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Paizo Blog: Ultimate Intrigue—Vigilante Playtest!

Concealed Casting - it doesn't work, does it?

Levels 1&2

Level 10 Playtest (Round 2)

Vigilante Playtest at GenCon - 6-18 From Under the Ice

Emerald Spire Playtest

Unmasking the Vigilante- Round 2. Traits

Thoughts on the Social Talents (Playtest - Round 2):

Vegence Strike: 5 rounds total, or 5 rounds of benefits for as long

How Does a Fey Zealot Fight?

End of the Vigilante Playtest

Thrawn's Playtest Closing Summary

Playtest Zealot

Startling , frightening?

The Ignominious Adventures of the Adamantine Abolitioner

The Confirmation: Avengers Assemble!

The ACTION MEN! Ultimate Intrigue Vigilante Playtest Thread

Murder on the Throaty Mermaid: Zealot Vigilante Playtest

Playtest pdf no longer available?

Extra Social Talent feat?

Out of Anarchy - Stalker (lvl 3) Playtest

Mystic Bolt Questions

The Missing Factor (warlock / zealot)

Vigilante Feedback for Out of Anarchy (no spoilers)

Social Simulacrum wording

The ELUSIVE Vigilante?

Playtest Report: Stalker and Zealot in Quest for Perfection Pt 1 - SPOILERS

PFS Vigilantes looking to catch-up on your credit lines for the Playtest Chronicle

Xebeche's Vigilante Playtest Notes for PFS

Malice the Dark Prince: PFS Stalker in Tide of Morning

Important Dates for PFS Vigilante Playtesters

Fixing Vigilante split alignment issue

Should Startling / Frightening / Stunning Appearance be negated by Scent and Blindsense?

Switching persona: tactics you have actually used in an actual real game to change from Social to Vigilante or vice versa

Are we gonna get dev input on anything other than the stalker before the 20th?

Warlock's Caster's Defense

Warlock Build on Know Direction's Guidance!

On Vigilantes and Intangibles

What's on YOUR utility belt?

Building a Stalker, Need Help

Kobold Vigilante: "El Dracón"

On Warlock Talents - A Comparison

Jack the Ripper -- Stalker Vigilante?

Vigilante Playtest Recruitment

Many guises and talents

The Fox in: The Dalsine Affair (PFS), light spoilers, Stalker

Avenger: Level 1 complete, Level 2 unlock!

Warlock playtest 07 / 15 / 2015

Feedback on the Warlock and the Vigilante in general

Can I play a Vigilante ON the 20th?

Playtest Vigilante Second Impressions

PFS Stalker Playtest Report: The Wounded Wisp

Question: Filling in two lines per scenario completed before 2015 / 07 / 20

Ultimate Intrigue - Vigilante

A thread about parallelism in specialization design

Idea to boost the Avenger Specialization: Superhuman Abilities

V2 Avenger - Thoughts and Suggestions

Round 2 warlock first (second?) impressions

A Quick & Easy Fix for Vigilante Balancing

The Fox - Stalker in PFS From out of Ice

Vigilante Playtest - The Mummy's Mask (Part 1)

Dapper Slapper and his Amazing Friends! (Playtest Results Ongoing)

My (negative) impression of the vigilante

Thoughts / a scene on how the vigilante could work

Vengeance Strike should be more awesome, and scale based on level, and will fix the class

Paizo Blog: Ultimate Intrigue—Vigilante Playtest Round 2!

A new look at talent distribution

Fixing Vigilante split alignment issue

Rethinking Renown.

Avenger Lvl 1 Emerald Spire PFS

Welcome to the interesting adventures of The Sting

The Fox - Stalker in PFS Out of Anarchy

Stalker in PFS Overflow Archives

Social Specializations

Left behind items, personas, and ownership (divination too i guess)

Your Super Cool Vigilantes

Zealot Class Skill Edit

Vigilante Archetype - the Revenant Revenger

My idea / Houserule for Mystic Bolts.

Renown & PFS

Trying to build a Stalker for PFS

We've Been Reading It Wrong!

uniqueness for the Avenger or general talents

Playtest Data for Vigilante

The Early Adventures of Malice, a Level 2 Stalker Playtest (PFS)

Stalker Talent Up Close and Personal, timing questions

Chelish Diva / Negotiator vs Vigilante

Vigilante Archtype Ideas

R2 Zealot Divine Powers

Living shield and greater whip mastery

A discussion on the Social persona.

My thoughts on Zealot 2.0

Initial Thoughts on round 2

My Concerns From Round One Addressed in Round Two


Avenger Talents Armor Silence + Skin: Not up to snuff.

A Thought on Mystic Bolts and Warlock Spell Progression

Should the Avenger get Toughness at 1st level?

R2 Zealot

The Lorax (Vigilante Zealot v2)

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