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Hello, all!

I'm a new player looking to get into Pathfinder 2E, and am searching for a group to game with here in SF. I'm a 21-year old college student, so I'm aiming for a similar age group. I've played D&D for about 7 years previously, but I've heard good things about Pathfinder and would like to try it out. I'd like to start as a player and learn the system, of course, but I'm not adverse to DMing down the line (once I've got more of a handle on things).

Just to clarify, I'm looking to play in-person, not online.

Regarding scheduling, I'm usually free in the afternoon on weekends. I might also be free some Fridays, depending on classwork and whatnot.

Also, is there a specific Discord server or forum section or something similar for the Bay Area? That could help with finding other group members.

Hey did you ever find anyone? I've been playing PFS at gamepost and victory point but it's not the same as a long running campaign!

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