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Skills & Feats

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Leadership feat level prerequisites

Skill List { Think Tank }


Power Attack; was it really that over powered???

Skill Points


Feats - Please Abolish Ability Score Requirements

Treat Deadly Wounds-Heal Skill pg. 59, great idea that fails in practice

Converting Feats from 4th Ed.

Combat Feats Review / Comments

Perception Vs. Search Argumentation

Fixing the Weapon Proficiency feats

Linguistics Skill Question

We have Swim and Fly, why not Burrow?

Need Clarification on Weapon Swap

Spellcraft - Int based? Let us revisit this

Qualifying for Prestige Classes

Question about: Intimidating Prowess feat

Monkey Master Falling Wall Technique -- New Monk feat

Improved Precise Shot

Improved Familiar. GET RID OF IT!

Feats that should have been Core

What's the new grappling hook mechanic?

Two Weapon Fighting and Shield Bashing

ERROR in the Extra Turning Feat?

CMB and expertise


ERROR in Agile Maneuvers Feat?

My players 1st look at PF

2 Weapon Fighting, Shields?

Crossbow Mastery?

Wizard: Adding knowledge only skill points

Skill Groups

Revisiting Perform

Expanding the Tracking Rules

[Beta preview #4, spead 1 pdf] Combat Expertise back as a prereq

Extra ... feats

Many Shot And Rapid Shot overlap.

Skill Groups and Trained Ability Checks

Use Rope and Grappling Hooks?

Improved Weapon Attack

Arcane Strike prereq: can a rogue make it?

Intelligence and skill points

Channel energy, Divine Metamagic and Turning Feats

Final thought on consolidating skills - Don't!

Mobility Feat {Page 71} & Breaking the line

Acrobatics and movement

Athletics Feat is a Raw Deal

Argh! Bring back my Concentration skill, can't... focus.

Bring Back Concentration Please

Skills errata

Skill Titles and Bonus

Arcane Strike

Using Intimidate to Taunt; anyone thought of it?

General ideas on various skills

Skills & Attribute Bonuses

Spellcraft Vs. Tumbling

Quicken Spell for Sorc?

Virtual Hit Dice or Levels: An Integrated Solution to Maximum Skill Ranks and Starting Skill Points

Natural Spell in Alpha 3 or not?

Escape Artist missing??

Wizard Bonus feats

Virtual Hit Dice or Levels: An Integrated Solution to Maximum Skill Ranks and Starting Skill Points

Linguistics a closer look.....

Feat to combine Familiar & Animal Companion?

Cleave, Great Cleave, CMB and Expertise

Fighter Bonus Feats - Where?

Parry -- two more feats to help reduce itinerant attacks

Linguistics Vs Comprehend Languages

Acrobatic / Athletic Feats

Static skill sets...why?

Crafting: Did I miss it?

Toughness - pg. 67

Dodge Feat Question

Refitting the Appraise skill

Convincing someone you're telling the truth when you are

Skill Point System "Tweaks": Proposals

Rogues don't need Int anymore - too much skill consolidation

Heal... !!! (Skill Page 59)

Do Diligence or What does Diligent do?

Spellcraft and casting defensively

Power down "Power Attack"?

Problems With Improved Initiative

Redundant Linguistics

Problems between acrobatics and athletic checks

Knowledge (local)

Arcane Armor Training

Random Thoughts on the Skill System

Power Attack / Deadly Aim / Combat Expertise

Careful Targeting (p68) vs. blindness

Question about skills that have been folded into new skills.

Does anyone think there was a need for a Fly skill before Pathfinder?

Diplomacy - just as bad as before

Using the Perception Skill

Character classes and skills: What skills would you give each class?

Re: changes in the skills

[Think Tank] Two Weapon Fighting

Must have missed Use Rope

too much skill consolidation. Also, Rogues don't need Int anymore

Combat Expertise, nerfed to usless, but wasn't broken in the first place

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