Anticlimatic Playtest of an NPC Cavalier.

Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle

The Exchange

Dinosaur (Deinonychus, Velociraptor) 9th Level 8d8+32
Bab: 12
Statistics: Size Small; Speed 60 ft.; AC +2 natural armor;
Attack 12, 2 talons (2d6), 10, bite (1d6), 10, 2 claws (1d4);
Ability: Str 20, Dex 18, Con 19, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 14
Special Qualities: low-light vision, scent, pounce, multi-attack
Feats: Weapon Focus (Talon), Improved Natural Attack(Talon), Armor Prof (Light), Run
Skills Acrobatics +10 (+22 jump), Perception +14, Stealth +15;

Kobold 9th Cavalier, Order of the Sword
Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 8;
+1 BreastPlate, +1 Heavy Shield, Javelin of Lightning, Potion of Barkskin +3, +1 Lance
Challenge +3d6; Oath Of Loyalty (to Tribe), Oath of Vengence (Humans)
AC: 24 ((+1 Breatplate 7), size + 1,Natural Armor + 3,shield + 2,dex +1,dodge)
Handle Animal (Cha): 11, Intimidate(Cha): 11, Ride (Dex): 15 (9 + 3 + 2 (Skill Focus) + 2 (Dex)) (-3 Armor Check 1/2 for Mounted Mastery for -1? -2?).
Attacks, +1 Lance (d6 + 3) 14/9, Lance Charge 16/11 (3d6 + 24 (+ 3d6 challenge), 20x3)
Order of the Sword: By My Honor (Ex), Mounted Mastery (Ex)
oath, order, oath, Oath
Feats: Dodge, Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, Skill Focus (Ride), Spirited Charge, Trample While, Weapon Focus (Lance), Mobility

I created a 9th level (Kobold) cavalier for the fun of it and because I needed more monsters to create a challenge for the party. The encounter consisted of 3 Stone giants and the Kobold Cavalier. Essentially the party neutralized the Cavalier with spells while dealing with the Stone giants.

Round 1: Mage acts first casting 'Black Tentacles' on 2 giants and the cavalier. The giants get themselves out of the tentacles. Heavy armor and Melee types (Dwarf Paladin, Dwarf Cleric and Human Barbarian) close in. Cavalier fails to get out of the tentacles.

Round 2: Mage casts haste. Melee begins between giants and the party. Cavalier extracts himself from the tentacles.

Round 3: Mage casts fly. Melee continues between the party and giants. Kobold calls out challenge, charges the dwarf cleric with a Ride by Attack and misses. Out of Game the group asks if the Kobold is a cavalier. I dodge the question but give a description of the Kobold with the Sihedron Rune on his shield.

Round 4: Mage decides to cast Hypnotic Pattern the Kobold...Kobold fails his save. (I'm thinking I made a mistake here. Hypnotic pattern affects a max of 10 HD. When the Raptor saved against the spell that used up the spell, it does not continue on until the 10HD max is reached.). Melee continues...

Round 5: I rule that as long as no one bothers raptor mount it will not go out of its way to attack anyone. Kobold is still out of the battle. Melee continues between party and giants but will be over soon.

Round 6: Mage decides to magic missile the raptor mount. Since the mount could not attack the mage I ruled that it ran off in a direction that took it the farthest away possible from party.

The party turns its attention to other urgent matters (i.e. more giants elsewhere). Overall a pretty anti-climatic introduction of the cavalier into my campaign.

Ah but if you made a mistake with the pattren, then its not a valid test. There was, of course a lot of luck as well, with misses, and failed saves.
Not sure I would have ran the raptor as so...passive..though. They are pretty aggressive critters.

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HawkOfMay wrote:

I created a 9th level (Kobold) cavalier...

Round 1: Heavy armor and Melee types (Dwarf Paladin, Dwarf Cleric and Human Barbarian) close in.

Are the characters 9th level? 3 vs 1 equally powered/armored characters... I would call it overpowered if he didn't go down, especially bound in Black Tentacles.

Keep in mind that if the party is level 9, they should be able to take down 4 or 5 CR 9 creatures without resting.

Hey, he's still alive, isn't he? Unless I missed something, he can come back for revenge, and hopefully without any rules mistakes this time. ;)

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I introduced an NPC Cavalier to my group to give them some much needed muscle, and he was shredded in a round and a half (surprise+first round) by a Druid's Leopard Companion. The multi-classing Rogue/Cavalier he inspired though has been scarily effective.

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