathfinders.

Best of luck!


Sovereign Court

Sadly, their link to my area leads to a Meetup group that is almost exclusive 5e. I do post on that site as well as another in Denver.

Thought I might try here to find players

Sovereign Court

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I have no clue why this was moved to an Online Campaign recruitment because this is NOT for an Online game but a face to face game

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I'm also unsure why this was moved into an Online Campaigns if that is not where you originally intended it. I have moved it here to Gamer Connection.

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