Group forming in Baltimore County, MD region

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Hi all, if you're in the Baltimore, MD region and want to play in real life, please join our Discord server:

We have all of the supplies and resources necessary (including a TV-Table gameboard). All you would have to do is show up. Newbies also welcome. And if you just have questions, email me at Thanks!

You'll probably want to use the "edit" button to edit your post and remove your email address.

You can either ask people to PM you on these boards, or if you must post your email address on a publically searchable website, at least hide it behind a spoiler tag.

At the bottom of the text box, click "show" next to "How To Format Your Text".

Using square brackets around spoiler at the beginning, and /spoiler in square brackets at the end of your address will hide it.

It's weird, I'm not seeing an edit button.

I am for this post but not the original one.

That's because the edit window is only 60 minutes long.

I'll flag your post for "contains personal info" and Paizo staff can fix that for you.

You should flag for that as well.

Already did, thanks!

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