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Greetings all! I am currently hosting a PF1E Rappan Athuk campaign in need of replacement players. The game evolved during the recent world crisis (COVID) but not all of my in-person players enjoyed the online experience. The group has a core of four members mostly in the eastern time zone (got one guy in California too). The group just reached level 6 (and they still have not set foot in the dungeon proper!), so plan a PC for that level. We use Roll20 for map interface and Discord for downtime, communication, and voice support. We only go forward with at least three players present within 30 minutes of start time (to avoid wasting others' time).
I am happy to provide additional information via PM and to discuss party composition as it relates to new PCs. Looking forward to adding some new people to the experience of online gaming and/or Frog God Games products. Your first rumor is "Do not go down the well!"

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