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I am a DM looking for a few players to round out a weekly game. Our group has played Pathfinder, World of Darkness, and in the Hero System over the past 5ish years. Our last game ended this summer, after going virtual due to Covid. After taking a break from virtual gaming and a player needing to take a break due to their first child, we are looking to start up an in-person game ASAP in the new year.

We will need vaccine proof and players should be 21+. I would like to run a one shot and make sure all our players gel well together before we start our campaign. I don't have a problem with anyone new to the system, but I would like to at least have someone that is familiar with roleplaying in general. Weekly games would be taking place in the Gibsonia area, north of the city. Our one shot may be located elsewhere depending on availability.

I am going to run one of Pathfinder's Adventure Paths but which one isn't set in stone. We do our best to be a respectful, inclusive group and want to make sure any players that game with us feel welcome. Look forward to hearing from you.

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