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Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle

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krystalparadox wrote:
Alright, I can see on the surface why that is said. Now, step it up a bit farther please. As a cleric, how many times would you prepare a status ailment spell? Once, maybe twice? Truthfully, if you come across a situation that needs ailment removal, you will need it again. The comparison between Cleric and Oracle of any Foci for their casting styles is just like going into an argument between Wizards and Sorcerors. There are a great many things good about both sides. Yes, the Oracle is a very difficult class to choose spells for, but the spells exist. Even within the basic cleric lists, there are a great amount of spells that while might not see alot of light normally, there are always spells like that. The fact that ailment removal can be done like this is a huge boon. Unless you wait a day for the cleric to prepare a bunch of remove curse, or other ailment removal, your stuck. And that can prove costly. Where as the Oracle walks over, and spends a slot to remove it, and moves on.

A lot of clerics carry scrolls for status removal effects because they're conditional, but when you need them you NEED them. Oracles could as well, to save themselves the Spells Known slot.

That said, you have some good arguments about Foci and Revelations.

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