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Prestige Classes

Errata and Typos (Prestige Classes)

Welcome to the Prestige Classes Playtest

Pathfinder Chronicler

[Pathfinder Chronicler] Quick clarification

new class tainted blood


Other Prestige Classes you would like to see

Master of Many Forms Pathfinder conversion

Eldritch Knight - Sounds good, but a real dead end.

Assassin = Rogue + Monk?

Divine Prestige Classes

Bladesinger Prestige class

Arcane Archer-Still Meh

BAB and Save progressions.

Shifter Conversion

[Eldrich Knight] REALLY Diverse Training

Shadow Dancers- making them as fun to play as they appear

[Dragon Deciple] I don't like the non melee / template change

[Mystic Theurge] - How can we fix it?

Assassin - Choose between spells or ...

Duelists. Why only swashbucklers?

[Mystic Thurge] adding in some other level benefits.

Divine Trickster - what would be overpowered?

[Prestige classes - general] favourite PrC & favourite classes

Domains and PrC

Dragon Disciple-Can we make it different?

Dualist thoughts and questions...

[Arcane Archer] Pathfinder Arcane Archer Partial Fix

[Dragon Disciple] Build suggestions?

The Duelist

Why no monk prestige class?

Tattooed Monk's ki pool


{Assassin} Making sure the king stays dead!

Arcane Trickster is too hard to qualify for and offers too little reward

[Arcane Archer] - Requirements?!

{Shadowdancer] Class rewrite proposal

Where is the Blood Mage and Ghostwalker?

Prestige Classes, a different approach overall

Fang Hunter. Thoughts?

Extending PrCs past 10 levels

Saving Throw Progression

Arcane Archer - Arrow of Death

[PrC General] Prestige Class Requirements - What Changes Do You Want To See?

[Arcane Archer] - Enhance Arrows

Arcane Archer-Why Only Elves?

Eldritch Knight - Prerequisites & Dead Levels

[Eldritch Knight] - Simple Prequisite Enhancement

[Prestige Classes Rules] - What to say, How to say it?

PrC and Spells Known

[Shadow Dancer] Shade Modification

Prestige Class Requirements and Skill Ranks

Sorecerers, Bards and Prestige Classes

Arcane Archer - Enhance Arrows

[Dragon Disciple] Bloodline Expansion

[Dragon Disciple] Spellcasting Requirement

Dwarven Defender-pls pls pls?

[Prestige] - Shadowdancers need love, too

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