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Hello fellow southwestern MI gamers! I am looking to roll some dice together with friends in person once again. I am willing to travel(Kalamazoo/Holland/Muskegon/Big Rapids/Lansing is kind of my willingness to travel grid) or host(I live in Grand Rapids). I am free after 5 PM Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday and anytime on the weekends. I am open to either 1E or 2E and can GM if needed, though it would be nice if we could rotate those duties so I got a chance to play.

A little about me:

I am 37 years old and am recently divorced and looking to restart my social life after taking a year to restart my life and focus on myself. I have recently undergone weight loss surgery and have lost over 130 pounds total from my highest weight so while I won't frown upon beer and pizza being at my gaming table please respect my decision to not partake.

I have been playing role playing games for over two decades and have dabbled in many different systems(D&D, BESM, Arduin, Final fantasy table top rpg, etc) before becoming pathfinder exclusive about 10 years ago. I have run several campaigns before including but not limited to: Rise of the Runelords, Carrion Crown, GiantSlayer, Serpents Skull, and KingMaker.

If your interested in joining please feel free to reply here or send me a PM.

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